Collaboration Tools

Share Notes, Files, and Photos with Stixy

Instantly share files, notes, and photos with Stixy, an online bulletin board web application. An information manager at its core, Stixy gives you plenty of control over tasks, appointments, photos, notes, and bookmarks, and you can share your bulletin board with family and friends. There is no limitation on the size of a workspace but each file is capped at 10MB. Also, for now, there's no way to view many files (PDFs, DOCs, videos) without downloading them locally—but hopefully they'll implement functionality to support accessing these files server-side. However, for collaboration, Stixy makes it easy to share many files and store files online.

10:00 AM ON MON OCT 8 2007
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Step by Step

Maximize CoverFlow on Your iPod with iTunes

With the launch of Apple's iPhone and the newer iPods, CoverFlow adds a whole new visual element to your music experience on the go. While iTunes alone can help you get the album cover art you're missing into your library, it's not as obvious how to get that eye candy on your iPod device. Here's how to fill in the missing album art in your iTunes library and add it to your CoverFlow-enabled iPod in just a few steps. more »

9:15 AM ON MON OCT 8 2007
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Introducing Guest Editor Kevin Purdy

Everyone give our newest guest editor Kevin Purdy a big "Hey!" this morning. Kevin's rockin' the productivity bloggin' from the Eastern time zone in Buffalo, New York, where he's a features writer for the Niagara Gazette. Kevin's a closet Ubuntu geek (who we hope will come out here at Lifehacker in the next few weeks), and he comments under the screenname therevan. Welcome aboard, Kevin!

8:43 AM ON MON OCT 8 2007
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IE7 Drops Windows Validation

Microsoft removed the Windows Genuine Advantage validation requirement from Internet Explorer 7 late last week and re-released it as a "High Priority" update. It might just be a move to increase IE7's share of the browser market, but those trying to run the browser on virtual machines, or side-by-side with IE 6, might avoid a few headaches. Those unhappy with the unexpected upgrade can still remove IE7 in the Control Panel through "Add/Remove Programs."

8:30 AM ON MON OCT 8 2007
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Get Inside Info From Fellow Travelers

Sure, you've signed up to get alerts from the transit companies themselves, but wouldn't you rather hear how the trains are running from someone already on board? Web site Clever Commute allows riders and those wondering which line to take to trade information and tips among themselves, or at least make the most of their time in gridlock. The service appears to be limited to New Jersey and NYC-area services at the moment. Photo by moriza.

8:15 AM ON MON OCT 8 2007
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Self Improvement

Incorporate Gratitude Sessions Into Your Routine

Too much busyness in your day? Try to get in a gratitude session. Life skills site Zen Habits has a few suggestions on what these might look like:
This is one of my favorite rituals: every day, take a couple of minutes to think about everything and everybody you are grateful for in your life. This may sound corny, but it is an amazing ritual. Try it right now -- it only takes a minute. Who are you grateful for? What are you grateful for? I've found that this little ritual has so much power that it makes me happier and more compassionate.
This is definitely something I could use more of in my life. What are you grateful for? Let's hear in the comments.

4:30 PM ON SUN OCT 7 2007
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Latest by khg: I've been doing this for years because of a song Bing Crosby sings to Rosemary Clooney in "White Christmas": When I'm more »

How To

Interpret Art

Learn to appreciate and interpret art with Lifehack's well-written tutorial for newbie art aficionados. Tips to keep in mind: give the art time to reveal itself to you, find out the background information, and figure out the emotional appeal. What's your best tip to someone who wants to learn how to appreciate art more? Let's hear in the comments.

4:00 PM ON SUN OCT 7 2007
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File Management

Store Related Documents Together Regardless of Filetype

If you have a lot of documents you're trying to organize, put them all together in one folder, rather than separating by filetype. Self-management site Mind Tools has more:
For example, store Word documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and graphics related to a particular project in a single folder - rather than having one folder for presentations for all projects, another folder for spreadsheets for all projects, and so forth. This way, it's much quicker to find, open, and attach documents for a particular project.
In addition, if your file organizing skills are a little rusty, try this documents organization tutorial to get you off the ground running.

