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Emergency Power for Radio Communications -- When all else will you communicate?

MINILOG -- Pocket-size logbook.

Your Mobile Companion -- Whether you want to work 2-meter FM through repeaters, or DX on 20-meter SSB--if it's mobile ham radio, you'll find it here.

Ham Radio FAQ -- The ARRL Lab and "The Doctor" answer your Frequently Asked Questions!

Hints & Kinks--17th edition -- Now including the popular Hands-On Radio column from QST Workbench.

List of QST Product Reviews

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Note: ARRL Members who are registered with the Members Only Web site can download Product Reviews from the January 1980 and later issues of QST via the Product Review archive.

Many of these back issues are available from ARRL HQ. Back issues cost the current cover price -- $5.00. Contact the ARRL Publications Sales Department ( for back issues. If the back issue is not available, our Technical Department Secretary will make a photocopy from our Technical Library. Contact our Technical Department Secretary ( for reprints. The charge for reprints is $3.00 per photocopy for ARRL members and $5.00 per copy for non-members (prepayment is required for non-members).

Manufacturer; Description; Issue

A & A Engineering; Deluxe Memory Keyer Kit; Nov 1988
A & A Engineering; Smart Battery Charger; Aug 1988
A & A Engineering; ViewPort VGA Slow-Scan TV System; Feb 1993
A&A; Engineering; 5 A Smart Battery Charger; Mar 2004
Abstract Technologies New Zealand Limited; WXtoImg; Nov 2003
Accu-Circuits; Accu-Memory II Keyer; Jul 1979
ACE-HF; ACE-HF; Nov 2002
ACOM; 1010 HF Linear Amplifier; Dec 2006
ACOM; 2000A HF Linear Amplifier; May 2000
ACOM; ACOM 1000 HF + 6-Meter Linear Amplifier; Nov 2002
ADI; ADI-201 2-Meter FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Dec 1997
ADI; AR-146 2-Meter Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1996
ADI; AR-147 VHF FM Mobile Transceiver; Oct 1999
ADI; AR-247 222 MHz Tranceiver; Nov 2003
ADI; AT-600 Dual-band Hand-Held Transceiver; Apr 1998
Advanced Computer Controls; RC-850 Repeater Controller; Feb 1984
Advanced Electronic Applications; AD-1 Auto Dialer; May 1979
Advanced Electronic Applications; AEA DSP-232 Multimode Data Controller; Jul 1996
Advanced Electronic Applications; AMT-1 AMTOR Terminal Unit; Nov 1983
Advanced Electronic Applications; AT-300 Antenna Tuner; Aug 1990
Advanced Electronic Applications; BT-1P Code Trainer; Feb 1983
Advanced Electronic Applications; CP-1 Computer Patch Interface; Apr 1984
Advanced Electronic Applications; Doctor DX Morse Code Contest Trainer; Dec 1984
Advanced Electronic Applications; DSP-2232 Multimode Communications Processor; Apr 1993
Advanced Electronic Applications; Fast-Scan Television System; May 1992
Advanced Electronic Applications; HALO-6 Antenna for 6 Meters; Oct 1996
Advanced Electronic Applications; HF-Facsimile Receiving System; Apr 1992
Advanced Electronic Applications; Hot Rod Antenna (2-Meter); Nov 1983
Advanced Electronic Applications; IsoLoop 10- to 30-MHz Loop Antenna; Nov 1992
Advanced Electronic Applications; IsoLoop 14- to 30-MHz Antenna; Apr 1991
Advanced Electronic Applications; Isopole 2-Meter Antenna; Apr 1980
Advanced Electronic Applications; Isopole-220 220-MHz Vertical Gain Antennas; Jun 1982
Advanced Electronic Applications; KT-1 Keyer/Trainer; Jan 1981
Advanced Electronic Applications; KT-2 Keyer/Trainer; Dec 1983
Advanced Electronic Applications; MBA-RC; Aug 1983
Advanced Electronic Applications; MBA-RO Code Reader; Aug 1983
Advanced Electronic Applications; MM-1/MK-1 Supplement; Dec 1980
Advanced Electronic Applications; MM-3 Morse Machine; Jul 1990
Advanced Electronic Applications; Morse Memory Keyer Model CK-1; Aug 1981
Advanced Electronic Applications; MorseMatic MM-1 And MK-2 Keyers; Oct 1980
Advanced Electronic Applications; PAKRATT Model PK-64; Jun 1986
Advanced Electronic Applications; PK-12 GPS-Compatible TNC; Oct 1995
Advanced Electronic Applications; PK-232 Multi-Mode Digital Communications Terminal; Jan 1988
Advanced Electronic Applications; PK-88 Packet TNC; Dec 1993
Advanced Electronic Applications; PK-900 Multimode Communications Processor; Oct 1993
Advanced Electronic Applications; PK-96 1200/9600 bit/s Dual TNC; Sep 1994
Advanced Electronic Applications; PKT-1; Nov 1985
Advanced Electronic Applications; SWR-121 HF Antenna Analyst; Nov 1994
Advanced Radio Devices; 230A MF/HF Linear Amplifier; May 1989
Advanced Receiver Research; MM144VDG Mast-Mounted Preamplifier; Feb 1987
Advanced Receiver Research; MML144VDG Mast-Mounted Preamplifier; Feb 1987
Advanced Receiver Research; SP144VDA Preamplifier; Mar 2006
Advanced Receiver Research; TRS04VD TR Sequencer; Feb 1987
AEA; VIA Analyzer; Nov 2006
Agrelo Engineering; DFjr Professional Radio Direction Finder; Jul 1998
Alan Broadband Co; Zapchecker; Feb 2003
Alda; 103 Transceiver; Dec 1978
Alinco; ALM-203T 2-M FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Jun 1986
Alinco; DJ-100T Hand-Held 2-Meter FM Transceiver; Mar 1989
Alinco; DJ-162TD 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; Oct 1992
Alinco; DJ-190T 2-Meter FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Dec 1997
Alinco; DJ-191 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; May 1996
Alinco; DJ-195T Handheld Transceiver; Aug 2000
Alinco; DJ-280T 222-MHz Handheld FM Transceiver; Jan 1999
Alinco; DJ-296T 222 MHz VHF FM Transceiver; Nov 2002
Alinco; DJ-560T Dual-Band Hand-Held FM Transceiver; Jun 1991
Alinco; DJ-580T Dual-Band Hand-Held FM Transceiver; Mar 1994
Alinco; DJ-582T Dual-Band Hand-Held FM Transceiver; Jul 1995
Alinco; DJ-596T Dual-Band FM/Digital Hand-Held Transceiver; Jun 2002
Alinco; DJ-C1T 2-Meter Hand-Held FM Transceiver; Oct 1998
Alinco; DJ-C5T Dual-Band Hand-Held FM Transceiver; Oct 1998
Alinco; DJ-C7T Pocket-sized VHF/UHF FM Transceiver; Jan 2005
Alinco; DJ-F1T 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; Oct 1992
Alinco; DJ-G5TH Dual-Band FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Jul 1997
Alinco; DJ-S11T 2-Meter FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Dec 1997
Alinco; DJ-S40T UHF Handheld Transceiver; Mar 2003
Alinco; DJ-V17T 2 Meter Handheld FM; Apr 2007
Alinco; DJ-V5TH Dual-Band FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Mar 2000
Alinco; DJ-X2000 Wide Range Scanning Receiver; Apr 2002
Alinco; DM-330MV Switching Power Supply; Sep 2000
Alinco; DR-110T 2-Meter FM Transceiver; Jul 1989
Alinco; DR-112T Mobile 2-Meter FM Transceiver; Dec 1991
Alinco; DR-130 2-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver; Jan 1995
Alinco; DR-135TP 2-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver; Jan 2001
Alinco; DR-140TQ 2-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver; Mar 1999
Alinco; DR-150T 2-Meter Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1996
Alinco; DR-235T 222 MHz Tranceiver; Nov 2003
Alinco; DR-600T Dual-Band Mobile FM Transceiver; Jun 1993
Alinco; DR-605T Multiband FM Mobile Transceiver; Dec 1996
Alinco; DR-610T Dual-band FM Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1995
Alinco; DR-620T VHF/UHF FM Transceiver; Jul 2003
Alinco; DR-635T Dual-Band FM Transceiver; Mar 2006
Alinco; DR-M03SX 10-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver; Sep 1999
Alinco; DR-M06 6-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver; Aug 1996
Alinco; DX-70T Transceiver; Dec 1995
Alinco; DX-77T MF/HF Transceiver; Jun 1998
Alliance; HD-73 Heavy-Duty Rotator; Dec 1980
Allied; A-2515 Receiver; Feb 1969
Allied; A-2516 Receiver; Jan 1970
Allied; A-2517 Transceiver; Nov 1970
Allied; A-2587 146- to 175-MHz FM Receiver; Mar 1970
Allied; KG-666 Power Inverter/Charger; Jul 1968
Allied; Knight C-577 Compressor; Feb 1966
Allied; Knight-Kit KG-661 Power Supply; Nov 1967
Allied; Knight-Kit TR-106 Transceiver; Oct 1966
Allied; Knight-Kit V-107 VFO; Oct 1966
Allied; T-175 Linear Amplifier; Mar 1969
Allied; TR-108 Transceiver; Oct 1967
Alpha ; 8100 HF Linear Amplifier; Apr 2007
Alpha; AlphaMax and AlphaRemote for the Alpha 87A; Aug 2000
Alpha; Power 4510 Wattmeter; Jul 2006
Alpha Delta; Model VRC Variable Response Console; Apr 1997
Alpha Delta; Outreach/Outpost Compact/Portable Antenna; Mar 1998
Alpha/Power; 91B Linear Amplifier; Sep 1997
AlphaLab; TriField Meter; May 1993
Altium Limited; CircuitMaker Student Version; Jun 2004
AMCOMM; S225 2-M Transceiver; Jan 1978
Ameco; PT-3 1.8-54 MHz Preamplifier; Apr 1988
American Circuits and Systems; MK1 Function Generator; Dec 1974
American Flag & Banner Co; Wonder Pole Telescoping Poles; Apr 2004
Ameritron; AL-1200 HF Linear Amplifier; Dec 1985
Ameritron; AL-800H Linear Amplifier; Sep 1997
Ameritron; AL-811 MF/HF Linear Amplifier; Feb 1992
Ameritron; AL-82 MF/HF Linear Amplifier; Jul 1992
Ameritron; ALS-600 Solid State No Tune FET Amplifier; Aug 2001
Ameritron; ALS-600S HF Amplifier with Switching Power Supply; Mar 2005
AMERITRON; ATR-30; Feb 2003
Amperex; 110 2-M Amplifier; Mar 1979
Angle Linear; VHF/UHF Receiving Preamplifiers; Aug 1978
Antec; Universal Transmatch Model UT-1; Feb 1972
Antenna Specialists; HM-224 220-MHz Mobile Antenna; Apr 1977
Antenna, Inc.; Model 10043 Power/SWR Meter; Nov 1976
AOR; AR2500 Scanning Receiver; Sep 1991
AOR; AR7000B Wide Range Communications Receiver; Jul 1999
AOR; AR7030 Communications Receiver; Jun 1997
AOR; ARD9800 Digital HF Voice Modem; Feb 2004
AOR; DDS-2A External Local Generator for the Collins KWM-2 and S/Line; Jan 2001
AOR; TDF-370 DSP Multi-Media Terminal; Sep 2001
Apollo Products; Cabinets; Jan 1980
Apollo Products; Tuner 2000X-2; May 1980
APRS Engineering; MIM Module; Dec 1999
ARCOS; 432-MHz Trans. Conv./Amps.; Aug 1976
Arcron; Zeit Ultra-Accurate Clock; Jan 1997
Array Solutions; AIM4170 Antenna Analyzer; Aug 2007
