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School Discipline
by Apolline Hutchings year 8

control Discipline: Order maintained among person under control or command; control; - train to obedience and order.

School discipline is the way teachers try to make pupils obey the rules. The rules are there to protect us from harming each other and to help us. Discipline is really punishment. School discipline should make you think twice before you go and break the rules and school discipline should not be taken lightly!!!

Back when our parents went to school before physical punishment was banned our parents had a lot of respect for their teachers and school rules. Their parents also had a lot of respect for teachers and if they got into trouble at school they would almost certainly get into trouble at home. There was no tolerance of misbehaviour or laziness.

Old style punishment

If kids even once stepped out of line they were strapped or canned. If they got caught not working or doing the wrong thing they would stand you up at the front of the class and make you wear the dunces cap or make you hold out your hand to be strapped. If you were left-handed you were forced to use your right and if you did otherwise your left hand would be strapped until it was too sore to use.

If you were late for school you would be strapped the number of minutes late. The teacher always carried a ruler around to give any body who was not doing what they were told a hard rap across the knuckles. Children had no choice in the work they did or how they did it. Whatever teacher said to do was to be done. For being really bad you could be canned six times and that's where the saying six of the best come from.

Some teachers made you bend over and put your head under the black board so when they canned your back side if you raised your head you would hit it on the chalk ledge.

These days school discipline has changed. There are apology letters to teachers, one hundred lines, lectures, detention, getting suspended and worst of all expelled.

But that is nothing - who is scared of a few hundred lines and writing a letter that is full of promises that you don't mean? Half an hour in at lunch time is not a big deal to us, we can just make up for it the next day by forgetting to ring the bell.

the modern child

Parents leave discipline to the teachers and kids exaggerate when we get home so that they are on their side.

It is cool to get in to trouble and get a detention. You get to look all tough in front of your mates. But we all know that it would not be cool to stand up in front of your mates and be strapped until you cried, that wouldn't make you a big tough hero it would make you look like a little pathetic wimp and it would hurt.

I think that lessons were better learnt in the past because of physical punishment. Putting us into a room with nothing to do is useless because in a few hours we will forget what we did to deserve it.

My parents and even my grandparents can remember all the times they got strapped and not only that, they can remember what each individual strap or cane was for - and they say that they never did the same wrong thing twice. But us now, with all the new ways of discipline I can't even remember if I got in trouble last week or if I did what it was for.

I am not saying that I think that old punishments were the best ways - they were actually terrible. What I am saying is that modem methods of punishments are not effective, they are easily avoided and do not make a lasting impression.

Times have changed, people have changed, there is no going back. The human race has moved on. Someone needs to invent a new punishment that works, but that probably won't happen because punishment is negative and today people believe that only positive actions works. I think they are wrong!!! There has to be a balance of positive and negative actions to get a good result.

But hey I am a kid and I like trying to break the rules. I don't mind the present consequences. I just wish it wasn't so boring.

Thank you

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