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Current release: CD Shell 2.1.6 April 17, 2005
CD Shell is free for non-commercial use. The program and its source code is distributed under the NASM License.

CD Shell is Copyright © 2002-2005 by Michael K. Ter Louw,
and is based on Diskem1x by Gary Tong and Bart Lagerweij.

There are Diskemu, Isolinux/Memdisk, Memtest86+, and Ranish Partition Manager modules included in the main CD Shell distribution. Be sure to review the included license agreements and respect the wishes of the authors of these fine programs.

Diskemu is Copyright © 1999-2005 Gary Tong and Bart Lagerweij.
Isolinux and Memdisk are Copyright © 1994-2005 by H. Peter Anvin.
Memtest86+ is Copyright © by Samuel Demeulemeester
Ranish Partition Manager is Copyright © by Mikhail Ranish and Muthukumar (Muthu).

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