Array Solutions; PowerMaster Wattmeter; Jan 2006
Array Solutions; Swinging-Gate Side Mount; Feb 2001
Arrow Antenna; CB 148/450 Corner Beam; Apr 2004
Arrow Antenna Company; Arrow II Satellite Antenna; Jun 2000
Astrolite; 436B Headset; Jan 1979
Astron; SS-30M Switching Power Supply; Jan 2000
Atomic Time; Arcron Zeit �Chrono� Wristwatch; Aug 2000
Austin; Metropolitan Triband VHF/UHF Antenna; Jan 1989
Austin; Omni 2-M Antenna; Dec 1983
Autek; QF-1A Active Audio Filter; Jul 1980
Autek; VA1 Vector Antenna Analyst; May 2005
Autek; WM1 SWR/Wattmeter; Nov 1989
Autek Research; MK-1 Keyer; Jun 1977
Autek Research; QF-1 RC Active Filter; Mar 1977
Autek Research; RF-1 RF Analyst; May 1995
Autek Research; RF5 VHF Analyst; Jun 1998
Avanti; AH 151.3G Window-Mount Antenna; Dec 1979
Avatar Magnetics; AV-357 Power Transformer; Nov 1982
Azden; AZ-61 6-meter FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Mar 1995
Azden; HS-03 Headset; Jun 1996
Azden; PCS-2000 2-Meter FM Transceiver; Aug 1980
Azden; PCS-300 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; Sep 1982
Azden; PCS-7000H 2-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver; Jan 1995
Azden; PCS-7000H Mobile 2-Meter FM Transceiver; Dec 1991
Azden; PCS-7500H 6-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver; Aug 1996
Azden; PCS-9600D 440-MHz Voice/Data Transceiver; May 1995
B & K; Model 1820 Frequency Counter; Nov 1978
B & W; 370-15 Antenna; Mar 1981
B & W; BNR 2-Meter Quad Antenna; Mar 1982
B & W; RF Clipper; Oct 1979
Barlow-Wadley; XCR-30 Receiver; Jan 1977
Bearcat; 100 Scanner; Mar 1983
Bearcat; Model 210 Scanner; Jul 1978
Beezley; RITTY 4.0; Nov 2000
Beezley, Brian, K6STI; AO 6.5, NEC/Wires 2.0, TA 1.0 Antenna-Modeling Software; Oct 1995
Beezley, Brian, K6STI; RITTY 1.0 Radioteletype Program; Aug 1996
Beezley, Brian, K6STI; RITTY 2.0 RTTY/PACTOR Program; Feb 1998
Bencher; Keyer Paddle; Dec 1980
Bencher; Paddle; May 1978
Bencher; XZ-2 Active Filter; Feb 1982
Bencher; YA-1 Low Pass Filter; Aug 2002
Bencher; ZA-1 And ZA-2 Baluns; Oct 1980
Benjamin Michael; 173B Station Clock; Oct 1981
Berk-Tek; RG-8X Coaxial Cable; Dec 1979
bhi; Noise Away; Mar 2007
Bilal; Isotron 40 Compact/Portable Antenna; Mar 1998
Bird; 4360 and 4362 Ham-Mate Wattmeters; Aug 1979
Bird; 4381 Power Analyst; Jul 1980
Bird; 43P Peak-Reading Directional Wattmeter; Dec 1989
Bird; 4410 Thruline Wattmeter; Oct 1983
Bird; 6736 Termaline Wattmeter; Jan 1981
Bird; Ham-Mate Directional Wattmeter; May 1972
Bitcil Systems, Inc.; Magnum Six RF Processor; Nov 1972
Black & Decker; Storm Station Short Term Power Source; Apr 2006
Blacksburg Group; The Fist Fighter; Jan 1983
Bonito Inc; RadioCom 4.0; Jan 2000
Bowmar; MX-100 Electronic Calculator; Aug 1974
Braun; TTV 1270 Transverter; Jul 1971
Broder; Logic Trainer Model 100; Feb 1980
Brown & Simpson Eng.; MK-75 Electronic Keyer; Aug 1976
Bunker Ramo; Solderless Coaxial-Cable Connectors; Mar 1977
Butternut; HF5V-II Multiband Vertical; May 1979
Byonics; TinyTrak3 GPS Position Encoder; May 2004
CECO; Hamlog/Applecoder; Jan 1983
Centurion; TUF DUCK "Mini" 2-Meter Antenna; Feb 1982
CES; 510SA Smart Patch; Apr 1984
Cherokee; AH-50 6-Meter Hand-held Transceiver; May 1998
Chester Electronic Sup-ply Co; Electronics Genius Reference Guide Software; Nov 2005
Clear Channel Communications; AR-3300 Ranger 10-M All-Mode Transceiver; Jun 1987
Clegg; AV-144 All-Bander Receiving Converter; Oct 1980
Clegg; Classic Series VHF Converters; Jul 1968
Clegg; FM-27B FM Transceiver; May 1973
Clegg; FM-28 2-M FM Transceiver; Jun 1978
Clegg; FM-DX 2-M FM Transceiver; Sep 1976
Coaxial Dynamics; 83000-A Peak-Reading MF/HF Wattmeter; Feb 1991
ColdHeat; Classic Battery Powered Soldering Tool; Jun 2007
ColdHeat; Pro Battery Powered Soldering Tool; Jun 2007
Collins; KWM-380 HF Transceiver; Oct 1982
Collins; Low-Cost Mechanical Filter; Jun 1978
CombiTech; Mscan SSTV Software; Sep 1999
Comcraft; CTR-144 2-Meter Transceiver; May 1972
Comdel; CSP11 Speech Processor; Mar 1967
Comdel; DW-1550 Wattmeter; Oct 1969
Comet; CA-HV HF/VHF Mobile Antenna; Sep 1996
Comet; CD-160H Peak-Reading MF/HF Wattmeter; Feb 1991
Comet; CF-4160J 2 METER/ 70 CM DIPLEXER; Dec 2004
Comet; CHA-250B Vertical Antenna; Feb 2006
Command Technologies; Commander HF-1250 MF/HF Linear Amplifier; Jul 1992
Command Technologies; Commander HF-2500 Linear Amplifier; May 1991
Command Technologies; Commander II 2-Meter Linear Amplifier; Sep 1992
Command Technologies; Commander VHF 1200 6-Meter Linear Amplifier; Feb 1998
Communications Assoc., Inc.; CF-8 FSK Converter/Keyer; May 1970
Communications Elec. Spec.; CES 200 & CES 210 Tone Pads; Feb 1976
Communications Elec. Spec.; Model 100 Digital Display; Apr 1976
Communications Power; WM-7000 Wattmeter; Sep 1978
Communications Specialists; SS-32M CTCSS Encoder; Mar 1983
Communications Specialists; TE-64 Tone Encoder; Sep 1980
Computer Aided Technology; "Standard" and "Ultimate" Pocket Morse Code Trainers; Dec 1995
Computer Warehouse Store; Video Monitor; Apr 1977
Comtronix; FM80 10-Meter Transceiver; Dec 1980
Control Signal Company; Automatic Keyer Module AKM-25; Nov 1974
Creative Design; CLP5130-1 VHF/UHF Log-Periodic Antenna; Aug 1988
Crick; Ham University; Nov 2000
Cubic; Astro 102BXA Transceiver; Dec 1981
Cubic; MMBX "Matchbox"; Jan 1982
Curtis; EK-39M Mnemonic Electronic Keyer; Mar 1971
Curtis; EK-402 Electronic Keyer; Mar 1972
Curtis; EK-420 Programmable Electronic Keyer; Oct 1973
Curtis; EK-430 Keyer & 8044-2 Kit; Feb 1976
Curtis; EK-480M CMOS Deluxe Keyer; Jun 1980
Curtis; IK-440 Instructokeyer; Mar 1976
Curtis; KB-4200 Morse Keyboard; Oct 1974
Curtis; KB-4990 Keyboard Keyer; Sep 1981
Curtis; KM-420 Programmable Electronic Keyer; Oct 1973
Curtis; Lil' Bugger; Mar 1982
Cushcraft; 13B2 2-Meter "Boomer" Yagi Antenna; May 1992
Cushcraft; 2-M Collinear Array; Feb 1978
Cushcraft; 20-4CD Skywalker 20-Meter Monoband Yagi Antenna; Dec 1981
Cushcraft; 220B 220-MHz "Boomer"; Aug 1983
Cushcraft; 225WB 220-MHz Yagi; Dec 1989
Cushcraft; 32-19 "Boomer" and 324-QK Stacking Kit; Nov 1980
Cushcraft; 40-2CD 40-Meter Skywalker Yagi; Jul 1983
Cushcraft; 617-6B "Boomer" 6-Meter Yagi; Sep 1982
Cushcraft; A3 Triband Antenna; May 1981
Cushcraft; A4 Triband Yagi; Jan 1983
Cushcraft; A50-6S 6-Meter Beam; Feb 1992
Cushcraft; A627013S 6-Meter/2-Meter/70-Cm Yagi Antenna; Dec 2001
Cushcraft; A743 40/30 Meter Add-On Kit; Mar 1982
Cushcraft; ARX-220B 220-MHz Ringo Ranger Antenna; Nov 1987
Cushcraft; ATB-34 Tribander; Jun 1979
Cushcraft; D3W World Ranger 12, 17 and 30-Meter Rotatable Dipole; Oct 1990
Cushcraft; R3 Three-Band Vertical Antenna; Mar 1983
Cushcraft; R5 Multiband Vertical Antenna; Oct 1990
Cushcraft; R7 Multiband Vertical Antenna; Aug 1992
Cushcraft; R7000 Multiband Vertical Antenna; Aug 1997
Cutting Edge Enterprises; PowerPort 73 Portable Power Supply; Nov 2004
Daiwa; AF-606K Active Audio Filter; Jan 1983
DAIWA; CN-101L Wattmeter; Jul 2002
DAIWA; CN-410M Wattmeter; Jul 2002
Daiwa; CN-720 SWR and Power Meter; Jan 1979
Daiwa; CNA-1001 Automatic Antenna Tuner; Nov 1981
Daiwa; CS-201 and CS-401 Coaxial Switches; May 1979
Daiwa; NS-660PA Peak-Reading MF/HF Wattmeter; Feb 1991
Daiwa; RF 440 RF Speech Processor; Apr 1979
DAIWA; SS-330W Switching Power Supply; Jul 2006
Data Precision; 938 Digital Capacitance Meter; Nov 1979
Datak; Titles; Nov 1980
Datamatrix; ProLog2K for Windows; Jul 2000
Datamatrix; ProLog2K, V 5.76; Aug 2005
Datong; PC1 General Coverage Receiving Adaptor; Apr 1983
Datong Electronics, Ltd.; Datest 1 IC/Transistor Tester; Apr 1977
Datong Electronics, Ltd.; FL1 Audio Filter; Aug 1979
Davco Electronics; DR-30 Receiver; Jan 1967
Davis; CTR-2-500 Frequency Counter; Apr 1978
Daytronics; Mimic Programmable-Memory Keyer; Dec 1978
Decibel Products; DB-4048 Duplexer; Jun 1975
Decibel Products; DB-702/DB-702T Antennas; Oct 1976
Decibel Products; DB702 2-Meter Antenna; Sep 1981
Decibel Products; Vapor-Bloc Coaxial Cable; Nov 1978
Delta Electronics; Delta VDX-5 Antenna Coupling System; May 1966
Dentron; 160-V Skyclaw Antenna; Nov 1976
Dentron; MLA 2500 Amplifier; Mar 1978
Design Electronics Ohio; QSK 1500 High Power RF Switch; Sep 1985
DGM Electronics; SRT 3000 Send/Receive Terminal; Dec 1983
Diamond; GZV4000 Switching Power Supply; Sep 2000
Diamond; MX-72D 2 METER/ 70 CM DIPLEXER; Dec 2004
Diamond; SX-100 Peak-Reading MF/HF Wattmeter; Feb 1991
DIAMOND; SX-200 Wattmeter; Jul 2002
DIAMOND; SX-20C Wattmeter; Jul 2002
Dick Smith Electronics; K-6345 Radio Direction Finder; Aug 1986
Dielectric Communications; Model 1000A RF Wattmeter; Dec 1979
Digipet; Digipet-60 Frequency Counter; Apr 1973
Digipet; Digitpet-160 Converter; Apr 1973
Digital Radio Systems; PC*Packet Adapter; Feb 1989
Dipl-Ing DF4SA; Spider Beam Triband HF Yagi; Jul 2005
Direct Conversion Technique; DC-10A Receiver Module and VV-10 VFO; Jan 1979
Display Electronics; Decade-Counter Kit; Oct 1969
Douglas Randall; Scrubber; Nov 1971
Down East; Microwave 144-28HP 2 Meter Transverter; Jan 2006
Down East Microwave; 23-cm and 13-cm Loop Yagis; Jul 1990
Down East Microwave; 3333LY 33-cm Loop Yagi; Apr 1987
Down East Microwave; 432PA 432-MHz Amplifier Kit; Mar 1993
Down East Microwave; DEM 50-28CK 6-Meter Transverter Kit; Feb 1997
Down East Microwave; DEM432 No-Tune 432-MHz Transverter; Mar 1993
Down East Microwave; SHF-2400 2.4-GHz Satellite Downconverter; Feb 1994
Down East Microwave; Transverter IF Switch; Jun 1992
Dr Chris Brown; HamAlyzer 2.0; Nov 2001
Drake; 2-C Receiver; Dec 1966
Drake; 2-NT Transmitter; Dec 1966
Drake; L-4B Linear Amplifier; Dec 1969
Drake; ML-2 Marker Luxury FM Transceiver; Sep 1971
Drake; MN-2000 Matching Network; Apr 1969
Drake; MN-4 Matching Network; Oct 1967
Drake; R-4C Communications Receiver; Jan 1974
Drake; R8 Shortwave Receiver; Mar 1992
Drake; RCS-4 Remote Coax Switch; Dec 1976
