Stemedica was formed out of the compassion, drive, leadership and dedication of Maynard Howe, PhD and Roger Howe, PhD, seeking hope for their sister-in-law, severely injured in an automobile accident in 2004. Arlene Howe suffered a broken spinal cord and other injuries that left her quadriplegic and severely compromised her quality of life and independence. She was unable to walk and needed help with bathing, dressing, and caring for herself in every way.

To regain as much mobility as possible, Arlene tried many forms of treatment. For fourteen months she went through extensive physical therapy, acupuncture and exercise routines. These approaches resulted in some improvement, although not enough to overcome a heavy dependence on the assistance of caregivers.

After fourteen months, there was nowhere else to go. For Arlene and for her husband, Ron, the future looked bleak. Arlene had become what is classically known as a "no option" patient - someone who has exhausted all traditional forms of medical treatment and therapy and whose recovery and well being have plateaued or declined.

Maynard and Roger decided to seek out alternate solutions for Arlene. Through a trusted colleague, Dr. Nikolai Tankovich, they met with top Russian scientists, researchers and physicians. The Howes learned that over 2,000 patients had been treated with adult stem cells for conditions such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, stroke, diseases of the eye, spinal cord injuries and other serious medical problems. Their hopes rose from these initial meetings.

During this trip, they were able to meet and talk with many of the patients and hear their stories of recovery and improvement. The Howes realized that the adult stem cell treatments and successes in Russia could potentially be used to assist Arlene in regaining functionality and independence.

Arlene was treated with adult stems cells in April 2006. Within four months, many basic life-functioning abilities began to return and Arlene was able regain her independence.

After two treatments and extensive rehabilitation, Arlene is now able to function at a level which allows her to drive her car and move in and out of her wheelchair and automobile without assistance. She can also stand on her own and perform many activities, providing her with a renewed quality of life.

As leading entrepreneurs in the medical and technology fields, the Howe's and their friend Dr. Nikolai Tankovich recognized the potential of the treatment that Arlene had received to transform the lives of millions of people facing similar challenges.

They immediately structured a relationship with leading Russian researchers and physicians so that the technology and research that had so miraculously helped Arelene - and been used successfully for decades in Russia - could be successfully transferred to Stemedica.

The Company’s executive team began an extensive due diligence process on the technology and transplantation methodologies used in treating these patients.

This due diligence process included:

  • extensive translation and review of hundreds of stem cell related scientific papers and journal articles documenting 30 years of pre-clinical research (animal) and clinical (human) case studies
  • interviews with Russian and Ukraine scientists and physicians who have been treating “no option” patients using stem cell therapies
  • interviews with patients and members of their families. Documents and patient records were examined by Stemedica’s scientists, physicians and executives, as well as independent scientific advisors from the United States. In addition, Stemedica brought several “no option” patients from the United States, Europe, Asia and the former Soviet Union to Moscow for treatment and observation.

To further substantiate the advances achieved in Russia and the Ukraine, Stemedica established its own laboratory in San Diego, California, retained a group of leading stem cell scientists and physicians and began an extensive process of evaluating the reliability and efficacy, of the science, technology and protocols for isolating, expanding and possessing stem cells and the methodologies used to treat patients. Based upon the successful due diligence and evaluative process, the Company acquired the trade secrets and intellectual property rights to this advanced adult stem cell technology, know-how, and treatment methodologies and officially launched Stemedica. Research and treatment protocols grounded in nearly 30 years of extensive adult stem cell studies in both pre-clinical and clinical settings from the Presidents Kremlin Hospital and the Fedorov, Koltsov and Helmholtz Institutes in Moscow, Russia, are now a part of the Stemedica Story.

Stemedica has also secured comprehensive strategic relationships with the world’s foremost bone and soft tissue regeneration experts which provides the Company with detailed access to the most advanced preparation, transplantation and therapy techniques in these fields. To date, our partners have had successful bone and soft tissue regeneration experience using adult stem cells, including scar repair, with over 1,800 patients.

Stemedica continues its work with Russian researchers and physicians, as well as dozens of other stem cell experts around the world to further enhance this proven technology. In order to bring this breakthrough (change) medical treatment to others around the world, Stemedica, makes its proprietary adult stem cell products available through worldwide Licensed Treatment Centers. These Licensed Treatment Centers are screened and trained to ensure a comprehensive and successful approach to patient treatment.

The Howe family experience evolved from a seemingly tragic event to an opportunity to offer options to people with conditions for whom traditional therapies and treatments provide no options. Thanks to the inspiration and courage of Arlene Howe and the family's dedication in finding a viable treatment alternative, people who once had limited or no options will now be able to tap into the power, promise and hope of stem cells.