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Interview : Straight talk with Santhosh Sivan

Santhosh Sivan is a house whole name in this part of the world. Hi is not only a great filmmaker but also handles camera efficiently. And he has received lots of National and International awards for his wonderful works. Now, he is all set to release his first Malayalam film titled ‘Ananthabhadram’ on Ramzan. This hardworking director is humble in spite of the success he had tasted.

Excerpts from the interview:

Could you tell us something about ‘Ananthabhadram’?

You know, this is my first film in Malayalam. I stepped into the shoes of Sabu Cyril as the director of the film at a later stage. Sunil Parameswaran’s story that highlights Kerala’s culture really excited me. On seeing the film, you will feel as if you were going to a story that your grandparents told you when you were young. It’s all about transmigration that has link with mythological story about our culture. It is not fair to call a horror film, as it’s about black magic that exists even today.

What’s your opinion on the cast of the film?

I am really lucky to have such an incredible cast. Lead actors Prithviraj and Kavya did a wonderful job. Manoj K.Jayan played the character of Digambaran brilliantly. Unlike the negative roles in other films, he is a learned man with vast knowledge in Vedas but he uses it all for bad purpose. Lots of Kathakali and Theyyam elements were used to portray his character. Kalabhavan Mani played the role of a blind man perfectly. Riya Sen also did her part really well. In nutshell, everybody performed well.

How about the technical aspect of the film?

The film was completed within 43 days because of the immense support from the crew. Kannan’s re-recording and background score, special effects by Raja, Sunil’s sets, Sathish’s costumes and choreography by Aparna were perfect. Producers Manian Pilla Raju, Ajaychandran Nair and Raghuchandran Nair were also very supportive throughout the making of the film.

How is the audio of the film?

All the songs have shaped out well, as they all are melodious with a Malayalee touch. I made sure that MG Radhakrishnan tunes the music of the film, and I made a right choice. Songs like ‘Thiranurayum..’ by Yesudas, ‘Malamalayoola...’ by Kalabhavan Mani and the ‘Pinakkamano...’ sung by M.G.Sreekumar and Manjari are great to listen to. These songs are shot using the paintings of Ravi Varma and they are already chartbusters. It’s a tribute to this great painter and we have used five of his paintings.

Do you have any special intention while making the film?

I wanted to make a Malayalam film highlighting our rich culture and traditions. I am happy that my dream is coming true. I know for sure that the audience will feel nostalgic after seeing the film. The old charm that it carries is indeed infectious.

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