3:30 PM ON SUN OCT 7 2007
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Break the Snack Habit

Real Simple has an intriguing article on how to break bad eating habits, including snacking between meals—which can lead to overeating pretty quickly. Here's what they suggest as an alternative: more »

3:00 PM ON SUN OCT 7 2007
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Short on Cash? Clean Out Your Car

car-front.pngFinancial blog Frugal for Life has a good suggestion for when your bank account is a bit stretched—clean out your car.
When you drive around in a cluttered car it weighs on you, the 'stuff' sitting in there needing some place to go. I happened to clean my car yesterday and found that when I drive now, I am more relaxed knowing that I don't have to worry about the clutter, messes, and grime.
This is more of a mental boost than anything else; the simple act of cleaning puts you in a more focused frame of mind to deal with your sparse checking account.

2:30 PM ON SUN OCT 7 2007
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Purge Your Closet

Professional organizers have secret tricks they use to get things nice and tidy, including these suggestions to get your closet in order from O, the Oprah magazine:
  • go through your wardrobe and jettison anything that's one of the four S's: stretched, small, smelly (ew!), or stained (sure, you could clean the stained and smelly pieces, but the idea is to let things go).
  • Turn all your hangers in one direction, and for the next six months, flip the hanger (and leave it flipped) when you wear something. Donate the untouched clothes.
What's your best closet organization suggestion— preferably one that does not cost a lot of dough? Let's hear it in the comments.

2:00 PM ON SUN OCT 7 2007
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Take Baby Steps to Achieve Your Goals

No matter how big or small your goals are, the key seems to be consistent determination to achieve them. Self-improvement blog NubbyTwiglet has more:
Once you've figured out your purpose in life, set aside some time every single day to focus on it. Taking baby steps is better than taking no steps at all! Sometimes, you may have only 10 minutes to work towards your goal. Instead of being discouraged by the lack of time, make the best of it. If you add up the work produced over a year, you'll see that true progress has been made.
This idea is similar to Seinfeld's motivational secret; basically, you've got to just keep going a little bit at a time. So! I'd love to hear how you've achieved a goal by implementing baby steps—let's hear in the comments.

1:30 PM ON SUN OCT 7 2007
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Use a Pringles Can to Send Cookies

We're coming up on the holiday season soon, and many people mail treats to family and friends. One of the best ways to keep cookies fresh (and non-crumbled) is to mail them in an empty Pringles can:
If you are going to be mailing cookies for gifts, empty Pringles cans are just the right size for holding them. Plus, the top keeps cookies fresh. Just put a length or two of strapping tape over the lid to keep it secure during mailing.
This is especially useful if you are mailing your cookies overseas, I might add.

1:00 PM ON SUN OCT 7 2007
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iheard.png Music

Find Online Radio Stations with iHeard

Search for radio stations online with iHeard, a search engine dedicated to finding internet radio stations. You can search by keyword, by category, by genre, country, etc.; if you don't know what you're in the mood for, try the Most Popular chart. Search results come back with a brief description of the station as well as a play button so you can start listening instantly.

6:00 PM ON SAT OCT 6 2007
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stretch.png Exercise

Increase Your Energy With Stretches

Wake yourself up in that afternoon energy slump simply by getting up and doing some simple stretches. Self-improvement site Dumb Little Man has a list of twelve easy stretches you can do back to back that will increase your energy and recharge your brain in a matter of minutes—these basic exercises will also be a lot more healthy for you than slurping back that caffeinated energy drink.

5:00 PM ON SAT OCT 6 2007
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toolbox.png Ask the Readers

What are the Tools You Can't Live Without?

Technology enthusiast Chris Garrett has written up a good list of the ten online tools that he just can't live without: Firefox, ScribeFire, and Skype among others. It's amazing how much we can get done using the various fantastic tools that are available to us free and clear on the web—which brings me to the point of this post.What are the tools that you can't live without? What online apps and services make you squeal with productive glee? Let's hear what and why in the comments.

4:00 PM ON SAT OCT 6 2007
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email.png Email

Focus On One Action Item

Make sure that the person you're emailing responds or acts upon your requests by including only one action item per email. Web Worker Daily states that utilizing this practice will make it more likely that your email will actually be read AND acted upon, rather than ignored. One subject, one request per email seems to be the key.

3:00 PM ON SAT OCT 6 2007
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Weekend project

Make a Remote Controlled Deadbolt

DIY web site Instructables details how to roll your own remote control deadbolt—perfect for the garage or toolshed—for around $30. The project uses an X10 automation controller along with a few other electronic doo-dads and, of course, the deadbolt. When you're finished, remote control access and DIY cred are yours!

2:00 PM ON SAT OCT 6 2007
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