Drake; SC-2 2-Meter Converter; Feb 1968
Drake; SC-6 50-Mc Converter; Feb 1968
Drake; SPR-4 Receiver; Dec 1970
Drake; SW1 Shortwave Receiver; Oct 1997
Drake; T-4 Transmitter; May 1966
Drake; T-4X Transmitter; May 1966
Drake; T-4XC Transmitter; Feb 1974
Drake; TR-6 50-MHz Transceiver; Jul 1970
Drake; TR-7 HF Transceiver; May 1979
Drake; TR270 FM Transceiver; Nov 1997
Drake; UV-3 VHF FM System; Aug 1978
Drake; W-4 Wattmeter; Aug 1968
DRSI; DPK-2 Packet TNC; Dec 1993
DSI Instruments; 3600A Frequency Counter; Feb 1979
Dunestar; Model 600 Multiband Bandpass Filter; Mar 1995
DX Engineering; Radial Plate; Sep 2004
Dycom; PSU-13 VHF Scaler; Jan 1972
E-TEK; FR-4TR Frequency Readout/Counter; Oct 1980
Edmund Scientific; Mini Solar Panels; Jun 1982
EI8IC; Global Overlay Mapper; Dec 2003
Eico Electronics; 753 Tri-Band Transceiver Kit; Mar 1966
Eico Electronics; Eico 717 Electronic Keyer; Jul 1967
Eldorado Electrodata; 225 Frequency Meter; Feb 1971
Elecraft; 2T-gen Two-Tone Test Generator; Apr 2006
Elecraft; K-1 QRP CW Transceiver Kit; Mar 2001
Elecraft; K2 HF Transceiver Kit; Mar 2000
Elecraft; KAT100 Antenna Tuner; Jan 2005
Elecraft; KDSP2 DSP Module; Jan 2005
Elecraft; KPA100; Feb 2004
Elecraft; KX1 Ultra-Portable Multiband CW Transceiver Kit; Apr 2004
Elecraft; T1 Automatic Antenna Tuner; Jan 2006
Elecraft; XG1 Receiver Test Oscillator; Apr 2005
Elecraft; XV144 2 Meter Transverter Kit; Oct 2004
Electric Radio; Antenna Tuning Meter; Apr 2002
Electronic Signal Products; VHF 144-5A 2-M FM Receiver Kit; Nov 1979
Electrospace Systems; HP-2 160-M Matching Network; Mar 1979
Electrospace Systems; HV-580 10-M Dual-Mode Antenna; Mar 1979
Elenco Electronics; Electronic Snap Circuits; Jul 2003
ElmerRadio; Crystal Radio Receiver Kit; Jan 2007
Emtron; DX-1d HF Linear Amplifier; Dec 2004
ETO; Alpha 374 Bandpass Linear Amplifier; Apr 1975
ETO; Alpha 76 Linear Amplifier; Jan 1978
ETO; Alpha 77 Linear Power Amplifier; Mar 1973
ETO; Alpha 86 Linear Amplifier; Apr 1989
ETO; Alpha 87A MF/HF Linear Amplifier; Jun 1992
ETO; Alpha 89 Linear Power Amplifier; Jul 1994
Ewen-Smith; BeaconSee; Feb 2000
F6CTE; MultiPSK; Jan 2004
F6DEX; TRX-Manager; Jan 2003
Flesher; TR-128 Baud Rate Converter; Apr 1980
Flesher; TU-170 RTTY Terminal; Mar 1979
Flesher; TU-300 And -470 RTTY TUs; Jun 1983
FlexRadio Systems; SDR-1000 HF+VHF Software Defined Radio Redux; Oct 2005
FlexRadio Systems; SDR-1000 Software-Defined HF/VHF Transceiver; Apr 2005
Fluke; 8000A 3 1/2 Digital Multimeter; Jun 1973
Fluke; 8020A Multimeter; Sep 1978
Force 12; C-3 "Classic" Triband Yagi Antenna; Jun 1995
Force 12; Sigma-5 Five-Band Vertical Dipole Antenna; Oct 2002
Force 12; ZR-3 Compact/Portable Antenna; Mar 1998
Fox-Tango; 2.1 kHz Kenwood TS-830S Transceiver Filter Modification; Sep 1983
Fox-Tango; YF-90H1.8 Crystal Filter; Apr 1982
Frederick Electronic Corp.; 1200 FSK Demodulator; Jul 1966
Freeplay Energy; FreeCharge WEZA Portable Energy Source; Aug 2006
G. Scott Davis, N3FJP; Amateur Contact Log; Nov 2003
G4IDE; UI-View; Feb 2002
Galaxy; GT-550 Transceiver; Jun 1969
Galaxy; R-530 Receiver; May 1969
Gamma Research; HPS-1a Switching Power Supply; Sep 2007
Gap; Challenger DX-VIII Vertical Antenna; Jan 1995
Garant Enterprises; GD-8 "Windom" Antenna; Sep 1990
Garant Enterprises; GD-8 Product Review (Sep 1990); Nov 1990
Gargler; Microphones; Apr 1981
GC Electronics; Lift-It Transfer Sheets; Sep 1981
GEM; Quad Antenna; Jan 1978
Genave; GTX-1 2-M Handheld Transceiver; Dec 1976
Genave; GTX-100 220-MHz Transceiver; May 1976
Genave; GTX-2 FM Transceiver; Mar 1974
Genave; GTX-200 FM Transceiver; Mar 1974
Genave; GTX-600 6-Meter FM Transceiver; May 1975
Genave; GTX-800 2-M FM Transceiver; Nov 1978
Gladding; 25 FM Transceiver; Dec 1971
GLB Electronics; 400B Channelizer; Oct 1973
Gold Line; 1089 Low Pass Filter; Aug 2002
Gold Line; 1089S Low Pass Filter; Aug 2002
GoList, The; Gowin; Sep 2002
Gonset, Inc.; 900A 2-Meter Transceiver; Mar 1965
Green Heron; RT-20 Rotator Controller; Oct 2006
Gregoire; TR-2000 Communications Headset; Feb 2003
Grundig; Satellit 800 Millennium Receiver; Oct 2000
Grundig; YB-400 Portable Shortwave Receiver; Aug 1997
Hal; 2550/ID Keyer; Sep 1976
HAL; CWR-6850 Telereader RTTY/CW Terminal; May 1983
Hal; DKB-2010 Dual-Mode Keyboard; Jan 1975
Hal; DS-3000 Video Display Terminal; May 1977
HAL; DS3100 ASR Video Display Terminal, The; Apr 1980
Hal; FYO Key; Dec 1976
Hal; Hal Devices 1550 Keyer w/Station Identifier; Dec 1972
Hal; ID-1A Repeater Identifier; Jun 1973
Hal; MCEM-8080 Microcomputer; Dec 1976
HAL; Message Storage Option; Aug 1981
Hal; MKB-1 Morse Keyboard; Nov 1973
HAL; PCI-3000 Multimode HF Data Modem; Dec 1992
Hal; RKB-1 TTY Keyboard; Apr 1973
Hal; RVD-1002 RTTY Video Display Unit; Apr 1973
Hal; ST-6 RTTY Demodulator; Apr 1973
Hal; ST-6000 Demodulator; May 1977
HAL Communications; DXP38 Multimode Communication Processor; Apr 2000
HAL Communications; P38 HF Modem; Aug 1995
Hal Communications; PCI-4000 CLOVER-II Data Controller; May 1993
Hallicrafters; FPM-300 SSB Transceiver; Aug 1973
Hallicrafters; HA-26 6-and 2-Meter VFO; Aug 1966
Hallicrafters; HC-100 2-M FM Transceiver; Nov 1971
Hallicrafters; HT-46 Transmitter; Aug 1966
Hallicrafters; SR-2000 Transceiver; May 1967
Hallicrafters; SR-400 Transceiver; Oct 1968
Hallicrafters; SR-42 Transceiver; Jul 1965
Hallicrafters; SR-46 Transceiver; Jul 1965
Hallicrafters; SX-122A Receiver; Aug 1970
Hallicrafters; SX-146 Receiver; Apr 1966
Ham Contact; Portable Power Station; Oct 2000
Ham Radio Center, Inc.; Adjustable key; Jul 1976
Hamco; Scotia Paddle; Dec 1978
Hammarlund; HQ-215 Receiver; Dec 1968
Hamtronics; 432-435 MHz Converter Kits; Jul 1978
Hamtronics; P8 VHF Preamplifier; May 1977
Hamtronics; R139 Weather Satellite Receiver; Jun 1999
Hamtronics; T301-2 2-Meter FM Transmitter; Jan 2001
Hamtronics; XV-4 Transmitting Converter; Jan 1982
Harp, H. Alan; CW Sendin' Machine; Jul 1976
Heath; EE-104 Phase-Locked-Loop Course and ET-3300 Breadboard; Mar 1981
Heath; EE-3404 6809 Microprocessor Training Course; Jul 1984
Heath; ETS-3401 Microcomputer Training System; Sep 1982
Heath; GC-1000: "Most Accurate Clock"; Jan 1986
Heath; GC-1005 Electronic Clock; Dec 1973
Heath; GR-110 Scanning Monitor; Aug 1973
Heath; GR-740 Scanner; Jan 1985
Heath; GR-78 Receiver; Oct 1970
Heath; GU-1820 AC Power System; Dec 1982
Heath; HA-202 2-Meter FM Amplifier; Aug 1973
Heath; HD-10 Keyer; Jan 1967
Heath; HD-1250 Dip Meter; Jan 1976
Heath; HD-1410 Electronic Keyer; Mar 1978
Heath; HD-1418 Active Audio Filter; Mar 1984
Heath; HD-1420 VLF Converter; Nov 1986
Heath; HD-1422 Antenna Noise Bridge; Nov 1986
Heath; HD-1982 Micoder Microphone; Nov 1976
Heath; HD-3030 Computer Interface; Feb 1985
Heath; HD-4040 TNC Kit; Nov 1985
Heath; HD-8999 Ultra Pro CW Keyboard; Apr 1984
Heath; HFT-9 Antenna Tuner; Jul 1984
Heath; HK-232 Packkit Multi-Mode Digital Communications Terminal; Jan 1988
Heath; HL-2200 Amplifier Kit; Nov 1983
Heath; HM-102 RF Power Meter; Dec 1971
Heath; HM-15 SWR Bridge; Nov 1966
Heath; HM-2103 RF-Load Wattmeter; Sep 1973
Heath; HM-2140 Dual HF Wattmeter; Feb 1980
Heath; HM-2140-A Peak-Reading MF/HF Wattmeter; Feb 1991
Heath; HM-2141 VHF Wattmeter; Sep 1980
Heath; HN-31A Cantenna; May 1984
Heath; HO-5404 Station Monitor; Jan 1987
Heath; HR-1680 Receiver; Jan 1977
Heath; HV-2000 Voice Synthesizer; Dec 1987
Heath; HW-100 Transceiver; Jan 1969
Heath; HW-101 SSB Transceiver; Jan 1972
Heath; HW-104 HF Transceiver; Dec 1976
Heath; HW-16 CW Transceiver; Jan 1968
Heath; HW-17A 2 Meter Transceiver; Jul 1969
Heath; HW-202 2-Meter Transceiver; Jul 1974
Heath; HW-2021 2-M FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Jan 1977
Heath; HW-5400 HF Transceiver; Oct 1984
Heath; HW-7 CW QRP Transceiver; Jan 1973
Heath; HW-8 QRP Transceiver; Apr 1976
Heath; HW-9 Deluxe QRP CW Transceiver; Jul 1985
Heath; HW-99 Novice CW Transceiver; Mar 1986
Heath; HW-99 Novice CW Transceiver; Mar 1986
Heath; HX-1681 CW Transmitter; Mar 1981
Heath; IB-101 Frequency Counter; May 1971
Heath; IB-102 Frequency Scaler; Feb 1972
Heath; IB-5281 RLC Bridge; Dec 1980
Heath; IC-2100 Elec. Slide Rule; Aug 1976
Heath; ID-4801 EPROM Programmer; Aug 1986
Heath; IM-102 Digital Multimeter; Oct 1972
Heath; IM-103 Line Voltage Monitor; Sep 1972
Heath; IM-1202 Digital Multimeter; May 1974
Heath; IM-2215 Hand-Held Digital Multimeter; Jun 1980
Heath; IM-2320 Digital Multimeter; May 1987
Heath; IO-102 Oscilloscope; Jun 1972
Heath; IP-18 Regulated Power Supply; Dec 1971
Heath; IP-27 Low Voltage Power Supply; May 1968
Heath; IP-2715 Battery Eliminator; Jun 1977
Heath; IP-2718 Tri-Power Supply; May 1977
Heath; IP-28 Regulated DC Supply; May 1970
Heath; IT-1121 Semiconductor Curve Tracer; Nov 1974
Heath; IT-2250 Auto-Ranging Capacitance Meter; Feb 1982
Heath; SA-1480 Remote Antenna Switch; Jul 1980
Heath; SA-2040 Antenna Tuner; Nov 1980
Heath; SA-2060 Transmatch; Jul 1982
Heath; SA-2500 Antenna Tuner; Mar 1985
Heath; SA-2550 Remote Antenna Matcher; Aug 1988
Heath; SA-7010 Tri-Band Yagi; Aug 1980
Heath; SB-100 SSB Transceiver; Sep 1966
Heath; SB-1000 HF Linear Amplifier; Feb 1988
Heath; SB-102 Transceiver; Feb 1971
Heath; SB-104 SSB Transceiver; Oct 1975
Heath; SB-110 6 Meter Transceiver; Feb 1966
Heath; SB-1400 MF/HF Transceiver; Oct 1989
Heath; SB-200 Linear Amplifier; May 1965
Heath; SB-220 Linear Amplifier; Aug 1970
Heath; SB-221 Linear Amplifier Kit; Mar 1980
Heath; SB-230 HF Amplifier; Feb 1976
Heath; SB-301 Receiver; Mar 1967
Heath; SB-303 Receiver; Jul 1971
Heath; SB-400 Transmitter; Jan 1965
Heath; SB-401 Transmitter; Mar 1967
Heath; SB-500 2-M Transverter; Sep 1970
Heath; SB-600 Communications Speaker; Sep 1966
Heath; SB-610 Monitorscope; Jul 1972
Heath; SB-614 Monitorscope; Jun 1976
Heath; SB-620 Scanalyzer; Apr 1968
Heath; SB-650 Frequency Display; Aug 1972
