The Tivo Bloglines Reader is my first attempt to experiment with the new Tivo HME API. It will allow the user to login their Bloglines account and read feeds through their Tivo.

If you want to see what it looks like I have some screenshots.

Release Status

There have been some questions about the status of this application. So just to be clear, this is a Beta release! I've dubbed this release version 0.3. Look at the change log for what has changed. So please give it a try and let me know any issues you encounter (see below for details).


Zip file with the binary and source here.

Known Issues

  • Feeds aren't sorted in any particular order
  • Unable to go back to source web site (feeds that only display excerpts are pretty useless)
  • Strips all HTML from the articles. Could still use improvements there around the rendering of entities.
  • Must edit properties file to configure the app, need to build a config screen


If you have any issues or comments, please use the PVRBlog's HME site as the central point for discussion as I don't have a mechanism to easily handle it here at this point.


Thanks to Jason Michalski for getting the scrollable text figured out. I am using the approach he created to display the text of the entries.