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Press any key on the phone image or on your NUM PAD to start.

PLAY – To try the game, you can either click the buttons on the phone image or use the NUM PAD keys on your keyboard as shown below.


2 / UP – move up

4 / LEFT – move left

6 / RIGHT – move right

8 / DOWN – Move Down

* - toggle autofire

OK – fire single shot when autofire is off

HOW TO PLAY – When the game begins, your objective is to destroy the impeding centipedes as they make their way down the screen. Your shooter is bound to the bottom four rows, and cannot go past the fourth row. Autofire is turned on by default, so you don’t have to worry about firing and moving at the same time. Once all of the centipede segments are destroyed, the next wave will begin. The game speeds up over time, so be ready!

keyboard controls
Centipede® © 2006 Atari Interactive, Inc. All rights reserved. Atari and the Atari logo are the trademarks of Atari Interactive, Inc. Used with permission. Produced and published by glu mobile under license from Atari.