On February 18, 1974, Shelley Sperling was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend, Louis Acevedo, her high school sweetheart.

According to the Poughkeepsie Police, Shelley was walking with her roommate to the cafeteria between 5PM and 6PM. Louis was waiting for her outside the cafeteria. Once Shelley saw him, she ran into the cafeteria and he chased after her and her roommate. She ran into the cafeteria office (Which is now the Presidential Dining Room) and was in there with three other cafeteria employees. He fired a shot and her roommate and the employees ran out of the office. Louis fired at least three other shots at Shelley.

People in the cafeteria were screaming and running in all directions. The place was in entire chaos. After trying to talk to Louis for two hours, the police entered the office and found her dead on the floor with a bullet in her chest. Louis was sitting in a rocking chair looking at pictures of the couple.

It is said that Louis shot her because he was jealous of Shelley's new life at college. He had previously accosted her with a brick. He threw it at her, fracturing her skull and her hand. She had tried to end the relationship but he would not agree to it.

Sadly the ultimate end to this was Shelley's Death.


Now, it is said that Shelley haunts the college campus, especially Sheahan Hall, her former residence, the cafeteria where she was shot and the grotto, a place where there was a memorial to all students who died while attending Marist College. Now there is a sculpture of the Virgin Mary and Jesus.

Below you will find a RealMedia video that shows these places. It is in both (56k) and (T1) format.

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