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  • we indicate for each pilot his/her nationality at the time of the record flight. Do not therefore be surprised to see mentions of countries which no longer exist as such.
  • similarly, the manufacturer name for each glider corresponds to the name of the company which built it. This may not correspond with the current name of a company which may at a later date have been involved in mergers. We have tried to minimize errors and welcome any correction of this type of information.
  • all current records are available for consultation online. However, only some of the past records have been added to the database at this stage.
  • Persons intending to attempt world records are advised that figures shown for record performances should not be relied upon as being the latest information. They should contact their National Airsport Control Organisation or the FAI Office (by email or by fax at +41 21 345 1077) for the latest authoritative information before making any record attempt.

History of Gliding World Records

Sub-class DO (Open Class Gliders)
Category : General

- the current sub-classes are DO, D15, DU and DW
- the previous record classification system included sub-classes D1, D2, D1-M and D2-M which have all been discontinued in October 1997.
- some types of records have been discontinued throughout the years. Check the Sporting Code for the up-to-date list of the records that can be flown nowadays.

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additional documents available current record Absolute altitude : 15 460 m

Date of flight: 29/08/2006
Pilot: Steve FOSSETT (USA)
Course/place: El Calafate (Argentina)

Glider: Glaser-Dirks DG-505
Registered 'N577SF'

Database ID 14043
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past record Absolute altitude : 14 938 m

Date of flight: 17/02/1986
Pilot: Robert R. HARRIS (1932) (USA)
Course/place: California City, CA (USA)

Glider: Burkhart Grob G-102

Database ID 5011
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