Stemedica licenses its technology to highly accredited hospitals and medical clinics who have a proven track record in patient care and treatment innovation.

Working closely with Stemedica's physicians and medical support staff, each Licensed Treatment Center goes through an extensive training and certification program in stem cell science, condition-specific treatment protocols and patient transplantation methods.

Each Licensed Treatment Center is dedicated to helping advance the science of adult stem cells by participating in ongoing clinical studies. The results of these studies are included in the building of worldwide, scientifically-based medical evidence of the therapeutic powers of adult stem cells.

Patients accepted by a Stemedica Licensed Treatment Center undergo a medical evaluation and financial screening process to determine their qualification for treatment. Stemedica and its Licensed Treatment Center partners will use best efforts to help identify additional financial resources for those patients who meet the medical qualifications but don’t have the financial means necessary for treatment.
All Stemedica Licensed Treatment Centers offer a wide variety of advanced treatments for "no option" patients. A "no option" patient is someone who has exhausted all traditional forms of medical treatment and therapy and whose recovery and well being have plateaued or declined.

Each Licensed Treatment Center is dedicated to providing guidance and informational support to interested patients, their family members and their physicians.

  • Treatment is being provided at the following locations:
    • Mexico
    • Bermuda (Opening Early 2008)
    • Italy
    • Switzerland
    • France
    • Korea (Opening Mid Year 2008)

    Stemedica plans on licensing their stem cell technology to an additional 20 locations by the end of 2009.

Mexico: Hospital Angeles - Tijuana, Mexico
Hospital Angeles is a prominent state-of-the-art facility located near the U.S. - Mexico Border. The facility is dedicated to quality patient care and to being a vanguard in medical advances. It is one of the more modern private hospitals in Mexico.

Bermuda: Brown-Darrell Research Clinic for Stem Cell Treatment, Smith Parish, Bermuda
The Brown-Darrell Research Clinic for Stem Cell Treatment will open in early 2008. The Clinic is associated with Bermuda HealthCare Services (BHCS), the largest healthcare provider on the island outside the country’s primary hospital.

Italy: SG Medicina, Como, Italy (Approved Treatment Center1)
The facility provides treatments for soft tissue, skin and scar regeneration.

Switzerland: SG Medicina, Lugano, Switzerland (Approved Treatment Center1)
The facility provides treatments for soft tissue, skin and scar regeneration.

France: Dr. Phillippe Hernigou of Hospital Henri Mondor, Paris, France
All complex bone and joint restoration treatment not treatable at a Licensed Treatment Center will be treated by Dr. Philippe Hernigou at Henri Mondor Hospital in Paris. Dr. Hernigou is Chief of the Orthopaedic Surgery Department at the Hospital as well as a Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Paris, where he has taught since 1989. Dr. Hernigou is a pioneer in the use of stem cells in orthopaedic surgery, having treated over 1,500 patients with adverse bone or joint conditions with autologous stem cells.

Korea: Licensed Treatment Center coming soon to South Korea

1An Approved Treatment Center does not use Stemedica’s propriety stem cell technology in the treatment of its patients; however, it does strictly adhere to all treatment protocols as agreed to by the Approved Treatment Center and Stemedica.