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Welcome! Ekaterina "Katia" Gordeeva is a two-time Olympic Champion in pairs figure skating with her late husband, Sergei Grinkov. Today, she continues a long and successful career as a solo performer. This is a fan's tribute to Katia's talent and the magic she and Sergei shared on the ice.

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A few of Katia's performances from her early years as a solo performer are now featured at Gordeeva and Grinkov videos. The large-size videos are best viewed if you download them completely to your computer before playing.
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An iMix of 75 pieces of music skated to by Gordeeva and Grinkov, Katia, and Stars On Ice groups has been created on iTunes. Click the link below to listen to the music and create your own G&G playlist! The link will only work if you have iTunes installed.
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October 7, 2007 · posted by JulesG

Some photos from 'Frosted Pink' have been posted on Getty Images, including some lovely shots of Katia (and the other skaters and performers) both on- and off-ice.
Frosted Pink at Getty Images

September 30, 2007 · posted by JulesG

Katia is part of the cast list for this years CARES show in Cleveland.
Scott Hamilton CARES Gala Site

September 27, 2007 · posted by JulesG

Katia is listed as appearing in "Frosted Pink" a show to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. It's set to air on ABC Oct 14 4-6 ET, then re-air on Style.
Frosted Pink Site

September 16, 2007 · posted by a fan

Katia and her family have relocated back to the west coast. They are living in Newport Beach, CA, now.
News at GG-Corner

August 19, 2007 · posted by Traci Lyn

A new batch of videos from earlier in Katia's solo career have been posted on Gordeeva-Grinkov.com.
Gordeeva and Grinkov Videos

July 27, 2007 · posted by JulesG

There is a brief mention of Katia's pairs coaching activities next month in Switzerland. The mention is in the second paragraph under the bolded "Daniel F├╝rer, director of the training camp" heading. There may be more mentions after she & Ilia arrive in Switzerland next week.
Films Summer Training Site

July 10, 2007 · posted by Traci Lyn

Katia's performances from the 1996/97 Stars On Ice tour, her first year as a solo skater, have been added to the G&G Videos web site. Enjoy!
Gordeeva and Grinkov Videos

July 8, 2007 · posted by Traci Lyn

Trisha has overhauled the Skating Montages web site. Check it out all the beautiful montages of Katia and G&G!
Skating Montages

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