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Press any key on the phone image or on your NUM PAD to start.

PLAY – To try the game, you can either click the buttons on the phone image or use the NUM PAD keys on your keyboard as shown below.


2 / UP – Thrust / Accelerate

4 / LEFT – Rotate counter-clockwise

6 / RIGHT – Rotate clockwise

8 / DOWN – Hyperspace jump / Teleport

* - Toggle Autofire

OK – Fire Weapon / Fire Powerup (Powerup mode only)


When the game begins, your ship is displayed at the center of the screen.  Your objective is to destroy all the asteroids within the screen. Your ship is not bound by the confines of the screen and will “wrap” around if you fly off in any direction. Autofire is turned off by default, so you can be more strategic about which asteroids you want to destroy. Large asteroids break into 2 medium asteroids, which then break into 2 small asteroids each. Once all of the asteroid bits are destroyed, the next wave will begin. Additional enemies will enter the screen as you progress through the game.  These include small and large UFOs. Each theme has unique UFOs, but they behave similarly. Every 10 levels, the speed of asteroids will increase slightly. Three difficulty settings are available in each mode. Difficulty affects the speed and number of asteroids and UFOs.

keyboard controls

Asteroids © 2007 Atari Interactive, Inc. Atari and the Atari logo are the trademarks of Atari Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Produced and published by glu mobile under license from Atari.