Transcript of the Second Erin Hunter Chat

SheilaRuth | 2006-08-21 11:03
On August 19, 2006, Wands and Worlds members had the opportunity to chat with the three amazing people behind the Warriors series: Cherith Baldry and Kate Cary, who write the series under the pseudonym Erin Hunter, and Vicky Holmes, who created the concept, develops the plot outlines, and edits the books.

The chat was scheduled for the evening, but members started checking into the chat room early in the afternoon. The excitement started building as Vicky Holmes popped into the chat room to test it out several hours before the chat, surprising several lucky members who were in the chat room...

swiftcloud: hi shelia, bliz, grizzy and starclan!
swiftcloud: vicky too!
SheilaRuth: everyone doing ok? I'm just checking in
swiftcloud: yups
VickyHolmes: Am I doing this right? Gosh this is so exciting! Can you tell that I'm typing with an English accent? ;)
SheilaRuth: Hi Vicky! Yes, I can hear your English accent!
SheilaRuth: This must be the pre-chat chat
swiftcloud: awesome
VickyHolmes: I guess so - a mere three and a half hours ahead of schedule. I've spent the afternoon napping and reading so I can stay awake loooong into the night - the chat starts at midnight for me and I'm not usually very good at staying up late. I've made my dog promise to wake me up if I nod off!
swiftcloud: ::biggrin
swiftcloud: lol
SheilaRuth: Nothing like a cold nose to wake you up out of a sound sleep!

Vicky had a technical problem, so she headed off to upgrade her Java on her computer. More members started gathering and RPing to pass the time while waiting for the chat to start...

Grizzlyclaw: ok this is my charrie, Grizzlyclaw|windclan Deputy|chocolate Tom
Mistyleaf: what should i be...
Grizzlyclaw: you could be mistyleaf
Mistyleaf: ok
Mistyleaf: im a silver she-cat

swiftcloud: are we doing all the clans?
Grizzlyclaw: yeah you can be anythihng
swiftcloud: is riverclan leader taken by someone?
swiftcloud: Swiftstar black and white she cat. Small body very kind but not to other clans riverclan leader
swiftcloud: good?
Mistyleaf: great
Blizz: I'm deputy of Thunderclan.

The RPing went on for a while, and in the midst of it Vicky came back, a little early for the chat...

VickyHolmes joined.
swiftcloud: "duckpaw you have trianed hard in the ways of a warrior"
Redstripe: Yes.
swiftcloud: "and it is time for you to recieve your warrior name"
swiftcloud: Do you promise the protect the clan even at the cost of your life?
Redstripe: I do.
swiftcloud: then I present you with your warrior name, duckpaw from now on you will be known as duckfoot
Mistyleaf: hi Vicky!
swiftcloud: lol
swiftcloud: hi vicky!
Moonstorm: Vicky!?!?!?!?
Redstripe: Hola!
Grizzlyclaw: Vicky!!!!
Moonstorm: Ohmygosh, Hiiiiiiii!!!
Mistyleaf: vicky!
Moonstorm: wowowoowowowowowowooooooooooooooooow!!!!!
Moonstorm: -sorry
VickyHolmes: Hi there! I'm here a bit early to make sure my computer can cope with the technical demands. Can I just say that I'm so, so honoured you have all come along tonight? I can't wait to start answering your questions!

Some more RPing while waiting, and a little chitchat with Vicky, and then the subject turned to chocolate...

Blizz: I ahve a choclate bar >:D
Moonstorm: Sounds Soooo good...
Mistyleaf: yum
Blizz: It's Twix... bleh
Moonstorm: Gimme!!
Liontail: I wan someee
Firecloud: chocolate...
Moonstorm: I Love Twix
Mistyleaf: ooh!
Fernose yum
Moonstorm: yumyumyum
Grizzlyclaw: snickers are my fav
Redstripe: Did somebody say Twix?
Blizz: I love Coffee crisp and Oh Henry'
Firecloud: I love Hersheys... and M&ms...and; # Musketteers...and, All chocolate
Blizz: -dies from excitemnt-
Moonstorm: I like chooooooocolate milk
Mistyleaf: ymmy chocolate
Liontail: ............... dont die on uss, it didnt starrt
Redstripe: lol
VickyHolmes: Hi there, mind if I join you? I can't resist a discussion about chocolate! It's one of my big weaknesses.
Liontail: :O
Liontail: feel free
Redstripe: Vicky!!!!
Blizz: -gasp- Yes, yes yes!
Liontail: really?
Moonstorm: Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Moonstorm: you like coco too?
Firecloud: Hi Vicky! *waves*
Blizz: <3
Moonstorm: yum
Fernose: Hi Vicky
Moonstorm: mmmmmm
Mistyleaf: hi
Rainpaw hi Vicky!
Moonstorm: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Redstripe: What is your favorite chocolate, Vicky?
VickyHolmes: You guys make me laugh so much! I'm just a regular person, you know. Anyway, my favourite chocolate is Maltesers - do you have those out there? When I'm in New York I always stock up on Hershey's Cookies and Cream.
magicyop joined.
Grizzlyclaw: Hi Vicky!
Blizz: I love Cookies & Cream!
magicyop: hello!
Moonstorm: no, I don't know what maltesers are.
Mistyleaf: me too
Firecloud: mmmmm.... this is making me hungry...
swiftcloud: cookies and cream !
Liontail: Vicky, do you ever come up north to Canada?

