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Francis Agu
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Francis' Famous Characters Quotes

"We pay tribute to the unknown applicant at large, we do not know him but we know the circumstances of his birth, of his life and of his death. A poor man rich with the courage of good. He was not a leader of thought but he was wise with the wisdom of the ages. He was Igbo, Yoruba and Ibibio. He was Efik, Ijaw and Hausa. He was every man".
- As Jerry in "Morning Yet on Judgement Day"

"I heard their wailings first as rumour. I heard them far, far away in my countless journeys from land to land, farm to farm, village to village seeking peace and finding none. I came to this village of Kutuje to see for myself, the truth of the rumored wailings. I came to see suffering and I left suffering. Get up, Get up I said to them, not to do something is to be crippled fast. To lie down resigned to fate is madness. Up, up, all of you. Struggle. The world is a struggle".
- As King Odewale in "The Gods Are Not to Blame"

When time times us and we can time time no longer, then it's time to time our time.
What is life if it has no security?
What is life if faith is but on lips pronounced most audibly but never intended?

- As Oliha in "Imaguero"
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  Francis's Life Biography
Francis Okechukwu Agu was born in Lagos on the 18th of February 1965 to the Catholic family of Fidelis and Virginia Agu from Enugu-Ngwo, Enugu state and was the seventh child of eight siblings. He started his formal education at LADI-LAK INSTITUTE Alagomeji, Ebute-Metta, Lagos. His other siblings are: Patrick, Charles, Veronica, Joseph, Vincent, Francesca and Aloysius.

Francis, a clear favorite of his mother, had his High School education at the prestigious St. Finbarr's College Lagos where his early life was groomed by the missionary founder of the school - Rev. Fr. Dennis Joseph Slattery whom he was close to. This was between 1977 and 1982. He also attended the University of Lagos, where he studied Mass Communication.

Francis, who was a very quiet and intelligent youth, was at one time a member of the Alter Boys and a Lector at St. Dominic's Catholic Church, Yaba, Lagos. Francis, a God fearing child then, was a very dedicated Christian.

His journey into the world of Performing Arts started in YODRAC PLAYHOUSE at St. Dominic's Church, at which time he was already working in Nigeria Arab Bank, Lagos. Yodrac, founded by George Eboka, boasts of having groomed Nollywood stars and notable professionals in the entertainment industry such as: Toyin Oshinaike, Kevin Ushi, Kris Ubani-Roberts, Williams Ekpo, Gregory Odutayo, Jude Orhorha, Tunji Otun, Neye Adebulugbe e.t.c

Francis Agu's talent was immediately spotted by the then director of Yodrac - Isaac John.

And in the words of his contemporary, school mate and a founding member of Yodrac - "The very day Francis stepped onto the stage, his voice, his acting talent and his stage presence made him stand out and we knew he was bound to be a star someday".

His very first play ever was "THIS IS OUR CHANCE" written by James Ene Henshaw and directed by Isaac John. He played lead role, King Damba. The rest include: "THE GODS ARE NOT TO BLAME" written by Late Prof. Ola Rotimi, "TRIALS OF BROTHER JERO" by Wole Soyinka and several others. However, like the proverbial golden fish, there was no hiding place from the professional acting world. First was Segun Ojewuyi who directed him in an ironical play titled " THE MAN WHO NEVER DIED" at the National Theater, Lagos. This was followed by an array of productions with different theater gurus such as Chuck Mike. He also had a stint in singing with the Steve Rhodes Voices, directed by Elder Steve Rhodes himself.

He went further to feature in "CHECKMATE" a TV soap opera of the 90's where he played the character - Benny. He also starred as Ichie Million in the first Nigerian Home Video - "LIVING IN BONDAGE", which brought him to national fame. Francis produced his first film "JEZEBEL" in 1994 and went on to produce and direct many others, which include: " IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER", "A DIVINE CALL", "THE BOY IS MINE", "BODY AND SOUL", "LOVE AND PRIDE", "A DANCE IN THE FOREST", "TAKE ME TO JESUS" to mention a few.

He was also at some point the Branch Manager of Mahogany Savings and Loans. Francis, in spite of his fame and status in the society, at the peak of his career was very humble, humane and generous to a fault. He was the Love and Pride of his family. "Oke" (as he is fondly called at home) was a very kind and reticent young man. His family and colleagues remember him as a stickler to details and decorum. Francis took ill sometime in October 2006, complaining of minor cough. An illness that took him to hospitals, including the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), where he eventually passed-on, on the 20th of March 2007 at about 10:50 am.

He is fondly remembered by members of his family, colleagues friends and well wishers.

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