Attribute Value
Weight 100kg +2kg CO2
Mamimum Speed 12mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 1mm Front
Maximum Torque (@ Wheels) 130Nm
Maximmum Motive Force 890N
Dimensions W 700mm x L 840mm x H 350mm
Pneumatics Pressure 900psi Stored
120psi Working
Maximum Lifting Ability 170kg (Top of arm)
Time To Extend Arm <1/4 second (unloaded)


Every FireStorm has been the same basic shape although now with three complete rebuilds (and another on the way) the design has improved over the years.

Chassis   Locomotion   Electronics   Weapon(s)


The chassis of FireStorm is constructed from 5mm thick T6 half hard Aluminium. The body design was drawn on CAD making construction farily easy. Every rebuild simply means plotting the panels off and cutting round the shape. See the Pictures section (FireStorm 4) to see all the panels before welding.

The chassis is welded using a combination of TIG and MIG. Because of the thick sections and large areas, a lot of power is needed to weld the chassis.

The fully welded chassis gives a very strong structure - Proven at Extreme this year, although you'll have to wait to see what I mean ;)



One of the main failures of FireStorms 1 & 2 was its speed of turn. With the active differential, the robot was very controllable, however the diff motors were just not quick enough. In FireStorm 3, the old PM46 drive motors were replaced with PM47 motors, the gearbox's were also completely fabricated for the motors. These motors now give an output speed of around 2000 rpm - a large increase from the previous 1400 rpm. Another improvement for the motors is the voltage they are run at. The motors in FireStorm 3 are 18v motors over volted to 24v.


With the move from an 80kg to 100kg weight limit it was possible to add another 2 batteries in FireStorm 3. This means that there are now 3 batteries giving 36v and 2 batteries giving 24v. Having different packs for each of the voltages means that the batteries discharge at a more even rate.


The main weapon of FireStorm is a 'Flipper'. The main differance between FireStorm's flipper and most of the robots' in RobotWars is the way it is hinged. Our's is hinged at the front making it more of a 'Roller' than a 'Flipper' although it does provide more protection than the top hinged type.

Also our pneumatic system is run at only 8 bar which gives us more flips than most other robots running at higher pressures (about 50).

How does the pneumatic circuit work? Have a play with the diagram below.