Heath; SS-9000 HF Transceiver; Feb 1984
Heath; SW-7800 General-Coverage Receiver; Apr 1985
Heath; uMatic Memory Keyer, Model SA-5010; May 1982
Heath; VF-2031 2-M FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Oct 1979
Heath; VF-7401 2-Meter Transceiver; Nov 1981
Heath; VL-1180 2-Meter Amplifier; May 1982
Heath; VL-2280 2-Meter Base Station Amplifier; Jun 1982
Heil; BM-10 Headset; Feb 1992
Heil; Classic and Heritage Microphones; Feb 2005
Heil; ClearSpeech DSP Speaker System; Jul 2005
Heil; Handi Mic Mobile Microphone; Sep 2006
Heil; Pro Set Quiet Phone Noise Canceling Headset; Jun 2006
Heil; Pro-Set Headset; Jan 1994
Heil; Pro-Set Plus Headset with Boom Microphone; Dec 2003
Heil; Sound Goldline Studio Microphone; May 2000
Heil; Sound Traveler Dual Side Headset; May 2006
Heil Sound; HM-5 Microphone; Apr 1984
Heil Sound; HS-706 Headset; Jun 2001
Hendricks QRP Kits; DC-40 Transceiver; Jul 2007
Hendricks QRP Kits; FireFly Transceiver; Sep 2007
Henry Radio; 2-K Linear Amplifier; Jun 1965
Henry Radio; 2K Ultra Amplifier; Jun 1972
Henry Radio; 2K-2 Linear Amplifier; Nov 1967
Henry Radio; 2K-4 Amplifier; May 1974
Henry Radio; Kenwood Pair; Oct 1974
Henry Radio; Kenwood TS-511S Transceiver; May 1973
Henry Radio; Kenwood TS-520 Transceiver; Sep 1974
Henry Radio; Kenwood TS-900 Transceiver; Jul 1973
Henry Radio; R-599 and T-599 (Pair); Jun 1971
Henry Radio; Tempo 3002A 2-Meter Linear Amplifier; Nov 1989
Henry Radio; Tempo CL-146 FM Transceiver; May 1973
Henry Radio; Tempo CL-220 FM Transceiver; May 1973
Hewlett-Packard; 3476A Digital Multimeter; Apr 1977
Hewlett-Packard; HP-25 Programmable Calculator; Oct 1976
Hi-Res Communications; Collins KWM-2 Video; Apr 1999
High Sierra Antennas; HS-1500 HF/6-Meter Mobile Antenna; Nov 1999
Honda; EU2000i Generator; Nov 2002
Honda Motor Company; E-300 AC/DC Generator; Feb 1967
Horizon; 10-FM 2-M Vertical Antenna; Jan 1976
Horizon; Model 15-147 Vertical Antenna; Jan 1979
HUA Electronics; 1BC-1A Frequency Counter; Apr 1972
Hunter Sales; Bandit 2000C; Sep 1968
Hustler; 6-BTV Vertical Antenna; Jan 1984
Hustler; FX-2B 2-Meter Mag-Mount Antenna; Feb 1989
Hy-Gain; 214 2-M Yagi; Oct 1978
Hy-Gain; 400 Rotator; Feb 1971
Hy-Gain; V-2 2-Meter Antenna; May 1982
ICOM; AH-7000 Antenna; Oct 2006
ICOM; AT-160 Automatic Antenna Tuner; Feb 1993
ICOM; IC-2000H 2-Meter Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1996
ICOM; IC-207H Dual-Band FM Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1998
ICOM; IC-208H Dual-Band FM Transceiver; Oct 2003
ICOM; IC-21 2-Meter FM Transceiver; Feb 1973
ICOM; IC-2100H 2-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver; Jan 1999
ICOM; IC-211 Multimode 2-M Transceiver; Dec 1978
ICOM; IC-2200H 2 Meter FM Transceiver; Nov 2004
ICOM; IC-228H 2-Meter FM Transceiver; Jan 1989
ICOM; IC-229H Mobile 2-Meter FM Transceiver; Dec 1991
ICOM; IC-22S 2-M FM Transceiver; Dec 1977
ICOM; IC-230 Transceiver; Jul 1974
ICOM; IC-2340H Dual-band FM Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1995
ICOM; IC-2410H Dual-Band Mobile FM Transceiver; Jun 1993
ICOM; IC-245 2-M Transceiver; Sep 1977
ICOM; IC-25A 2-Meter Transceiver; Jul 1982
ICOM; IC-2700H Dual-band FM Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1995
ICOM; IC-2710H Multiband FM Mobile Transceiver; Dec 1996
ICOM; IC-271A 2-Meter Multimode Transceiver; May 1985
ICOM; IC-2720H Dual-Band FM Transceiver; Mar 2003
ICOM; IC-275A 2-Meter Multimode Transceiver; Oct 1987
ICOM; IC-2800H Dual-Band FM Transceiver; Oct 1999
ICOM; IC-281H 2-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver; Jan 1995
ICOM; IC-2820H Dual Band FM Transceiver; Nov 2007
ICOM; IC-290H All-Mode 2-Meter Transceiver; May 1983
ICOM; IC-2A 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; Jan 1981
ICOM; IC-2GAT Hand-Held 2-Meter FM Transceiver; Jun 1990
ICOM; IC-2SRA 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; Oct 1992
ICOM; IC-3230H Dual-Band Mobile FM Transceiver; Jun 1993
ICOM; IC-32AT Dual-Band Hand-Held FM Transceiver; Jun 1991
ICOM; IC-375A 220-MHz Multimode Transceiver; Mar 1988
ICOM; IC-3AT 220-MHz FM Transceiver; Feb 1983
ICOM; IC-45A 450-MHz FM Transceiver; Nov 1983
ICOM; IC-471A 70-cm Transceiver; Aug 1985
ICOM; IC-551 6-Meter Transceiver; Jun 1981
ICOM; IC-575A 50- and 28-MHz Multimode Transceiver; Nov 1988
ICOM; IC-7000 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver; May 2006
ICOM; IC-701 HF Transceiver; Apr 1979
ICOM; IC-703 HF Transceiver; Jul 2003
ICOM; IC-703 Plus HF and 6 Meter QRP Transceiver; Nov 2003
ICOM; IC-706 MF/HF/VHF Transceiver; Mar 1996
ICOM; IC-706MkII MF/HF/VHF Transceiver; Jan 1998
ICOM; IC-706MKIIG HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver; Jul 1999
ICOM; IC-707 MF/HF Transceiver; Apr 1994
ICOM; IC-718 HF Transceiver; Jul 2000
ICOM; IC-720A HF Transceiver; Aug 1982
ICOM; IC-725 MF/HF Transceiver; Mar 1990
ICOM; IC-728 MF/HF Transceiver; Feb 1993
ICOM; IC-729 MF/HF Transceiver; Feb 1993
ICOM; IC-730 HF Transceiver; Dec 1982
ICOM; IC-735 HF Transceiver; Jan 1986
ICOM; IC-736 and IC-738 Transceivers; Apr 1995
ICOM; IC-737 MF/HF Transceiver; Aug 1993
ICOM; IC-740 HF Transceiver; Sep 1983
ICOM; IC-745 HF All-Band Transceiver/General-Coverage Receiver; Sep 1985
ICOM; IC-746 MF/HF/VHF Transceiver; Sep 1998
ICOM; IC-746PRO HF/VHF Transceiver; May 2002
ICOM; IC-751 HF Transceiver; Jan 1985
ICOM; IC-756 MF/HF/VHF Transceiver; May 1997
ICOM; IC-756PRO HF/6-Meter Transceiver; Jun 2000
ICOM; IC-756PROII HF/6-Meter Transceiver; Feb 2002
ICOM; IC-756PROIII HF/6 Meter Transceiver; Mar 2005
ICOM; IC-761 160- to 10-Meter Transceiver; Sep 1988
ICOM; IC-765 160- to 10-Meter Transceiver; Dec 1990
ICOM; IC-775DSP MF/HF Transceiver; Jan 1996
ICOM; IC-7800 HF and 6 Meter Transceiver; Aug 2004
ICOM; IC-7800 HF and 6 Meter Transceiver; Mar 2007
ICOM; IC-781 160- to 10-Meter Transceiver; Jan 1990
ICOM; IC-820H VHF/UHF Multimode Transceiver; Mar 1995
ICOM; IC-821H VHF/UHF Multimode Transceiver; Mar 1997
ICOM; IC-900 Multiband VHF/UHF FM Mobile Transceiver; Dec 1988
ICOM; IC-910H VHF/UHF Multimode Transceiver; May 2001
ICOM; IC-91A Dual Band Handheld Transceiver; Dec 2006
ICOM; IC-P2AT 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; Oct 1992
ICOM; IC-P7A Miniature Dual Band Handheld Transceiver; Apr 2006
ICOM; IC-PCR1000 Computer-controlled Communication Receiver; Jul 1998
ICOM; IC-PW1 Linear Amplifier; Feb 2001
ICOM; IC-Q7A Dual-Band 2m/70cm FM Hand-Held Transceiver; May 1999
ICOM; IC-R10 Handheld Receiver; Sep 2003
ICOM; IC-R1500 Communications Receiver; Oct 2006
ICOM; IC-R2500 Communications Receiver; Jan 2007
ICOM; IC-R3 Communications Receiver; Feb 2001
ICOM; IC-R5 Hand-held Receiver; Aug 2003
ICOM; IC-R70 Communications Receiver; Jun 1983
ICOM; IC-R7100 HF/VHF/UHF Communications Receiver; Apr 1993
ICOM; IC-R75 Communications Receiver; Jan 2000
ICOM; IC-R8500 Communications Receiver; Apr 1997
ICOM; IC-T22A 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; May 1996
ICOM; IC-T2A 2-Meter FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Dec 1997
ICOM; IC-T7A Dual-Band FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Jul 1997
ICOM; IC-T81A Quad-Band FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Apr 2000
ICOM; IC-T8A Multiband Hand-held Transceiver; Aug 1998
ICOM; IC-T90A Triband Handheld Transceiver; Jan 2003
ICOM; IC-u2AT 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; May 1987
ICOM; IC-V8 2-Meter FM Handheld Transceiver; Nov 2001
ICOM; IC-V8000 VHF FM Transceiver; Jul 2002
ICOM; IC-V82 2 Meter Handheld Transceiver; Jun 2005
ICOM; IC-V85 2 Meter FM Handheld Transceiver; Jun 2007
ICOM; IC-W21A Dual-Band Hand-Held FM Transceiver; Mar 1994
ICOM; IC-W32A Dual-Band FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Jul 1997
ICOM; IC-Z1A Dual-Band Hand-Held FM Transceiver; Jul 1995
ICOM; ID-800H Dual-Band FM and DigitalTransceiver; Nov 2005
ICOM; PS-125 Power Supply; Sep 2002
ICOM; PS-85 Switching Power Supply; Jan 2000
Idiom Press; Logikey K-3 Memory Keyer; Feb 2001
Idiom Press; Rotor-EZ with RS-232; Mar 2001
Index Laboratories; QRP Plus Transceiver; Sep 1996
Industrial Communication Engineers, Ltd; ICE Model 475-3 AC Line Filter; Mar 2005
Info-Tech; M-150 and M-75 RTTY Units; Apr 1978
Info-Tech; M-44 AMTOR Converter; Aug 1985
Info-Tech; Model 300 Keyboard; Apr 1979
Info-Tech; Model 30C CW-to-Video Converter; Nov 1978
Inline Instruments; Coaxial Relays and Couplers; Apr 1976
Inoue Communications Equipment; FDFM-2 2-Meter FM Transceiver; Nov 1969
Instant Software; Electronic Breadboard Program; Dec 1982
Int'l Crystal Mfg. Co.; SBA-50 Mixer Amplifier; Sep 1967
Int'l Crystal Mfg. Co.; SBX-9 SSB Exciter; Sep 1967
Int'l Instrumentation; Digital Capacitance Converter; Mar 1979
International Instrumentation; C-Probe II; Mar 1981
International Radio; Roofing Filters for Yaesu FT-1000MP Series Transceivers; Feb 2005
IPS Radio and Space Services; ASAPS HF Propagation-Prediction Software; Dec 1994
IRL; FSK-1000 RTTY Demodulator; Jun 1980
ITT; Mackay Marine 3020A Receiver; Jan 1974
ITT Mackay Marine; 3010-B Receiver; Apr 1967
IZ8BLY; Stream and Vox Recorder; Jan 2002
j-Com; Magic Notch Automatic Audio Notch Filter; Oct 1991
J.W. Miller; Automatic Antenna Tuner Auto-Trak Model AT2500; Jul 1981
Jade Products; 160-Meter Twin-Lead Marconi Antenna; Aug 1994
James Millen Company; Transmatch Junior; Feb 1966
James Research; Oscillator/Monitor; Mar 1969
Janal Laboratories; 432CA Converter; Dec 1975
Japan Radio Company; JST-135HP MF/HF Transceiver; Mar 1992
Japan Radio Company; JST-245 Transceiver; Sep 1995
Japan Radio Company; NRD-515 All-Wave Receiver; Nov 1981
Japan Radio Company; NRD-525 General-Coverage Receiver, The; Jul 1988
Japan Radio Company; NRD-535D HF Receiver; May 1997
Japan Radio Company; NRD-545 DSP HF Receiver; Feb 1999
