Did you, your family, or your friends live in the Preston Idaho area during the late forties or early fifties?
If so, I may have photographic negatives or pictures of you or your family.

Early in 1951, our family business, Farr Jewelry & Photography, ceased operation. At the time of the store's closing we were left holding numerous photographic negatives and pictures which were taken from 1945 through 1951.
Before the store closed, many attempts were made to get in touch with the people photographed whose names were available to us. Unfortunately, many people could not be reached. Not knowing what else to do, my father just put these files into storage.
I acquired these files after my father passed many years ago. I made several unsuccessful attempts to catalog the files and locate the people who may have interest in these images.It looks like this time is the charm. We have placed more than 350 pictures to their respective families.
I know that many these of images may have great value to the right person and because of this it is important to me to make one last attempt to get these images back to the families where they belong.

My goal is to get these negatives into the hands of people photographed, their heirs, or conservators.

Please Help me Send These Pictures Home!

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