Scientology OT Levels

It seems I’ve been searching for eons for what I know now. I feel at peace. I am calm and certain. Things that never made sense now make sense. It’s so hard sometimes to say enough to really acknowledge the magnitude of what processing is and does. OT levels are the most precious thing in the universe.

OT Levels

On OT II I have gained competence, respect for myself and others, a deeper understanding of life, an amazement with the simplicity of things, and a sense of well-being.

OT Levels

The OT levels create such a feeling of freedom you become able to set your own future and go where you want to go. The OT levels take you to an incredible new realm of self-awareness – but the result is the ability to get more done in life!! I am more part of life and I have the ability to join in and make life happen the way I want it.

OT Levels

Moving through the OT levels is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Through them you find the answers to things you never imagined existed. These answers unlock the very truths of life for you. The OT levels are like removing shackles from yourself as a spiritual being – ones you weren’t aware you carried with you. I found that I’d been so used to dealing with life in a certain way that I surprised myself when I no longer became upset or acted negatively on my job or in my relationships. My life became calm, it became sane and I became truly cause over each of my dynamics. The OT levels gave me the freedom and understanding of life that has enabled me to accomplish goals I never dreamed were possible.

OT Levels

On the OT levels I learned the ultimate truths of man and myself. And the truth does make you free. And with that freedom has come a joy I have never known before. It is a happiness that spills over into the lives of everyone I touch. As if I am so rich in happiness I have plenty left over to give. I have seen with clarity beyond the cycle of life and death, and risen to an immense vista of freedom where such things as friendships, affections and my personal identity can last beyond one life. To say my future looks exceedingly bright is an understatement. I am a free being!

OT Levels

This was truly the most amazing action I’ve ever done in Scientology. The power and simplicity of this OT level frequently left me at a loss of words for what had occurred in my universe-the changes were that fast and big. I am now looking forward to an eternal future of new abilities and a new-found insouciance to play the game of life.

OT Levels

I can’t describe how wonderful I actually feel. Calm, serene – that’s it. Also a very deep knowingness. There are things now that I know about why we are like we are (or were, in my case!), about our true nature – and I can testify, MAN IS GOOD. There’s no doubt about that. As for myself, I now know that I can be anything I want. It’s that easy! I can choose my own path. Many, many additives are gone, leaving more and more and more of just myself. Life is truly beautiful and bright. The amount of very deep-rooted basic stuff handled is almost unbelievable. The amount of gain is like nothing I’ve ever experienced in Scientology before. It’s a quantum leap.

OT Levels

The greatest change for me on this OT level is really finding myself more and more as I always wished to be. I have completely lost all self-invalidation. Things I previously thought as “too hard” or “impossible” or “too exhausting” are now reachable. This level goes deep into the salvation of man. I know I’ll never make the same mistakes again.

OT Levels

In this OT level I was able to resolve situations that had worried me for an eternity in a matter of minutes. I have become cause over any situation in my life. I can handle, resolve and accomplish what I decide to. Life can be handled totally and solely on a spiritual level. My ability to spot the exact source of a situation and then handle it immediately is unstoppable.

OT Levels

I have regained the power of boundless and limitless persistence. I have regained myself and have no questions as to who I am or why I am. I have regained the spirit of play and the ability to permeate that I had lost and forgotten long ago. This was truly magnificent!

OT Levels

My understanding of the human condition has vastly expanded. My care for other people has risen enormously. My life is much calmer now. I am much, much less likely to become upset. The gains I have achieved are greater than anything I have ever experienced. Peace of mind and spirit is priceless.

OT Levels

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