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Kurt Angle Arrested For DUI
John Cena Surgery Update
Survivor Series Poster - Edge with a Chainsaw
Chris Jericho Returning To WWE
Kurt Angle's attorney says
he's innocent and police
targeted him because of
his celebrity status ...
Dr. James Andrews says
Cena's injury is worse than
expected and he'll be out
for at least 6 months

Check out the new PPV
poster for Survivor Series
featuring the returning
Rated R Superstar
Edge with a chainsaw!

We've got the latest on
Jericho's return to WWE.
When will he be back?
Why WWE over TNA? Will
he be a face or heel?

PICTURE Of Randy Orton & His New Wife Samantha
Posted in: WWE News on Sep 25, 2007 - 11:54:24 AM

Source: WrestlingNewsWorld

When Randy Orton was not on RAW last night, many people were speculating where the Legend Killer was.

But as we reported here earlier, WWE superstar Randy Orton missed last night's show and this weekend’s house shows because he married his fiancée Samantha Speno this past Friday.

Orton has been granted some time off to enjoy his honeymoon and spend time with his newlywed wife.

Below is a recent picture of Randy & Samantha Orton from a recent autograph signing.

Notice the tattoo on Randy's right forearm.


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