Then KateCary showed up just in time to join the chocolate discussion...

KateCary joined.
Rainpaw: I love Cookies n Cream!!
Blizz: When I go skiing me and my friend always get them from the vending machine!'
swiftcloud: I love chocolate
swiftcloud: hehe
Mistyleaf: me to
Mistyleaf: lol
Redstripe: Kate!!!
Moonstorm: Kate!!!!!!
Mistyleaf: hi Kate!
Firecloud: Hi kate!
magicyop: hello! now all we need is cherith lol
Fernose: Hi Kate
Moonstorm: hi Kate
Rainpaw: Hi kate!
Mistyleaf: hi
Liontail: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Grizzlyclaw: Hi Kate!!!!!
Firecloud: this is gonna be great! ^_^

VickyHolmes: Maltesers are little round balls of sort of malty crispy stuff, covered in chocolate. I haven't been to Canada, Liontail, but one of my best friends is Canadian (she lives in London just now) and I can't wait to visit her back home. The scenery is exactly my sort of thing - lakes and mountains and trees, yum.

KateCary: hello! I didn't expect to see so many here!
KateCary: hello Vicky :)

Grizzlyclaw: Are they in gold wrapper?
Moonstorm: Ooh, maltesers are like malt balls
Blizz: Hello Kate!! -waaves-
Moonstorm: I love those

VickyHolmes: Hi Kate. Are you sure you're not supposed to be working on a script for me right now? tee hee. ;)
Grizzlyclaw: Hi Kate!
swiftcloud: Kate!!!!!!!!!!
Shadefur: hi Kate and Vicky! Thanks for coming to answer our questions!
swiftcloud: Kate
swiftcloud: Kate
KateCary: hiya
Redstripe: Kate
swiftcloud: catch me grizzly I'm going to faint

KateCary: Have you got your maltesers by your side Vicky?
VickyHolmes: Actually, Kate, I do! But it feels a bit late for chocolate, even for me. Do you have a goodly stash of crisps?
Moonstorm: yum...
KateCary: I've just had a bowl of tinned spaghetti!
KateCary: maybe I'd better go fetch some crisps

Redstripe: Kate, what time is it?
KateCary: 23:49

Cherith had some trouble getting into the site, but she managed to get logged in, although she couldn't get the console window for answering questions...

CherithBaldry: Hello everyone. I'm having trouble with the site.
SheilaRuth: Yea! Cherith is on!
swiftcloud: Cherith!
Blizz: Cherith!!!!
swiftcloud: yay!
Mistyleaf: hi cherith
Firecloud: Cherith!
swiftcloud: Cherith!
magicyop: hello cherith! good to see you again!
KateCary: Hi Cherith! :)

but even without the console, she carried on like a trooper and the chat got underway...

Redstripe: What is your favorite book, Vikki?
VickyHolmes: Hi Redstripe (my name's spelled Vicky as in sticky, btw). Do you mean my favourite book ever? I couldn't make up my mind if I sat here for 100 years, but so far this year I have Loved We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver. Of the Warriors books, it has to be The Darkest Hour.
CherithBaldry: That's a hard one - usually it's the one I'm writing! But I think overall I like Darkest Hour best, because so much is brought together in that book.

Firecloud: First off, I'm new to Wands and worlds and it is a pleasure to meet all three of you. The WARRIORS series are my all time favourite books. Thank you for coming! ^_^
KateCary: It's a pleasure. i'm really enjoying this, though it's hard to keep up!

