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King George III

KING GEORGE IIINo wonder the good citizens of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis erected a statue of George III to mark the 50th year of his reign in 1810. The troubled King had brought great kudos and prosperity to their little seaside resort by coming here to bathe in the seawater. George had been advised that sea bathing would help cure his ‘nervous disorder' so, between 1789 and 1805, he and his royal retinue spent a total of 14 holidays.

Fashionable society naturally followed in his wake. The imposing statue is unusual in being painted. The town was extremely conscious of the value of the King's visits, and the bathing women of Weymouth had "God save the King" embroidered on their belts, and whenever the King entered the sea to bathe, the band struck up the national anthem!

A favourite retreat of King George III, was the Royal Portland Arms in Fortuneswell. (Portland's oldest pub). Here he dined on mutton from the local Portland sheep (now a ‘rare breed') and a famous plum pie, the recipe for which was so closely guarded that it was eventually lost!