The Prospectus

Full details of the project can be found in the 30 page Cambridge Community Stadium Trust Prospectus, which explains why the Cambridge Community Stadium Trust is needed, the proposed structure, and what you can do to help.

Download the Prospectus:
Microsoft Word version (253kb)
PDF version (314kb)

What is Cambridge Fans United?

Cambridge Fans United (CFU) was formed with three aims - to help Cambridge United Football Club, to help the Cambridge community and to help the fans. In legal terms, it is an Industrial and Provident Society - like the Co-op - and is fully democratic and non-profit making. All the funds raised by the organisation will be put to the football club and community use, but the main aim is to help raise the necessary funds to re-build the Abbey Stadium. The organisation enjoys the support of the Board of Directors of the Club, though is totally independent of it.

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