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n the late 1970’s the Upper Darby High School Distributive Education Club (DECA) under the direction of Paul Motta began honoring distinguished alumni by establishing a Wall of Fame.

Since its inception, the Wall of Fame committee has recognized over twenty individuals who have become leaders in their industries and have made Upper Darby proud. Whether it be entertainment, medicine, science, education, athletics, politics, entrepreneurship; the Wall of Fame inductees have made great accomplishments in their lifetime.

The Wall of Fame - Click on a thumbnail below for more information.

Jim Croce
Class of 1960

Dr. David MacAdam
Class of 1928

Dr. Kermit Gordon
Class of 1933

Peter Bernardino
Class of 1936

Dr. Jack Ramsay
Class of 1942

Dot Germain Porter
Class of 1942

Vanleer Bond
Class of 1923

Dr. Sterling Voltz
Class of 1939

Lloyd Alexander
Class of 1940

Frank Videon
Class of 1942

Beverly Case Rorer
Class of 1948

Marty Stern
Class of 1954

F. Joseph Loeper
Class of 1962

Albert W. duAime
a.k.a. William Wharton

Class of 1943

Carolyn "Bunny" Welsh
Class of 1961

William Michael DeCampli,
Ph.D., M.D.

Class of 1969

Richard M. Boccelli
Class of 1942

Lambert G. "Skip" Eichner, M.D.
Class of 1946

Claudia Catania
Class of 1964

James J. Morris
Class of 1966

George R. Wackenhut
Class of 1937

James D. Houston
Class of 1977

Cindy Dee Holms
Class of 1966

Dr. Robert H. Bedrossian, M.D.
Class of 1942

Susan Dallas-Feeney, D.O.
Class of 1974

Warren E. Grupe, M.D.
Class of 1951

Mario J. Civera, Jr.
Class of 1965

Wayne R. McAllister
Class of 1970

Michele Wallace Hummel
Class of 1972

Tina Fey
Class of 1988

Alvin Sargent
Class of 1945

Sue Day Stahl
Class of 1962

Terrence J. Nolen
Class of 1981

Dr. Virginia A. Zakian
Class of 1966

William J. Gaul
Class of 1959