Japan Radio Company; NSD-515 HF Transmitter; Nov 1982
JE3HHT; MMSSTV Version 1.01; Aug 2001
JO-COMM; Red-Dee-2� Connect Power Distribution Blocks; Dec 2006
Johnson; 504 2-Meter Transceiver; Jun 1971
Johnson; 540 2-Meter Transceiver; Jun 1971
Johnson; Fleetcom 550 UHF FM Transceiver; Sep 1973
JPS Communications; ANC-4 Antenna Noise Canceller; Feb 1996
JPS Communications; NF-60 DSP Audio Filter; Feb 1994
JPS Communications; NIR-10 Noise/Interference-Reduction Filter; Oct 1991
JPS Communications; NIR-12 Noise and Interference Reducer; Jul 1996
JPS Communications; NRF-7 DSP Audio Filter; Feb 1994
JPS Communications; SSTV-1 DSP Filter for Slow-Scan TV; Nov 1994
K1EA; Software Digital Voice Processor; Jan 1993
K4AVU; Coax Crimper; Jan 2007
K5SMG; Code Practice Tapes; Aug 1981
Kachina; 505DSP HF Transceiver; May 1998
Kampp Electronics; Autobrak Kits; Aug 1978
Kantronics; 8040-B Receiver; Jun 1978
Kantronics; All-Mode (KAM) Software Version 4.0 Upgrade and Host Master II Terminal Software; Jan 1992
Kantronics; CW Training System; Mar 1983
Kantronics; Hamtext--Amtorsoft Software; Sep 1984
Kantronics; Interface And Software; Feb 1984
Kantronics; Interface II Terminal Unit; Sep 1984
Kantronics; KAM 98; Apr 2000
Kantronics; KAM All-Mode Communicator; Jun 1989
Kantronics; KAM Plus Multimode TNC with G-TOR; Jun 1994
Kantronics; KAM XL Multimode Communications Processor; Mar 2002
Kantronics; KPC-2400 Packet Communicator; Nov 1987
Kantronics; KPC-3 GPS-Compatible TNC; Oct 1995
Kantronics; KPC-3 Packet TNC; Dec 1993
Kantronics; KPC-9612 1200/9600 bit/s Dual TNC; Sep 1994
Kantronics; PacTerm 98 Host Mode Terminal Program; Aug 1999
Kantronics; Signal Enforcer; Feb 1982
KDK; FM-2015R 2-M Transceiver; Oct 1978
Kenwood; AT-250 Automatic Antenna Tuner; Oct 1988
Kenwood; CS-4125 20 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope; Dec 1999
Kenwood; DM-81 Dip Meter; Dec 1980
KENWOOD; KPS-15 Switching Power Supply; Jul 2006
Kenwood; LF-30A Low Pass Filter; Aug 2002
Kenwood; PS-40 Switching Power Supply; Jan 2000
Kenwood; R-1000 General Coverage Receiver; Dec 1980
Kenwood; R-5000 General-Coverage Receiver; Feb 1988
Kenwood; R-820 Receiver; Jul 1979
Kenwood; RC-10 Remote-Control Handset; Feb 1989
Kenwood; TH-21AT 2-Meter FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Apr 1985
Kenwood; TH-225A 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; Oct 1992
Kenwood; TH-22AT 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; May 1996
Kenwood; TH-235A 2-Meter FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Dec 1997
Kenwood; TH-28A 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; Oct 1992
Kenwood; TH-31BT 220-MHz Hand-Held Transceiver; Nov 1987
Kenwood; TH-77A Dual-Band Hand-Held FM Transceiver; Jun 1991
Kenwood; TH-78A Dual-Band Hand-Held FM Transceiver; Mar 1994
Kenwood; TH-79A(D) Dual-Band Hand-Held FM Transceiver; Jul 1995
Kenwood; TH-D7A Dual-band H-T; Aug 1999
Kenwood; TH-F6A Triband FM Handheld Transceiver; Dec 2001
Kenwood; TH-G71A Dual-band Hand-Held Transceiver; Apr 1998
Kenwood; TH-K2AT 2 Meter Handheld Transceiver; Jul 2004
Kenwood; TL-922 Linear Amplifier; Sep 1980
Kenwood; TL-922A MF/HF Linear Amplifier; Jul 1992
Kenwood; TM-221A/321A/421A VHF/UHF FM Transceivers; Jul 1988
Kenwood; TM-241A 2-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver; Jan 1995
Kenwood; TM-241A Mobile 2-Meter FM Transceiver; Dec 1991
Kenwood; TM-251A 2-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver; Jan 1995
Kenwood; TM-255A 2-Meter Multimode Transceiver; Jun 1995
Kenwood; TM-2570A 2-Meter Transceiver; Oct 1986
Kenwood; TM-261A 2-Meter Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1996
Kenwood; TM-271A 2 Meter FM Transceiver; Mar 2004
Kenwood; TM-331A 222 MHz Tranceiver; Nov 2003
Kenwood; TM-721A Dual-Band VHF/UHF FM Transceiver; Feb 1989
Kenwood; TM-732A Dual-Band Mobile FM Transceiver; Jun 1993
Kenwood; TM-733A Dual-band FM Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1995
Kenwood; TM-742A Dual-band FM Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1995
Kenwood; TM-D700A Dual-Band FM Mobile Transceiver; May 2000
Kenwood; TM-G707A Dual-Band FM Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1998
Kenwood; TM-V708A Dual Band FM Transceiver; Apr 2006
Kenwood; TM-V71A Dual Band Mobile Radio; Nov 2007
Kenwood; TM-V7A Dual-Band FM Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1998
Kenwood; TR-2200A 2-M FM Transceiver; Nov 1976
Kenwood; TR-2400 2-Meter FM Transceiver; Apr 1981
Kenwood; TR-7400A 2-M Transceiver; Sep 1977
Kenwood; TR-751A 144-MHz All-Mode Transceiver; Mar 1987
Kenwood; TR-7730 2-Meter FM Transceiver; May 1982
Kenwood; TR-7800 2-Meter FM Transceiver; Sep 1981
Kenwood; TR-7850 2-Meter FM Transceiver; Oct 1981
Kenwood; TR-8400 UHF FM Transceiver; Jan 1982
Kenwood; TR-9000 Multimode 144-MHz Transceiver; Dec 1981
Kenwood; TS-120S HF SSB Transceiver; Feb 1980
Kenwood; TS-130S HF SSB Transceiver; Jul 1981
Kenwood; TS-140S 160- to 10-Meter Transceiver; Jun 1988
Kenwood; TS-180S Transceiver; May 1980
Kenwood; TS-2000 All-Mode Multiband Transceiver; Jul 2001
Kenwood; TS-430S HF Transceiver; Mar 1984
Kenwood; TS-440S HF Transceiver; Dec 1986
Kenwood; TS-450S MF/HF Transceiver; Apr 1992
Kenwood; TS-480HX HF + 50 MHz Transceiver; Jun 2004
Kenwood; TS-480SAT HF + 50 MHz Transceiver; Jun 2004
Kenwood; TS-50S MF/HF Transceiver; Sep 1993
Kenwood; TS-520S HF Transceiver; May 1978
Kenwood; TS-530S HF Transceiver; Mar 1982
Kenwood; TS-570D HF Transceiver; Jan 1997
Kenwood; TS-570S(G) HF/6-Meter Transceiver; May 1999
Kenwood; TS-60S 6-Meter All-Mode Transceiver; Sep 1994
Kenwood; TS-680S 160- to 6-Meter Transceiver; Oct 1988
Kenwood; TS-690S MF/HF/VHF Transceiver; Apr 1992
Kenwood; TS-700A 2-M Transceiver; Mar 1976
Kenwood; TS-700S 2-M Transceiver; Feb 1978
Kenwood; TS-790A VHF/UHF Transceiver; Apr 1991
Kenwood; TS-820 HF Transceiver; Sep 1976
Kenwood; TS-830S HF Transceiver; May 1981
Kenwood; TS-850S 160-10 Meter Transceiver; Jul 1991
Kenwood; TS-870S MF/HF Transceiver; Feb 1996
Kenwood; TS-930S HF Transceiver; Jan 1984
Kenwood; TS-940S HF Transceiver; Feb 1986
Kenwood; TS-950SD MF/HF Transceiver; Jan 1991
Kenwood; TS-950SDX MF/HF Transceiver; Dec 1992
Kenwood; TV-502 2-M Transceiver; Aug 1977
Kenwood; TW-4000A 2-m/70-cm FM Dual Bander; Aug 1984
Kenwood; UT-20 1.2 GHz Module for the TS-2000; Sep 2002
Kenwood; VC-H1 Interactive Visual Communicator; Dec 1998
Klingenfuss Publications; 2001 Super Frequency List CD-ROM; Apr 2001
Klitzing; 70CM10W60 UHF Amplifier; Jun 1979
Klitzing; SSB-1 Squelch Board; Jun 1979
KLM; 144-148-13 LB Antenna; Oct 1981
KLM; 144-148-13LBA 2-M Yagi; Feb 1985
KLM; 16-Element 2-M Yagi; Aug 1979
KLM; 21.0-21.5-6A "Big Sticker"; Dec 1983
KLM; 220-22LBX 220-MHz Yagi; Sep 1986
KLM; 2M-16LBX 2-Meter Beam; Mar 1985
KLM; 2M-22C and KLM 435-40CX Yagi Antennas; Oct 1985
KLM; 40-M Yagi; Nov 1977
KLM; 50-7LD 6-Meter Antenna; Oct 1981
KLM; 7.2-2 40-Meter Monoband Yagi; Jul 1984
KLM; AP-144DIII Base Station VHF Antenna; Sep 1983
KLM; KT-34XA Triband Yagi Antenna; Jun 1981
KLM; Log-Periodic Antenna; Jan 1974
KLM; PA 15-80BL 2-M Linear Amplifier; Sep 1979
Knight-Kit; R-195 Receiver; Oct 1970
Kronotek; RT-1 RF-Actuated Timer; Jan 1977
KU4AB; 2-Meter and 70-cm Antennas; Apr 2005
Kuhne Electronic; DB6NT MKU 10 G2 10-GHz Transverter Kit; May 2001
Kuranishi; BR-210 Standing Wave Analyzer; May 2005
KW Electronics; KW-103 SWR/Power Meter; Sep 1972
KW Electronics; KW107 Supermatch; Jul 1972
L-Tronics; Little L-Per VHF Direction Finder; Apr 1978
Lab Science; Econotrace Curve Tracer; Oct 1976
Lafayette; BCR-101 Communications Receiver; Jan 1979
Lafayette; HA-144 Transistor Transceiver; Jun 1967
Lafayette; HA-146 2-M FM Transceiver; Jul 1976
Lafayette; HA-250 50-Watt Mobile Linear Amplifier; Jun 1966
Lafayette; HA-650 Transceiver; Mar 1966
Lafayette; HA-750 6-Meter Transceiver; Apr 1971
Lafeyette; 99-35313L 146- to 175- MHz FM Receiver; Mar 1970
Lafeyette; HA-800 Receiver; Feb 1970
Lakeview Company; TM-1 License Plate Mount; Feb 2000
Lambda Vector; Lambda Coaxial Portal Unit, The; Nov 1982
Lance Johnson Engineering; D-Lay-5; Apr 1983
Larsen; JM Mobile Antenna Mount; Apr 1976
LDG Electronics; TW-1Talking Wattmeter; Nov 2005
LDG Electronics Inc; RT-11 Automatic Antenna Tuner; May 2004
LDG Electronics Inc; Z-100 Automatic Antenna Tuner; May 2004
Leader; LAC-895 Antenna Coupler; Jul 1976
Leader; LBO-310 Oscilloscope; Aug 1974
Leatherman Tool Group; Leatherman Pocket Survival Tool; Mar 2000
Lewallen; EZNEC 3.0 for Windows; Sep 2000
Lewallen, Roy, W7EL; EZNEC Antenna-Modeling Software; Oct 1995
Linspire; Five-O Linux Operating System; Jul 2006
LMW; 1296TRV1K 23-cm Transverter Kit; Dec 1987
LMW; 2304TRV2 2304-MHz Transverter; Dec 1987
Logistics Corporation; Fire-Fist 1000 CW System; Apr 1983
Lowe; HF-150 LF/MF/HF Communications Receiver; Aug 1993
Lucas Radio/Kangaroo Tabor; CAPMAN: HF Propagation-Prediction Software; Dec 1994
M & M Electronics; EK-1 Electronic Keyer; Apr 1969
M & M Electronics; MSB-1 Audio Filter; Jun 1982
M2; 23CM22EZA 1.2 GHz Antenna; Sep 2002
M2; 2M-CP22 and 436-CP30 Satellite Yagi Antennas; Nov 1992
M2; 2M12 Yagi Antenna; Nov 1997
M2; 6M7JHV 6-Meter Yagi Antenna; Dec 1998
M2; EB-144 Eggbeater Antenna; Sep 1993
M2; EB-432 Eggbeater Antenna; Jan 1996
Macrotronics; Code Class; Mar 1983
Macrotronics; M800 RTTY System; Nov 1979
Macrotronics; M8000 RTTY System; Sep 1981
Macrotronics; Ritty Riter; Dec 1980
Macrotronics; RM1000 Radio Modem; Jun 1984
Macrotronics; Terminall; Jun 1982
Maggiore; Hi Pro MK I 2-m Repeater; Aug 1984
Maggiore; HI Pro Mk I 220-MHz Repeater; Feb 1982
Maha; MH-C777 and MH-C777PLUS Battery Chargers; Mar 2002
Maha-Rexon; RL-112HP 2m FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Apr 1999
Maha-Rexon; RL-115HP 2m FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Apr 1999
