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Ruse Gives Away the Store, Admits Evolution Is a Philosophy
Tom Woodward

Second Thoughts about Peppered Moths
Jonathan Wells

The Code Word
Robert Mondore

Artificial Intelligence and the Human Mind
Joseph M. Mellichamp

Creationists of the World Unite!
Gordon Lewis, Ph.D.

The Prerequisites of Life in Our Universe
John Leslie

What is Darwinism?
Phillip E. Johnson

How to Sink a Battleship: A call to separate materialist philosophy from empirical science
Phillip E. Johnson

The Church of Darwin
Phillip E. Johnson

The Religion of the Blind Watchmaker
Phillip E. Johnson

Is There a Role for Natural Theology Today?
Owen Gingerich

What every theologian should know about creation, evolution and design
William A.Dembski, Ph.D.

Converting Matter into Mind: Alchemy and the Philosopher's Stone in Cognitive Science
William A.Dembski, Ph.D.

Explosion of Life: A scientist reveals details of the Cambrian explosion

The Natural Limits to Biological Change (Neo-Darwinism Under Attack)
Dr. Ray Bohlin

Human Fossils: "Just So" Stories of Apes and Humans
Dr. Ray Bohlin

The Grand Canyon and the Age of the Earth
Dr. Ray Bohlin

Evolution's Big Bang
Dr. Ray Bohlin

The Five Crises in Evolutionary Theory
Dr. Ray Bohlin

How to Talk to Your Kids About Evolution and Creation
Dr. Ray Bohlin

Neo-Darwinism: What is at Stake? An examination of the cultural implications
Tom Bethell

What Is Naturalism, that We Should Be Mindful of It?
William P. Alston

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