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Welcome to our Web Site. Home of the FIRST e-Government packages delivered to the web!

The OurTown Software Division of UC Hub has been a leading provider of integrated technology solutions to local governments since 1989,  delivering our first eGovernment package in 1995. Satisfied customers include Fulton County (Atlanta) and others accross the country, all the way to the quaint little town of Albany, MO.

OurTown, i311 and our other Internet enabled software solutions allow citizens to communicate with their local government 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to register complaints, request repairs and gather information. With a unique combination of business, government, and technology expertise, UC Hub is developing the new government service model.

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In addition to the OurTown Software Division, United Communications Hub offers an expanded array of services designed to fulfill the needs of the Digital City in the 21st Century.

AllCom USA is the Communications Division that has been in existence since 1991, offering telecommunication services to state and local governments.

eSafe Cards, a proprietary Cash Card Management System is the transaction-based platform providing credit and debit card processing services to deliver specialized processing services related to the processing and servicing of payroll cards and purchasing cards to Digital Cities.




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