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1907 with 2213 Stock

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Caliber Barrel Length Rifling Total Length Sighting Line Weight appr. Version
.22LR 66 cm 66 cm 109cm - 112cm 77 cm 5.25 kg single loader
.22LR 25.9" 25.9" 42.9"-44.1" 30.3" 11.57 lbs single loader


The barreled action 1907-U6 is now available in the new aluminum stock 2213.  With this new high percision stock the buture becomes the present.

Barreled action:  This action was developed on the basis of the famous Anschutz match 54 action with eccentric bolt and is renowned for its unsurpassed accuracy and reliability.  Extraordinary shooting performance due to the careful manufacturing process. Adjustable match two stage trigger with safety.  The trigger blade is adjustable in length.  The use in almost all disciplines is guaranteed by the various adjusting possibilities, especially the wide range of adjusting the weight.  The trigger can be adjusted as two stage or single stage.

Stock:  Perfectly adjustable aluminum stock with versatile Anschutz aluminum butt plate and cheek piece adjustment.  Very calm shot release.  Stock weight closer to the barrel axis.  Thus controlled absorption of the recoil.  Pistol grip cantable from side to side and adjustable from front to rear.

Delivered with:  Handstop 6226, forend raiser block, screw driver, instruction leaflet and test target

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