A Lecture and Presentation
   on the History
   of Newark Chinatown
   as researched by Yoland Skeete

   Sumei Multidisciplinary Arts Center
   19 Liberty Street (at Lafayette Street),
   Newark, NJ 07102
   973 643.7883 | www.sumei.org

Documentarian Yoland Skeete of the Sumei Multidisciplinary Arts Center continues to unravel the facts concerning the history of Newark’s Chinatown.

Sumei Multidisciplinary Arts Center
is creating a permanent historical exhibition of this very important part of Newark’s Immigrant history.

Be part of Newark’s History
The Sumei Multidisciplinary Arts Center is interested in speaking with any one who may have experienced Newark’s Chinatown. Photographs, interviews and any other pertinent material will be greatly appreciated.

Circa 1960s.
A group of young people from Newark's Chinatown in their Sunday best, play around the flagpole at Newark Post Office Grounds, located at Franklin Street and what is currently known as Federal Square.

If you would like to contribute to this historical project and be part of Newark’s history contact Yoland Skeete at Sumei Multidisciplinary Arts Center 973.643.7883.

The Newark Chinatown Project is endorsed by Newark Public Library, New Jersey Historical Society, Asian American Arts Centre, and Museum of Chinese in the Americas.