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Bill Broydrick

Wis. Lobbyist on D.C. Madam's Phone List

Charles Benson

MILWAUKEE - The "D.C. Madam" sex scandal now has a Wisconsin connection. TODAY'S TMJ4 has learned that the cell phone number of one of the most powerful men in Wisconsin is on the madam's phone records.

The phone records of the woman at the center of the scandal in the nation's capital are all over the Internet, and they include the private number of influential lobbyist Bill Broydrick from Wisconsin.

Deborah Jeane Palfrey, also known as the D.C. Madam, is charged with running a prostitution ring. She claims it was an escort service and not a sex service.

Palfrey's phone records are now online for anyone to see. So we went to DCPhoneList.com and typed in Broydrick's cell phone number.

Broydrick is not a household name, but he's a powerful political insider with close connections to big-name politicians. If movers and shakers want something done, they call Bill Broydrick.

Broydrick has a long list of clients. They include private and taxpayer-supported interests. He is paid millions to influence how your tax dollars are spent in Madison and Washington.

So when TODAY'S TMJ4 reporter Charles Benson called him to ask why his cell phone number was on the now infamous list, he was pretty unhappy.

We found it five times - twice in November of 2003 and three different months in 2004. All of the calls were less than a minute.

Broydrick's connection to list first surfaced last week on the Web site wisconsin.blogspot.com.

So why is Broydrick's cell phone number on the list? Was he the one using the phone at the time of the calls, and what was discussed? Benson called the number to find out.

"I'm not commenting," Broydrick responded. "You know Charles; if you've got nothing better to do, I've got nothing better to say." And he hung up.

A few minutes later, he called back. But on the record he would only say "I'm not commenting."

On the long list with Broydrick's number are the numbers of Louisiana Senator David Vitter and a top-ranking state department official who has since resigned.

Why should anyone care?

"When you hear something like this, you sort of cringe and wonder just how far it's going to go, and who it's going to implicate and more importantly, what are the political consequences?" said government watchdog Jay Heck, who keeps an eye on money and politics.

We called some of Broydrick's bigger clients: Aurora, Milwaukee Public Schools, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) and We Energies for their responses. Most of them did not want to comment.

But MMSD Chairman Pedro Colon did comment. He said he wants to review Broydrick's contract to see if there are any code of conduct violations.

Colon also said he wants to talk with Broydrick to flush out the facts.

MMSD paid Broydrick's firm $50,538 last year.

One of the reasons Deborah Jeane Palfrey made her telephone records public was to prove she's innocent. She thought the people on this list would testify on her behalf.

Will her lawyers call Broydrick to testify? They did not return our calls.

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