Maha-Rexon; RL-501HP Dual Band 2m/70cm FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Apr 1999
Maldol; 28HS2HB Two-Element 10-Meter Beam; Dec 1992
Maldol; HVU-8 Base-Station Antenna; Sep 2003
Maxcom; Antenna Matcher And Dipole Cable Kit; Nov 1984
McCulloch; MITE-E-LITE Mark 2 Generator; Feb 1967
McKay Dymek; DA100D Active Antenna; Mar 1982
McKay Dymek; DR33C All-Wave Receiver; Sep 1979
MFJ; 1275 Sound Card Radio Interface; Jun 2002
MFJ; 269 HF/VHF/UHF SWR Analyzer; May 2005
MFJ; 4125 Switching Power Supply; Jul 2006
MFJ; 461 Pocket CW Reader; Jun 2003
MFJ; 704 Low Pass Filter; Aug 2002
MFJ; 815B Peak-Reading MF/HF Wattmeter; Feb 1991
MFJ; 890 DX Beacon Monitor; Dec 2002
MFJ; 9340K QRP-Cub Transceiver Kit; Sep 2000
MFJ; 961B 2 METER/70 CM DIPLEXER; Dec 2004
MFJ; 991 Automatic Antenna Tuner; May 2004
MFJ; CMOS-440RS Electronic Keyer; May 1976
MFJ; MFJ 1270B Packet TNC; Dec 1993
MFJ; MFJ-1026 Deluxe Noise Canceling Signal Enhancer; Apr 1998
MFJ; MFJ-1164 AC Line Filter; Jan 2007
MFJ; MFJ-1270 Terminal Node Controller; Sep 1986
MFJ; MFJ-1278 Multi-Mode Data Controller; Jul 1989
MFJ; MFJ-1278 Multi-Mode Data Controller--Revisited; Sep 1989
MFJ; MFJ-1625 Window/Balcony Antenna; Mar 2007
MFJ; MFJ-1786 High-Q Loop Antenna for 10 to 30 MHz; Aug 1994
MFJ; MFJ-1788 Compact/Portable Antenna; Mar 1998
MFJ; MFJ-1796 Half-Wave Vertical Antenna; Nov 1994
MFJ; MFJ-207 SWR Analyzer; Nov 1993
MFJ; MFJ-224 2-Meter FM Analyzer; Nov 1998
MFJ; MFJ-249 SWR Analyzer; Nov 1993
MFJ; MFJ-267 Dry Dummy Load with SWR/Wattmeter; Oct 2003
MFJ; MFJ-4225MV Switching Power Supply; Jan 2000
MFJ; MFJ-432 Voice Memory Keyer; May 1995
MFJ; MFJ-434 Deluxe Voice Keyer; Jan 2001
MFJ; MFJ-4712 Two-Position Remote Antenna Switch; Sep 2006
MFJ; MFJ-484 Grandmaster Keyer; Aug 1980
MFJ; MFJ-496 Super Keyboard; Jul 1982
MFJ; MFJ-616 Speech Intelligibility Enhancer; Apr 2001
MFJ; MFJ-784B Tunable DSP Filter; Jan 1996
MFJ; MFJ-8100 Shortwave Regenerative Receiver Kit; Jan 1994
MFJ; MFJ-852 Power Line Noise Meter; Nov 2006
MFJ; MFJ-8621 Packet-Only Data Radio; Apr 1996
MFJ; MFJ-9017 18-MHz QRP CW Transceiver; Jul 1993
MFJ; MFJ-906 6-Meter Antenna Tuner; Sep 1996
MFJ; MFJ-931 Artificial RF Ground; Apr 1988
MFJ; MFJ-9420 20-Meter SSB Travel Radio; Feb 1996
MFJ; MFJ-948 "Deluxe Versa Tuner II" Antenna Tuner; Aug 1991
MFJ; MFJ-974(H) Antenna Tuner; Sep 2004
MFJ; MFJ-986; Feb 2003
MFJ; MFJ-989C Antenna Tuner; Mar 1997
MFJ; Model 4116 Bias Tee Power Injector; May 2006
MFJ; Model 9406 6-Meter SSB Transceiver; Oct 1996
MFJ; Pocket Morse Tutor Pocket Morse Code Trainer; Dec 1995
MFJ; Super Menu Driven Memory Keyer Model MFJ-493; Mar 2000
MFJ ENTERPRISES; MFJ-860 Wattmeter; Jul 2002
Micro 80; Morse Code Trainer II; Oct 1983
Microcomm; UHF Modules; Aug 1976
Microcraft; Code*Star Reader Kit; Jul 1983
microHAM; Digi Keyer; Oct 2006
microHAM; USB microKEYER; Sep 2005
Microtronics; M-80 Ham Interface; May 1979
Microware Software; EasyLog5; Jan 2005
Microwave Associates; 89127 10-GHz Transceiver; Sep 1977
Microwave Modules; MMC 1296 Receiving Converter; Dec 1977
Microwave Modules; MMD050 Counter; Nov 1976
Microwave Modules; MMD500P Prescaler; Nov 1976
Microwave Modules; MMS-1 Morse Talker; Jun 1984
Microwave Modules; MMS-2 Advanced Morse Trainer; Jun 1984
Microwave Modules; MMT432 Transverters; Sep 1977
Microwave Modules; MMV 1296 Varactor Tripler; Dec 1977
Midland; 13-509 220-MHz Transceiver; Oct 1977
Midland; 73-030 2-Meter FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Dec 1997
Millen; 90652 Solid State Dipper; Oct 1971
Miller, J.W.; TVI Filters; Jan 1978
Mirage; A1015 6-m Amplifier; Aug 1984
Mirage; B-108 2-M Amplifier; May 1979
Mirage; B-23 2-Meter, 30-Watt, All-Mode Amplifier; May 1981
Mirage; B-5016G 2-Meter Amplifier; Oct 1996
Mirage; B215 2-Meter Amplifier; Feb 1985
Mirage; C106 All Mode 220-MHz Amplifier; Mar 1983
Mirage; C211 220-MHz Amplifier; Feb 1986
Mirage; C22 All Mode 220-MHz Amplifier; Mar 1983
Mirage; D1010 430-450-MHz Amplifier; Jan 1984
Mirage; MP1 Peak-Reading MF/HF Wattmeter; Feb 1991
Mirage; MP2 VHF Wattmeter; Aug 1979
Mity-Time; LCD Clock; Dec 1980
MixW; RigExpert; Aug 2004
Modular Systems Corporation; Smart Filter; Oct 1991
Moetronix; SpectraVue Spectrum Analyzer Software; Dec 2005
Monarch Electronics; Monarch FSI-4 Transmitter; Jan 1968
Mori; MMTTY 1.58; Dec 2000
Morsix; Codeman MT-5 Pocket Morse Code Trainer; Dec 1995
Mosley; TA-34-M Triband Yagi Antenna; May 1991
Mosley; TA-53-M Multiband Yagi Antenna; Nov 1992
Motorola; MEK6800D2 Evaluation Kit; Nov 1977
Motorola; Metrum II 2-Meter FM Radio; Sep 1974
MPS; CW Machine II; Jul 1984
MSL; Digital QSK Kit; Oct 1980
Multi-Band Antennas; Spider HF Mobile Antenna; Jul 1986
Murch; UT-2000 Ultimate Transmatch; Dec 1972
Murch; UT-2000-B Transmatch; Apr 1980
N4PY; Pegasus Control Program, version 1.45; May 2001
N4XM; XMatch Antenna Tuner; Mar 1997
N9CR; Contest Radio Operating System; Aug 1983
National; 200 Transceiver; Dec 1967
National; NCL-2000 Linear Amplifier; Feb 1965
National RF; Vector-Finder VHF Direction Finding System; Jun 2007
National Semiconductor; SC/MP Microprocessor; Jan 1977
NCS; 3240 Multi-Switcher; Jun 2003
NDI; HC-1400 2-M FM Transceiver; Nov 1979
Nel-Tech Labs; DVK-100 Digital Voice Keyer; Nov 1987
Noise Cancellation Technologies; ClearSpeech Speaker; Apr 1999
Noise Cancellation Technologies; ClearSpeech-Line DSP Audio Filters; Apr 1999
NorCal; SMK-1 QRP Transceiver Kit; Nov 2000
North Shore; RF Technology Duplexer Kits; Jan 1974
Northern Lights Software Associates; Nova for Windows 32, Version 2.0; Apr 2000
NuWare; NuMorse Professional version 1.30; Sep 2002
Nye Co., William; SSK-3 Keyer/Paddle; Apr 1976
Nye-Viking; 020-001 Low Pass Filter; Aug 2002
Nye-Viking; MB-V-A Antenna Tuner; Jun 1994
Nye-Viking; MB-V-A Antenna Tuner; Mar 1997
Nye-Viking; RFM-003 Peak-Reading MF/HF Wattmeter; Feb 1991
Oak Hills Research; 40-Meter QRP Transceiver Kit; May 1992
Oak Hills Research; WM-2 QRP Wattmeter; Oct 2003
Omega; T-2000C Beam Steering Combiner; Mar 1977
Optoelectronics; 8000.1 Frequency Counter; Jan 1979
Optoelectronics; 8010 Frequency Counter; May 1980
Optoelectronics; 850-4 Clock & TB-1 Time Base; Jul 1977
Optoelectronics; Digital Thermometer; Apr 1980
Optoelectronics; TRMS-5000 DMM/Thermometer; Nov 1980
ORD; DK-1 Digital Keyer; Apr 1970
Oregon Scientific; Time Machine Ultra-Accurate Clock; Jan 1997
P3 International; Kill-A-Watt Electric Usage Monitor; Jun 2006
PacComm; Pactor Multimode Controller; Jan 1993
PacComm; PSK-1T Satellite Modem and TNC; Jul 1993
PacComm; TINY-2 MK 2 Packet TNC; Dec 1993
PacComm; TINY-2 MK-2 GPS-Compatible TNC; Oct 1995
PacComm; TNC-200 Terminal Node Controller; Jun 1987
PacComm; TNC/NB-96 1200/9600 bit/s Dual TNC; Sep 1994
Palomar; AN7 (Antronic Multiwhip) HF/VHF Mobile Antenna; Mar 1998
Palomar Engineers; R-X Noise Bridge; Jan 1977
Palomar Engineers; VLF Converter; Aug 1978
Palomar Engineers; VLF Converter; Jan 2000
PALSTAR; AT1500BAL Antenna Tuner; Sep 2004
PALSTAR; AT1500CV; Feb 2003
PALSTAR; AT4K Antenna Tuner; Sep 2004
Palstar; R30 Shortwave Receiver; Nov 2002
PALSTAR; WM150 Wattmeter; Jul 2002
Palstar; ZM-30 Digital Antenna Z Bridge; May 2005
Panasonic; RF-B45 Portable Shortwave Receiver; Aug 1997
Par Electronics; 20 Meter End-Fed Dipole Antenna; Feb 2007
Par Electronics; SM-50 6-Meter Stressed Moxon Antenna; Mar 2004
Parks Electronics; 432-3 UHF Converter; Oct 1966
Patcomm; PC-16000 HF Transceiver; Feb 1998
Patcomm; PC-16000A HF Transceiver; Dec 2000
Patcomm; PC-9000 HF Plus 6-Meter Transceiver; Nov 1999
PC Electronics; TC70-10 70-cm ATV Transceiver; Dec 1998
Peet; Ultimeter 2100 Weather Station; Jan 2003
Penniman-Rasmussen; TVI Filters; May 1976
Petit Logic Systems; MT-5 Morse to Teletype Code Translator; Aug 1973
Pickering; KB-1 Keyboard Keyer; Aug 1970
Pickering Radio Company; K-1 Electronic Keyer; Aug 1969
PIPO Communications; PP-1 & PP-2 Tone Encoders; Feb 1977
Processor Technology; 8KRA Static Memory Module; May 1977
Processor Technology; SOL-20 uComputer; Jul 1977
Processor Technology; VDM-1 Video Display Module; Mar 1977
Propagation Products; Insulators and Quad Kit; Mar 1978
PROSISTEL; PST-641D Rotator; Sep 2005
Pryme; PR-222 222-MHz Handheld FM Transceiver; Jan 1999
Pryme; PR-52 6-Meter Handheld FM Transceiver; Jan 1999
QHTenna; 2 Meter and 70 cm Turnstiles; Aug 2004
QM70 Products; FMT-440 Transverter; Nov 1977
QRO; HF-2500DX Linear Amplifier; Sep 1997
Quantics; W9GR DSP-3 Audio Filter; Aug 1995
R. L. Drake; R-7 Receiver; Jan 1980
R. L. Drake; SW8 General-Coverage Receiver; Oct 1994
Radio Shack; 22-168A Digital Multimeter; Jun 1996
Radio Shack; DSP Communication Noise Reduction System; Jul 1994
Radio Shack; DX-302; Aug 1981
Radio Shack; DX-394 Shortwave Receiver; Oct 1997
Radio Shack; HTX-100 10-Meter Mobile Transceiver; Feb 1992
Radio Shack; HTX-242 2-Meter Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1996
Radio Shack; Model 21-527 Digital SWR/Power Meter; Jun 1997
Radio Shack; Probe-Style Oscilloscope; Aug 1997
Radio Shack; TRS-80 Microcomputer; Jun 1978
RadioShack; HTX-10 10-Meter Multimode Transceiver; Apr 2000
RadioShack; HTX-200 Handheld Transceiver; Aug 2000
RadioShack; HTX-245 Dual-Band FM Handheld Transceiver; Oct 2000
RadioShack; HTX-252 2-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver; Dec 2000
RadioShack; HTX-420 Dual-Band Handheld Transceiver; Dec 2002
RadioWare; Ladder-Loc Center Insulator/Strain Relief for Ladder-Line Fed Antennas; Aug 1994
Radioware; SSTV Explorer; Apr 1994
Raibeam; RB-206B Two-Element 6 Meter Beam; Sep 1997
RAK Electronics; "VIC-Morse" Morse Software; Apr 1983
Ramsey Electronics; FX-146 2-Meter Transceiver Kit; Oct 1993
Ranger Communications; RCI-2950 10-Meter Mobile Transceiver; Feb 1992
Ranger Communications; RCI-2970DX 10/12-Meter Transceiver; Oct 2001