SG4daisy: Were some of the cats based on your own cats at home? Tell me about them.
KateCary: My cats are far too kittypetty to be warriors - except for Miu-Miu who reminds me of Brambleclaw!
VickyHolmes: I don't own any cats, so no.
KateCary: Don't tell anyone, but Vicky is a dog-lover ;)
VickyHolmes: Kate, don't turn them against me so soon! Wait until I have to start telling them about killing off all the young pretty cats...
KateCary: sorry, vicky, I couln't resist - but your dog is such a cutey
Blizz: Young cats? Omg...
Blizz: I'm scared now.

swiftcloud: How did you come up for the idea for warriors?
VickyHolmes: I came up with the idea for Warriors with the people that I work with. We thought a community of feral cats would make a fabulous base for a story full of big Shakespearean themes like love, murder and political intrigue. I did a lot of research into the way feral cats live, and also into different Clan-based societies, from European prehistoric to Native American.

Moonstorm: Cherith and Kate, do you ever get writer's block?
KateCary: Usually around Chapter 14, but Vicky provides such detailed and marvellous outlines (and encouragement) I usually get through it pretty quickly
CherithBaldry: I don't often get writers block because Vicky is so helpful. If I do, it's good to go and do something else for a while.

Mistyleaf: who is your favorite caracter?
KateCary: Yellowfang will always be my favourite, but some of the characters in the new series are just fabulous...
VickyHolmes: I don't hate any of them because otherwise I would never be able to come up with stuff for them to do in the stories! But I have a particularly soft spot for Ravenpaw because he is very much like me - a bit of a thinker, not too keen on crowds, loves hanging out in barns (I grew up on a farm). I think Cloudtail and Brambleclaw are the most interesting characters that I have created - Cloudtail because he is a good atheist, in that he is a great warrior without sharing the other cats' faith in StarClan, and Brambleclaw because he is not a straightforwardly "good" cat. The question is, will he follow his mentor Firestar and lead his Clan eventually, or will his father Tigerclaw's dark ambition finally catch up with him..?
CherithBaldry: I like Brambleclaw a lot - and he is my cat! - and I also have a very soft spot for Dustpelt. But I think my absolute favourite is Leafpool.

Shadefur: Is there any symbolism in The New Prophecy titles?
VickyHolmes: Do you mean the actual titles of the books, like Midnight, etc? Yes, some - for example, Midnight doesn't just refer to a time of night (you'll know what I mean if you've read the book!) Also, Twilight refers to one cat's life drawing to an end. Even I found that a bit sad!

Redstripe: I have question about Rowanclaw. In books 5 and 6 it says she is a girl...and it the New Prophecy it says she is a boy. Can you explain?
VickyHolmes: Oh no! I knew you guys were going to spot all the inconsistencies! I can only hold up my hands and say sorry - some things just slipped through the net. If it makes any difference, I think Rowanclaw should always have been a girl.
CherithBaldry: When you do something as big and detailed as this it's hard to keep everything straight

SheilaRuth: We have about 20 questions abuot graystripe now, so we don't need to ask that one anymore
Blizz: -laughs-

mintyfresh: Here's another one from Mossstorm! "Which ShadowClan warriors fell over the cliff and died, and if one of them was Rowanclaw, who will mentor Talonpaw?"
VickyHolmes: If you look at the cast list at the front of the book, you'll notice that only ThunderClan has a full Clan - we tend to list the names of cats from the other Clans who actually appear in the story (not just as dead bodies) but leave the bulk of non-ThunderClan cats anonymous. Otherwise it would all get a bit complicated and unwieldy! So don't worry, Rowanclaw is still alive. For now...
Firecloud: uh-oh

SG4daisy: Who were Rainwisker and Sootfur's mentors?
VickyHolmes: Hmmm, Cherith and I worked this out for FIRESTAR'S QUEST but I don't have my cast lists at home so I can't answer this one. Cherith, can you help? :)
CherithBaldry: Rainwhisker's mentor was Cloudtail and Sootfur's was Longtail to begin with and then Thornclaw.

SG4daisy: If you were a cat which clan would you like to live in and why?
KateCary: Great question! Definitely RiverClan, so I could eat fish instead of mice and RiverClan cats are cool, plus they can swim!
CherithBaldry: I'd much rather be in Thunderclan. I'm not oo keen on fish or rabbit, and Shadowclan territory is too dark and damp!
VickyHolmes: I think WindClan - I love open hills and the feel of the wind, and I love the idea of being able to run really, really fast. (In reality, I have the grace of a wombat and about half the speed. My dog laughs at me when I try to keep up with her.) I also like the way the WindClan cats are a bit anxious and always get into trouble. Life would never be dull, that's for certain!

