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Piper PA-16 Clipper

At the end of March 1947 the sale of Piper aircraft suddenly decreased, even if in the same month a new type, the PA-14 "Family Cruiser", had been sent out into the market. The Piper firm was set under administration by the New York banks. The new administrator reduced the number of employees from 2.500 to under 200 and he had to solve a problem with huge stocks of material. 

Therefore the firm had to create a cheap product and in October 1947 the Piper PA-15 Vagabond was testflown. It was the most scraped model sent to the market after the war, there were not even any springs fitted with the undercarriage. The engine was a 65 hp Lycoming and the wings were standard J-3. An improved version with rubber springs fitted with the undercarriage was named the Piper PA-17 'Vagabond'. - It is told that the 'Vagabond' saved Piper from disaster! 

Rather quickly there was developed from the Vagabond basic type a 4-seater version with an extra tank in one wing, an extra door in the left side and with a Lycoming O-235 engine of 108 hp. This version became the name PA-16 'Clipper'. The new type became succesful, but the name 'Clipper' offended the big american company Pan American Airways, whose all aircraft carried the Clipper name. 

Piper took the consequense and produced a new version with a wheel instead of the stick and which carried all its tank capacity in the wings and had a bigger engine - and in this way in 1950 the succesful type PA-20 'Pacer' was sent to the market. 

OY-AKM was donated to DV by mr. David Hansen from Herning.

"Piper PA-16" Specifications
Wingspan9.6 m
Lenght6.4 m
Empty Weight469 kg
Gross Weight750 kg
Cruising speed185 km/h
Landing Speed83 km/h
Range710 km
EngineLycoming 290D (125-135 hp)