RELEASE DATE: November 23, 2003


Teh Spetember222002

This paig is not under construcshn anymor and it is redy to reed. PH33R m3Y3 \/\/3B5173 5K1||Z.

We arr looking for mapping 5k1llz frum peeple that are 1337. s0 male me at emale okay th@nx d00d!

Ok taht isall thank yu for reed goodbye

Teh Septeembr 25 2002!
Okay big nesw every1ne caz now SOM and Quasar have joined the teaem and are maiking mpas. So it will be cool youll see. And teh release date is 2005. OKAY BYE.

Oh and Ebola made a map! And he said he made it with Slige so now Ebola and Slige have joined. I dont now what Slige's email is but i put Ebolas on the teem page.

Teh Siptembar 262002!
Lu-Wang join the team that is all

Teh Septemberr 302002
SoM made new map aslo Schepe join the project check out the screenz secshun!.

Teh Septemberr 32 2002
Oh sorry its Octorbar now!!1 I didnt fix theh paig cause I did tihs in netscape composar
Sorrie. Anyway DW posted the news now so TH2NKXU CYB.
I sent email to Linguca for hosting on DW but he didnt cuaz hes a bithch!!!
Heres a transrcipt for the ENTIREA MILE I sended him
From: <Hyena> (email anonymous)
Cc: Hyena <>

Plese host my sight for Mock2
I no you will hoest me becaus of my wepgaige skills thank you
I rule and you must have me becuase my megawad is the greATtest projectt evar.
Thank you
The btich didnt even answer me. I sent him taht email like an hour ago!!

I hate the entire doom community and everyon sucks! I hate everyone
So if you would like to help me email me. Thanks you.

Teh Octabore 4 2002
I got a mail back from doomworld. It said it was mailer daemon or crap like taht. Yeah rite, Ling!
You just wanta be a asshole and not hoest me. I checked my spelling wehn I sent it to so I konw it went to the rite address. Im a verry good sepeller and never maik a mistack.
I started a pole on doomwroled about if tehy think Ling is an asshole. But he delteed the thrad.
I meen nobody psted except for me in that thrad but it got liek 25 posts in tow days so he cant delte it. I acnt believe how arrigant he is becaz my project is bettre than Darkening 2 and Mordeth and all tohse other sissy projcts.

Anywaey I updatied the secreenhots page so look at it now assbutt. 0wned.
And Fredrik joined so hes on the teem page.

Teh Octobarrr 062002
I gotan email from Linguica finally
To: Hyena <>
From: LING <zarcyb@bluewonder.ko.uc>

We have a temporary directory set up for you at
Before we can activate your doomworld account, however, we need a credit card number and a street address.
This verifies your identity and allows us to send important information to you through the mail.
Thank you and welcome aboard.
So I found my creidt crad and its valdi for on mor yeer so its good. So maybe we get hosted now.
Csäbö and Deathz0r joind so ther on the teem paig. but no mor screnshots caus my pain shop pro expired.

Teh Actoberr 9 202
Today I found my credt card statment says I spent $900 on a new computor. I dont rembmer that. Oh well, I guess maybe its coming in the mail.
So SargeBldy joined and ther are som new screeenshots. ^_^

Teh Octber 10 2002
Torn joined team. He sent me an email sayng "hie gyuz, i wyold relase this wade to the commynity, byut yuo got it for your enojyas!!!" I dindt no what that meens but I told him he culd do a map.

Ebola mailid me and tlod me that Slige wasnt a pirson but his realy cool edidor he said it was really fast at macking maps, and he made teh several megawads already with it. I played hsi lattest and its relly cool. Ebola Sugested that we all use slige as it is so fast. But I am now used to my editor and noone can use it as good as I so I won't change now.

New screenshots LOL! And new link for linkz secshung!

Teh Octoobra 31 2002

Okay, Mock2 accidentaly got erased from my hard drive. My backuip is on my 5 1/4 disk that I accidentally formatted in my commodore 64. So I have to get the wad from one of the teem members who whas it. Dont worry its okay i wont erase it anymore. Im making a halloween resoultution not to delete Mock 2!
Okay so it will be good. Oh and ther are new screenshots, but I deleted the wad that ther from so they might not be in the wad.

Teh Novombar EIGHTth 20002

Lut (OKAY I FORGET THE .. ON THE U) joind the teem and now we're almost finushed the projeckt.
Lut did more than 3 wads! So you no he's a exsullent mapper and things.
This will not be only 32 levels. The megawad will have [an error occured while processing this directive] Mock 2 aslo has a new forum! So yeah. That's cool.
I made it with EZBOARD and it ROX0RS.
So scroll up and click teh link cause i forgot what teh URL IS!

Teh Janyouarry 66 of teh 2003'd

I FORGOTS THE PASSWARD on the sit so thats why no update before it now.
Thanks for coming but THREE new members are teh joined!
Jackass, Nanami, and som guy called Cyb. Yeah I dont know who he is neitherwise.
NEW banner on the tops for site so you can lauff at it AND JOIN MOCK2 TODAY.
Team page and screensoots page uplated!

TEHHF Janurauruary in the 15th of 2003million

AIRRAID JOIN. OKAYGUESS THATS all i turned off the caps lock so ist easiar to reed soory i cant erase cause this is netscape.

Teh Apirl ONEst on the 20O3

It is teh Apurul and I hav releeesed a MOCK2TEASER. Thank you it is better than Darkening E2.

A June of 11 2003rst
Ultim0r doomor joined lik a logn tim ago but i forgrot. Oh and zarcyb joined. We are almost finished the mock2. ph44r.
Mor Mockk2 sceernshorts comining soonu kaythnxbye.

Next Juun the 12est for 200T
I puts up teh sceernshtos 4 teh enjoymnt. Have a5 fun da.

Novombro of 4thhh, 200E
You msut scorl down to see tish sorry but i dont kno how 2 mak it go at teth top.
But MOCK 2 release date for is to the November 23rd, 20003.
That wsant a mispirnt. Yoo haf to wait for twenti thosund yeers. LOL</poop>.

Novimb!ar and 19h, 2o0three
Mock2 = amlost don.
Mock2 will be in newstuff by this sunday unless something stupid happens.

. .
. .