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Last time out, Jewel called on dance beats and pop irony to save her from singer-songwriter tedium. Goodbye Alice in Wonderland, her sixth album, restores some of the tedium, sprinkling acoustic introspection into folk-pop tunes gratuitously beefed up with studio gloss and song-doctor steroids. The result is mildly icky, with Jewel murmuring about the "inertia of loneliness" and stretching her thin voice past its limits on the huge choruses. A handful of songs -- including the breezy, pretty title track -- work up some palatable L.A. pop, but those moments are surrounded by singer-songwriter cliches and painfully precious asides. The most unfortunate sequence starts with "Good Day," where Jewel stages an early-morning conversation with herself in a baby-doll murmur, then follows up with a warbling rocker about how Hollywood is full of phonies and crazies. Goodbye Alice in Wonderland might keep Jewel on the charts, but its bright come-ons sound both overdone and undercooked.


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Review 1 of 6

gregf writes:

4of 5 Stars

I tend not to respind to so-called "professional" reviews (those who can, do?!), but the description of Jewel's voice as 'thin' is akin to describing the Empire State Building as small! Having seen and listened to this fantastic performer live on several occasions, I can assure the RS reviewer it is anything but 'thin'. This is a woman who can flit unerringly between touching folky melodies, through some serious rock n' roll to a note-perfect operatic style within the space of a couple of songs. Hers is a voice of rare versatility and strength, which, when combined with sharp, insightful and at times, heart-wrenching lyrics and music (check out Hands, Foolish Games, Violet Eyes to name but a few if you are unsure!) makes her a stand-out performer of her generation and possibly a few others too! While Alice is not, at times, her best work, fabulous tracks such as the title, Stephenville and Again and Again, raise this well above most offerings available at the time of writing. And as for that voice - I suggest you check your definition of thin Mr Reviewer, your ill-informed judgment of Jewel should do her no harm!

Feb 11, 2007 09:02:32

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Review 2 of 6

passdutch writes:

5of 5 Stars

Jewel is extremley talented, and her voice is unmatched. And the fact she writes her own songs sets her apart from the rest of musical spectrum. Goodbye Alice In Wonderland is a great album, seriously overbashed by whoever reviewed it for RS.

Aug 15, 2006 15:33:29

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Review 3 of 6

spooloyarn writes:

3of 5 Stars

Two stars is unfair, five is a bit exaggerated. "Goodbye Alice" is Jewel's straight-forward rock album, a natural outgrowth of 2001's "This Way". There's nothing groundbreaking here, but the arrangements soar, the melodies are pleasant, and the lyrics are the song's backbones (which is why we listen to Jewel in the first place). "Alice" completes Jewel's journey from starry-eyed idealist in "Pieces of You" and "Spirit" to jaded celebrity, the path that most rock stars seem to tread. You get famous, you try to use your newfound fame to change the world, no one listens (at least no one REALLY listens), so you either write songs about your disillusionment or you start asking existential questions in your music. "Alice" isn't a bitter record but it definitely displays a more grounded and introspective Jewel than we've seen before. The music's solid, the voice is gorgeous, the production is sharp, the song's have some soul, but it's no masterpiece -- a solid three-star.

May 6, 2006 08:54:27

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Review 4 of 6

mykalromero writes:

5of 5 Stars

HOly crap.. I can't believe he called her voice "thin". And, Good Day is one of the best tracks on the cd. This person knows what hes doing. He personally attacked Jewel and then picked out on of the best songs and attacked it. This whole review almost had nothing to do with the cd. It's good to see jewel going back to her roots. It's nice to see a more personal album. There's nothing like Jewel on the radio currently, and I think thats why she stays around. Her voice is amazing and I think it shines on Goodbye Alice In Wonderland. I personally am sick of the disco/techno/noun songs that are more about random objects than any real emotion or thought. Thanks to artist like Jewel, James Blunt, Damien Rice, and Ray Lamontagne we still are able to enjoy very well done lyrical-driven songs. Now heres are some highlights of Alice. I don't even think this critic listened to the cd.I suspect Rollingstone was to busy pimping Mission Impossible 3 and Grandmas Boy to notice.(Sigh) Again and again: This is the first radio single off the album. Its a very well crafted song. It's easy to listen to and rather simple. This song was stuck in my head for awhile. So, I can see why this is the first single off Alice.This song is about letting go and trying to love again. A line in this track echos "You were meant for me" Good day: Fantastic. I was surprised and excited when I heard this song. I don't think I've ever heard a song like this from jewel. It is very well done. "...can you drink me like water?" I like this line very much. Long Slow Slide: This is another song that stands out on Alice. Its slower and the vocals are impressive. Jewel knows she can sing well. She uses her voice to paint the emtions of this song and surronds it with lryics to provoke thought. Very nice. Fragile Heart: Jewel re-does this song from 0304 and adds it to Alice. She said in an interview "I thought it deserved another chance" This is an amazing song. Ths first version of this song was my favorite on 0304 and it's my favorite on Alice.

May 4, 2006 17:55:54

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Review 5 of 6

JennyP writes:

4of 5 Stars

Although I love Jewel's continued venture into various musical genres, I was happy to see her get back to her roots and give the world another taste of what we love about her: a great voice and simple, honest lyrics. Also loved to see some favorite underground live songs brought to a record.

May 3, 2006 15:03:09

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Review 6 of 6

Nostromo59 writes:

5of 5 Stars

I disagree with Good Day... i think is one of the best tracks of the album... it`s fresh, original and Jewel comeback`s to her original roots. Beatiful!

Apr 28, 2006 19:53:08

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