Ranger Communications; RCI-5054DX 6-Meter Transceiver; Mar 2002
Rapidan Data Systems; DX4WIN/32; Mar 2001
Raytheon; SBE SB-34 Transceiver; Jul 1966
RCA; COSMAC VIP Microcomputer; Feb 1979
Realistic; DX-150 Solid State Receiver; Mar 1968
Realistic; DX-150A Receiver; Sep 1970
Realistic; HTX-202 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; Oct 1992
Regency Electronics; AR-2 FM Power Amplifier; Aug 1975
Regency Electronics; HR-2 FM Transceiver; Aug 1971
Regency Electronics; HR-220 Transceiver; Mar 1975
Regency Electronics; HR-6 FM Transceiver; Jan 1975
Regency Electronics; HR2MS FM Transceiver; Jun 1973
Regency Electronics; HR2S FM Transceiver; Jun 1973
Regency Electronics; HRT-2 FM Transceiver; Oct 1974
RF Applications Inc; P-1500 Digital RF Power/VSWR Indicator; Jun 1996
RF Concepts; RFC 2-23 144-MHz Amplifier; Mar 1988
RF Concepts; RFC 2-317 2-Meter Amplifier; Oct 1987
RF Concepts; RFC 3-22 220-MHz Amplifier; Mar 1988
RF Concepts; RFC 3-312 220-MHz Amplifier; Apr 1988
RF Concepts; RFC 8-RC Repeater Controller; Apr 1989
RF Products; 5/8 Wavelength 220-MHz And 450-MHz Antennas; Aug 1983
RFSpace; SDR-14 Software Defined Receiver; Dec 2005
Rig Technologies; MixW RigExpert Tiny; Jun 2005
RigExpert; Plus USB Transceiver Interface; Dec 2005
RIW; 432-19 19-Element 432-MHz Yagi; Dec 1978
Robot; 800 Specialty Mode Terminal; Apr 1982
Robot Research; 70 SSTV Monitor; Nov 1971
Robot Research; 80 Camera; Nov 1971
Rockwell Collins; PropMan 2000; Sep 2001
Rotating Tower Systems; Rohn 25 Rotation System; Sep 1991
RP Electronics; MFA-22 Frequency Synthesizer; Feb 1975
Rutland Arrays; FO-22 and FO-25 432-MHz Yagi Antennas; Apr 1991
RZ4AG; AALog; Mar 2003
S & S Engineering; ARK 40 CW QRP Transceiver Kit; May 1994
Sabtronics; 2000 Digital Multimeter; Feb 1979
Samlex; SEC 1223 Switching Power Supply; Jan 2000
Sangean; ATS-909 Portable Shortwave Receiver; Aug 1997
Santec; LS-202A 2-Meter SSB/FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Dec 1985
Sartoni; DXTelnet 4.7; Nov 2000
SAY; SPS-20M Power Supply; Oct 1978
SBE Linear Systems; SB-450 UHF-FM Transceiver; Nov 1973
SCO, Inc; LogWindows 3.07.30; Nov 2000
SCS; PTC-II Multimode Controller with PACTOR-II; Jan 1997
SCS; PTC-IIe Multimode Communication Processor; Apr 2000
Sem Con; HA-2 2-M Mobile Antenna; May 1979
SGC; ADSP2 Add-on Audio DSP; Jan 2004
SGC; SG-2020 MF/HF Transceiver; Oct 1998
SGC; SG-211 Automatic Antenna Tuner; Nov 2004
SGC; SG-230 "Smartuner" Automatic Antenna Tuner; Nov 1993
SGC; SG-500 SmartPowerCube Linear Amplifier; Feb 2006
SGC Inc; MAC-200 Automatic Antenna Tuner; May 2004
SGC Inc; SG-237 Automatic Antenna Tuner; May 2004
Shakespeare; HS-2774-1 Wideband VHF Marine Antenna; Aug 2006
Sherwood; Crystal Filter; Feb 1977
Sherwood Engineering; SE-1 Microphone Equalizer/Preprocessor; Jan 1983
SHF Systems; SHF 1240K 1296-MHz Transverter Kit; Feb 1990
Shure; 444D Controlled-Magnetic Fixed-Station Microphone; Jul 1981
Sigmatech; DX Peeper DX PacketCluster CW Decoder; Sep 1996
SignaLink; SL-1 Sound Card/Transceiver Interface; Oct 2001
Silicon Pixels; ChromaSound; Feb 2001
Silicon Pixels; W95SSTV version 1.10; Apr 2000
Simpson; Model A FM Transceiver; Oct 1971
Sinclair; D0236H 2-M Antenna; Apr 1977
Sinclair; IC-10 Audio Amplifier; Feb 1971
Singer Company; Singer Metrics PR-1 Panadapter; Jan 1966
Sky Lane Products; Cubical Quad Antenna; Nov 1975
SkySweep Technologies; SkySweeper; Apr 2003
Software Science; PSKMeter; Feb 2004
Solar Power Corp.; Series E Solar Electric Generator; Aug 1977
Solder-It; Soldering Kit; Apr 1994
Solderite; 700 Battery Powered Soldering Tool; Jun 2007
Solid State Sales; CCD Camera Kit; Feb 1977
Sonar; 2307 Transistorized Portable Radio Telephone; Mar 1972
Sonar; FM-3601 Amateur FM Transmitter-Receiver; Aug 1972
Sonar Radio Corporation; Sonar Sentry FM/AM Monitor Rec. FR-1035A; Oct 1972
Sony; ICF-2010 Portable Shortwave Receiver; Aug 1997
Soundpower; SP100 Audio Speech Processor; Jan 1980
Sounds Sweet; Communications Speaker; Jul 2004
Southwest Tech. Prod. Corp.; 6800 Computer System; Apr 1977
Southwest Tech. Prod. Corp.; AC-30 & MF-68 Interface & Disc System; Aug 1978
Southwest Tech. Prod. Corp.; CT-1024 Terminal Systems Kit; Mar 1977
Spectronics; DD-1 Digital Display; Jul 1974
Spectrum Communications; SCR 1000 2-Meter FM Repeater; Jul 1983
Spectrum International; 1296-MHz Loop Yagi; May 1978
Spectrum International; JMF 432 & JMF 1296 UHF Filters; Apr 1976
Speedcall; 312-K Touch-Tone Decoder Kit; Dec 1983
Spi-Ro; AS-2 All-Band Antenna; Dec 2004
SPID Electronic, ul.; ALFASPID Rotator; Sep 2005
Squires-Sanders; Clegg 22'er 144-Mc Transceiver; Apr 1965
Squires-Sanders; Clegg SS Booster; Jul 1965
Squires-Sanders; Squires-Sanders SS-IV Video Bandscanner; Jun 1966
Squires-Sanders Inc.; 66-er 50-Mc AM Transceiver; Apr 1967
SSB Electronic; LT2S MK II 2-Meter Transverter; Nov 1997
SSB Electronic; SP-70 Mast-Mount Preamplifier; Mar 1993
SSB Electronic; The Protector; Dec 2001
SSB Electronic; UEK-2000S 2.4-GHz Satellite Downconverter; Feb 1994
SSB Electronics; LT 33S 902-MHz Transverter; Apr 1987
Standard; C-568A Dual-Band Hand-Held FM Transceiver; Jul 1995
Standard; C108A 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; May 1996
Standard; C1208DA 2-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver; Jan 1995
Standard; C156 2-Meter FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Dec 1997
Standard; C168A 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; Oct 1992
Standard; C178A 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; May 1996
Standard; C228A Dual-Band Hand-Held FM Transceiver; Jun 1991
Standard; C508A Dual-Band FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Jul 1997
Standard; C510A Dual-band Hand-Held Transceiver; Apr 1998
Standard; C510A/CPB510DA Dual-Band FM Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1998
Standard; C558A Dual-Band Hand-Held FM Transceiver; Mar 1994
Standard; C5608DA Dual-Band Mobile FM Transceiver; Jun 1993
Standard; C5718DA Dual-band FM Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1995
Standard; C5900DA Multiband FM Mobile Transceiver; Dec 1996
Standard; RPT-1 Repeater; Jun 1974
Standard; SR-C146 FM Transceiver; Mar 1973
Star; SR-700E Receiver; Aug 1967
Star; ST-700E Transmitter; Aug 1967
SteppIR; 3-element Yagi Antenna; May 2003
SteppIR Antennas; Fluidmotion SteppIR SmallIR Vertical Antenna; Dec 2003
Studio 3; The 3rd Hand; Jun 1980
Super Antennas; MP-1 Portable Travel Antenna; Nov 2001
Swan; 100 MX HF Transceiver & Acc.; Jun 1979
Swan; 600-R Transceiver; Jan 1973
Swan; 600-T Transceiver; Jan 1973
Swan; Astro-150 Transceiver, The; Jul 1980
Swan; WM-1500 RF Wattmeter; Feb 1973
Symtek; SABA-5 Signal Intensifier; May 1974
Tandy Wire And Cable; RG-8/M Coaxial Cable; Dec 1980
TASCO Electronics; TSC-70U Slow-Scan TV System; Apr 1997
TE Systems; 1412G 2-Meter Amplifier; Oct 1996
Technico; TEC-9900-SS Computer Kit; Jul 1978
Tedco; Model 1 QRP Transceiver; Nov 1980
Tejas RF Technology; Backpacker II Model TRFT-550 Single-Band CW Transceiver; Nov 1993
Tektronix; T922 Dual-Trace Scope; Nov 1976
TELCO; 125 2-M Class-C Amplifier; Mar 1978
TelePost; LP-100 HF Digital Vector Wattmeter; Aug 2007
Teletec; DXP-V175 2-Meter Amplifier; Oct 1996
Teletron; Slinky Dipole; Feb 1974
Telex Hy-Gain; 155CA 15-Meter Yagi Antenna; Apr 1992
Telex Hy-Gain; Contester Headset; Feb 1992
Telex Hy-Gain; HDR-300 Heavy Duty Rotator; Jan 1981
Telex Hy-Gain; TH7DX Broadband Super Thunderbird; Feb 1983
Tempo; K6FZ 20-M Loop Antenna; Sep 1979
Tempo; S1 2-M FM Transceiver; Jun 1979
Ten-Tec; 1210 10-Meter to 2-Meter Transverter; Jun 2000
TEN-TEC; 238A; Feb 2003
Ten-Tec; 247 And 277 Antenna Tuners; Apr 1980
Ten-Tec; 2510 Mode B Satellite Station; Oct 1985
Ten-Tec; 544 HF Transceiver; Jul 1979
Ten-Tec; 561 Corsair II HF Transceiver; Aug 1987
TEN-TEC; 963 Switching Power Supply; Jul 2006
Ten-Tec; Argonaut 505; Nov 1972
Ten-Tec; Argonaut II and Delta II MF/HF Transceivers; Jan 1992
Ten-Tec; Argonaut V MF/HF Transceiver Model 516; Apr 2003
Ten-Tec; Argosy HF Transceiver; Oct 1982
Ten-Tec; Centaur Model 411 HF Linear Amplifier; Jun 1997
Ten-Tec; Centurion MF/HF Linear Amplifier; Jul 1992
Ten-Tec; Century 21 HF Transceiver; Dec 1977
Ten-Tec; Century/22 HF CW Transceiver; May 1985
Ten-Tec; Jupiter HF Transceiver; Jun 2001
Ten-Tec; KR-40 Electronic Keyer; Dec 1973
Ten-Tec; KR-5 Electronic Keyer; Dec 1973
Ten-Tec; Model 416 Titan II HF Amplifier; Sep 2001
Ten-Tec; Model 425 Titan HF Linear Amplifier; Apr 1986
Ten-Tec; Model 526 6N2 Multimode VHF Transceiver; Oct 2001
Ten-Tec; Model 585 Paragon 160-10 Meter Transceiver; May 1988
Ten-Tec; OMNI D Transceiver; Jan 1980
Ten-Tec; Omni V Model 562 160-10 Meter Transceiver; Nov 1990
Ten-Tec; Omni VI MF/HF Transceiver; Jan 1993
Ten-Tec; OMNI VI Plus MF/HF Transceiver; Nov 1997
Ten-Tec; Omni-VII HF/6 MeterTransceiver; Jul 2007
Ten-Tec; Orion II HF Transceiver Model 566; Sep 2006
Ten-Tec; Orion Model 565 HF Transceiver; Jan 2004
Ten-Tec; Pegasus HF Transceiver; Feb 2000
Ten-Tec; PM-2 Transmitter; Jun 1970
Ten-Tec; RX-320 PC Radio; Mar 1999
Ten-Tec; RX10 Communications Receiver; Aug 1971
Ten-Tec; Scout Model 555 MF/HF Transceiver; Dec 1993
Ten-Tec; T-Kit 1208 6-Meter Transverter; Jun 1996
Ten-Tec; T-kit 1220 2-Meter Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1996
Ten-Tec; T-Kit Model 1340 Transceiver Kit; Sep 1998
Ten-Tec; Titan III HF Linear Amplifier; Mar 2004
Ten-Tec/TAPR; Ten-Tec/TAPR 6000 Vector Network Analyzer; Jun 2006
Terlin; Outbacker JR8 HF Mobile Antenna; Apr 1993
TET; 3F35DX Triband Antenna; Apr 1980
TET; HB-35T Triband Antenna; Dec 1982
Texas Instruments; SR-10 Electronic Slide Rule Calculator; Oct 1973
Texas Instruments; SR-50 Electronic Slide Rule Calculator; Jun 1975
TiePie Engineering; �Scope PC-Based Oscilloscope; Feb 1999
Tigertronics; BayPac BP-2M Multimode Modem; Apr 1997
Timewave; DSP-59+ Digital Signal Processor; Oct 1994
Timewave; DSP-599zx Digital Signal Processor; Dec 1996
Timewave; DSP-59Y Audio Noise Reduction Filter; Sep 1997
Timewave; DSP-9+ Digital Signal Processor; Oct 1994
Timewave; PK232DSP Multimode Communication Processor; Apr 2000
Timewave; TZ-900 AntennaSmith; Nov 2006
Timewave Technology; PK-232/PSK Upgrade; May 2002
Tokyo Hy-Power; HC-200 Transmatch; May 1983
Tokyo Hy-Power; HL-1.5KFX Linear Amplifier; Sep 2007
Tonna; F9FT 144/16 2-M Yagi; Jul 1979
Tonne Software; Elsie 2.13; Nov 2007
Tono; '777 Communications Terminal; Apr 1987
Tono; EXL-5000E; Jul 1985
Tower Jack; Tower Tools; Oct 1999
Traffie; Hex Beam II Compact/Portable Antenna; Mar 1998
Travel-Pak; QSL Kit; Jun 1980
Trimble; Scout GPS Hand-Held Global Positioning System Receiver; Mar 1994
TUCH-COM; 1215 Tone Encoder Microphone; Feb 1979
Tucker; T-3000 Antenna Tuner; Mar 1997
Tucker; V-100W 2-Meter Amplifier; Oct 1996
Twin Oaks; Morse Code Training Programs; Aug 1983
Uniden; President HR2510 10-Meter Transceiver; May 1989
Unique Products Company; Identiminder; Nov 1970
Universal Software; Super-RATT RTTY/CW Software; Nov 1983
UPI Communication Systems; Climbing-Safety Belt; Dec 1989
Various; Computer sound cards for Amateur Radio; May 2007
Varitronics-Inoue; AS2G Antenna; Feb 1971
Varitronics-Inoue; IC-2F FM Transceiver; Jan 1971
VE3NEA; Morse Runner; Jul 2005
VECTRONICS; HFT-1500; Feb 2003
Vectronics; LP-2500 Low Pass Filter; Aug 2002
Vectronics; LP-30 Low Pass Filter; Aug 2002
VECTRONICS; PM-30 Wattmeter; Jul 2002
Venus; Slo-Scan TV Monitor; Apr 1974
Vertex; Standard Repeater Interlink; Jun 2002
VHF Engineering; Blue Line RF Power Amplifiers; Sep 1978
VHF Engineering; CW Identifier Kit; Jul 1976
VHF Engineering; HT-144 Hand Held Transceiver; May 1975
VHF Engineering; RPT 220 220-MHz Repeater; Nov 1976
VHF Engineering; Synthesizer II; Feb 1978
Vibroplex; "Brass Racer" And EK-1 Paddles; Jul 1983
Video-Lynx; 434 Micro ATV Transmitter; Jul 2001
Viewstar; PT-2000A HF Linear Amplifier; Jan 1984
Viewstar; VS 1500A Transmatch; Oct 1983
VoCom; Telescoping 5/8-Wavelength Antenna For 2-Meter Portables; Sep 1981
VOMAX; Speech Processor; Aug 1977
W. H. Nail; Egbert RTTY Program; Jun 1982
W2IHY Technologies; 8-Band Audio Equalizer and Noise Gate; Dec 2000
W3FF Antennas; Buddipole Portable Antenna; Jul 2003
W4RRY; Electronic Battery Booster; Oct 2005
WA0H; MicroLog; Oct 2007
Watkins-Johnson; HF-1000 General-Coverage Receiver; Dec 1994
WaveNode; WN-1 Station Monitoring System; Oct 2004
WaveNode; WN-2 Station Monitoring System; Aug 2007
WB8YUO; Logbook; Dec 1983
WD6CNF; CW DecoderXP; Oct 2004; Weather Display; May 2005
Weinschel Engineering; System I Triband Yagi; Dec 1972
Weller; BP645MP Battery Powered Soldering Tool; Jun 2007
Weller; BP860MP Battery Powered Soldering Tool; Jun 2007
West Jersey Communications Products; 80-Meter "BN Cage" Antenna; Sep 1983
West Mountain Radio; Nomic Sound Card/Transceiver Interface; Jul 2001
West Mountain Radio; PWRgate and Computerized Battery Analyzer; Feb 2005
West Mountain Radio; RIGblaster Plus; Dec 2001
West Mountain Radio; RIGblaster Pro; Apr 2003
West Mountain Radio; RIGblaster Rig-to-Sound-Card Interface; Oct 2000
West Mountain Radio; RIGrunner; Oct 2002
West Mountain Radio; RIGtalk USB Interface; May 2007
Western Electronics; 998BUA Trap Dipole; Nov 1982
Weston; 6000 Digital Multimeter; May 1977
Wi-Sys; 7110 Location Broadcast Beacon; Oct 2004
Willco Electronics; ICM-1024 Memory Replacement Board; Jul 1994
Wilson; System 40 Tribander; Apr 1982
Wilson Electronics; 2202 SM Transceiver; Dec 1977
Wilson Electronics; DB-54 20- and 15-Meter Duo-Band Beam; Jun 1974
Wilson Electronics; System 3 Tribander; Aug 1979
Wilson Electronics; System One 4-Element Tribander; Sep 1978
WinCAP; Wizard 3; Jun 2003
WiNRADiO; G303i Shortwave Receiver; Jul 2004
WiNRADiO; WR-1550i Computer-Based Communications Receiver; Jan 2002
Wonn Engineering; WTP-1 Wireless Touch Paddle; Oct 2005
World Radio; Duo-Bander 84; Nov 1966
World Radio; Galaxy 2000 Linear Amplifier; Jan 1966
Yaesu; FL-2000 Linear Amplifier; Nov 1968
Yaesu; FL-7000 Solid-State HF QSK Linear Amplifier; Sep 1987
Yaesu; FP-1023 Switching Power Supply; Jan 2000
Yaesu; FRG-100 General-Coverage Receiver; Jan 1994
Yaesu; FRG-7700 Communications Receiver; Aug 1981
Yaesu; FT-100 MF/HF/VHF/UHF All-Mode Transceiver; Jun 1999
Yaesu; FT-1000D MF/HF Transceiver; Mar 1991
Yaesu; FT-1000MP MARK-V Field HF Transceiver; Aug 2002
Yaesu; FT-1000MP MF/HF Transceiver; Apr 1996
Yaesu; FT-101B Transceiver; Feb 1974
Yaesu; FT-101E HF Transceiver; Sep 1976
Yaesu; FT-101ZD HF Transceiver; Dec 1979
Yaesu; FT-102 HF Transceiver; Oct 1983
Yaesu; FT-107M HF Transceiver; Apr 1981
Yaesu; FT-109RH 220-MHz Hand-Held Transceiver; Nov 1987
Yaesu; FT-10R/A16 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; May 1996
Yaesu; FT-11/41/51R ADMS-1 Programming Kit; Jul 1995
Yaesu; FT-11R 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; May 1996
Yaesu; FT-127 220-MHz FM Transceiver; Jan 1982
Yaesu; FT-127RA 220-MHz Transceiver; Aug 1979
Yaesu; FT-1500M 2-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver; Jul 2000
Yaesu; FT-1802M 2 Meter FM Transceiver; Jun 2006
Yaesu; FT-2000 HF and 6 Meter Transceiver; Feb 2007
Yaesu; FT-2000D HF and 6 Meter Transceiver; Oct 2007
Yaesu; FT-207R Hand-Held 2-Meter FM Transceiver; Apr 1980
Yaesu; FT-212RH 2-Meter FM Transceiver; Dec 1988
Yaesu; FT-2200 2-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver; Jan 1995
Yaesu; FT-221 Multimode 2-M Transceiver; Jul 1977
Yaesu; FT-230R 2-Meter FM Transceiver; Jun 1983
Yaesu; FT-23R 2-Meter Hand-held Transceiver; Dec 1987
Yaesu; FT-2400H Mobile 2-Meter FM Transceiver; Dec 1991
Yaesu; FT-2500M 2-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver; Jan 1995
Yaesu; FT-2600M VHF FM Mobile Transceiver; Dec 1999
Yaesu; FT-2800M 2-Meter FM Transceiver; Jun 2003
Yaesu; FT-3000M 2-Meter Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1996
Yaesu; FT-301D HF Transceiver; Oct 1977
Yaesu; FT-411E 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; Oct 1992
Yaesu; FT-415 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceiver; Oct 1992
Yaesu; FT-470 Dual-Band Hand-Held FM Transceiver; Jun 1991
Yaesu; FT-470 Dual-Band Hand-held VHF/UHF Transceiver; Sep 1990
Yaesu; FT-480R 2-Meter Multimode Transceiver; Oct 1981
Yaesu; FT-50R Dual-Band FM Hand-Held Transceiver; Jul 1997
Yaesu; FT-5100 Dual-Band Mobile FM Transceiver; Jun 1993
Yaesu; FT-51R Dual-Band Hand-Held FM Transceiver; Jul 1995
Yaesu; FT-5200 Dual-band FM Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1995
Yaesu; FT-530 Dual-Band Hand-Held FM Transceiver; Mar 1994
Yaesu; FT-600 MF/HF Transceiver; Feb 1997
Yaesu; FT-60R Dual-band Handheld Transceiver; Feb 2005
Yaesu; FT-650 6/10/12-Meter Transceiver; Oct 1991
Yaesu; FT-680R 6-Meter Multimode Transceiver; Aug 1982
Yaesu; FT-707 Transceiver; Jun 1981
Yaesu; FT-708R 450-MHz FM Transceiver; Apr 1983
Yaesu; FT-7100M Dual-Band FM Mobile Transceiver; Aug 2001
Yaesu; FT-712RH 70-cm FM Transceiver; Dec 1988
Yaesu; FT-726R VHF/UHF Transceiver; May 1984
Yaesu; FT-730R 440-MHz FM Transceiver; Sep 1983
Yaesu; FT-736R VHF/UHF Transceiver; May 1990
Yaesu; FT-747GX MF/HF Transceiver; Aug 1989
Yaesu; FT-757GX Transceiver; Dec 1984
Yaesu; FT-767GX All-Mode HF Transceiver; Sep 1987
Yaesu; FT-77 HF Transceiver; Nov 1983
Yaesu; FT-7800R Dual Band FM Transceiver; Apr 2004
Yaesu; FT-7B Mobile/Base HF Transceiver And YC-7 Frequency Display; Mar 1980
Yaesu; FT-8000R Multiband FM Mobile Transceiver; Dec 1996
Yaesu; FT-8100R Dual-Band FM Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1998
Yaesu; FT-817 Multiband Multimode Transceiver; Apr 2001
Yaesu; FT-840 MF/HF Transceiver; May 1994
Yaesu; FT-847 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver; Aug 1998
Yaesu; FT-8500 Dual-band FM Mobile Transceiver; Nov 1995
Yaesu; FT-857 MF/HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver; Aug 2003
Yaesu; FT-857D MF/HF/VHF/UHF All-Mode Transceiver; Nov 2004
Yaesu; FT-8800R Dual-Band FM Transceiver; May 2005
Yaesu; FT-890 MF/HF Transceiver; Sep 1992
Yaesu; FT-8900R Quad Band FM Transceiver; Dec 2002
Yaesu; FT-897 MF/HF/VHF/UHF All-Mode Transceiver; May 2003
Yaesu; FT-897D MF/HF/VHF/UHF All-Mode Transceiver; Nov 2004
Yaesu; FT-900AT MF/HF Transceiver; Feb 1995
Yaesu; FT-901DM HF Transceiver; Nov 1978
Yaesu; FT-90R Dual-Band FM Mobile Transceiver; Sep 1999
Yaesu; FT-920 MF/HF/6 Meter Transceiver; Oct 1997
Yaesu; FT-980 HF Transceiver; Nov 1984
Yaesu; FT-990 160-10 Meter Transceiver; Nov 1991
Yaesu; FT-DX-400 Transceiver; Jun 1968
Yaesu; FT-ONE HF Transceiver; Aug 1983
Yaesu; FTDX9000 Contest HF and 6 Meter Transceiver; Mar 2006
Yaesu; FTDX9000D HF and 6 Meter Transceiver; Aug 2005
Yaesu; FTV-1000 6-Meter Transverter; Feb 2002
Yaesu; FTV-901R VHF/UHF Transverter; Feb 1983
Yaesu; MARK-V FT-1000MP HF Transceiver; Nov 2000
Yaesu; Vertex VX-150 Handheld Transceiver; Aug 2000
Yaesu; VL-1000 Quadra Linear Amplifier; Jan 2002
Yaesu; VR-500 Handheld Receiver; Sep 2003
Yaesu; VR-5000 Communications Receiver; Jun 2001
Yaesu; VX-120 2 Meter Handheld Transceiver; Feb 2006
Yaesu; VX-170 2 Meter Handheld Transceiver; Feb 2006
Yaesu; VX-1R Dual-band Hand-Held Transceiver; Apr 1998
Yaesu; VX-2R Miniature Dual-Band Handheld Transceiver; Oct 2003
Yaesu; VX-5R Tri-Band 6m/2m/70cm FM Hand-Held Transceiver; May 1999
Yaesu; VX-6R VHF/UHF Handheld Transceiver; Dec 2005
Yaesu; VX-7R Handheld Tranceiver; Oct 2002
Yaesu; VXA-700 Spirit 2 Meter Handheld Transceiver; Sep 2003
Yaesu; YS-60 Peak-Reading MF/HF Wattmeter; Feb 1991
Z.R.C.; Cold Galvanizing Compound; Oct 1980
Zeus; ZS500 Sportline Generator; Feb 1967

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