Blizz: A while back, some rumors went around on the 'net-- regarding a Universal Studios movie - Warriors of the forest... Any chance you could clear this up?
VickyHolmes: Okay, this is a really important issue to clear up. I'm sorry to say that there are NO plans for a Warriors movie, even though we have had lots and lots of discussions with major film companies about this. This isn't to say that there will NEVER be a Warriors movie, but please don't get your hopes up! The reason for this is that the animated movies around at the moment tend to be larger-than-life, laugh-out-loud family films that adults can laugh at as well as kids - think Shrek or Cars. A Warriors movie would be much more serious, dealing with big issues like death and loyalty, which doesn't translate well to conventional animation just now. It might fit with a manga-style approach, but there isn't a mainstream market for this in the filmworld just yet. So we'll have to keep our fingers crossed...

Blizz: Have you ever peeked in to any roleplaying forums? If so, what do you think of this? Do you look at fan-sites and shrines too?
KateCary: I have peeked, but I'm afraid I couldn't figure out how they worked. You guys must have put in a lot of work on them. It's great to see. And some of the fan sites are just superb.
VickyHolmes: The role-playing forums are INCREDIBLE! You guys are so creative, so talented, so hugely loyal to the warrior code that I dreamt up all those moons ago. Thank you a thousand times, I'm really humbled by the effort you put in to all the sites.

Rainpaw: Is Graystripe coming back?
VickyHolmes: Another big question. And brace yourselves for a major world exclusive... Guys, I am delighted to tell you that YES, Graystripe is coming back! I could go on forever about this very exciting new project that will come out next summer, but I'll try to be brief or I'll never get through all the other questions. There are going to be three manga novels coming out featuring Graystripe's adventures from the moment he is taken from the forest to...the moment he returns to ThunderClan! Yay! I've seen the script and some sample illustrations for the first book and it looks terrific. I had a lot of fun coming up with the storylines because Graystripe has always been a fascinating character for me. In the first books he was in danger of becoming Firepaw's stooge, the butt of jokes and maybe not the brightest cat, but he showed a much more complex side to his character when he fell in love with Silverstream and then took his motherless kits to join RiverClan. Hopefully I've explored this other side in the upcoming manga books. You'll have to let me know!
Firecloud: Manga novel! Sw337!
Goldstreak: Manga?!
Goldstreak: Dude!!!
Goldstreak: That's freakin' Awesome!!!
Sunpaw: i <3 manga
CherithBaldry: I've seen the manga storyline and it is amazing!
mintyfresh: Manga novel!?! omg, I'm going to be looking forward to that so much! *is getting very excited* I love Manga!
Moonstorm: A warriors manga novel!?!? Yeeeeeeeeehhhhaaaawwww!!!!!

SheilaRuth: Cherith, can you refresh our memory of which books you wrote
CherithBaldry: In Series 1 I wrote 3, 5 and 6. In Series 2 I wrote everything except 3, and I'm now working on Firestar's Quest.

mckinlt: Are you going to make a new propecy?
VickyHolmes: Do you mean, once we get to the end of Book Six of THE NEW PROPHECY? I can tell you that yes, we most certainly are! Kate has already written the first book in POWER OF THREE, the next batch of six books featuring a whole new generation of cats.

SG4daisy: Can you tell us more about the new series to come
VickyHolmes: Well, it's called POWER OF THREE and features a new generation of ThunderClan cats. But I'm afraid I can't reveal any more of that without giving away too much! I promise we're going to make it as special as the first two series. Kate has just completed Book One and it took my breath away!

magicyop: is firestar going to die in twilight or sunset?
VickyHolmes: Hmmm, this might be a spoiler too far, I think.
mintyfresh: aww, dang! I was kinda wondering that too! =P

mintyfresh: (From Mossstorm) "In the Secrets of the Clans book, will there be a full listing of medicine cat herbs and there purposes, the Warrior Code and cerimonies?"
KateCary: Hi Mossstorm - what a great idea. My list of herbs is getting longer and longer and a handy reference for the warrior code and ceremonies would come in handy :)
VickyHolmes: Yes, there will. I was a bit stunned when I did the background work for SECRETS and discovered just how much detail we have put into all the books so far. Kate and Cherith have a lot to do with coming up with the herbs and the wording used for ceremonies. I just tell them what needs to happen and they make it work!

mintyfresh: Do you connect with your characters in some way?
KateCary: Yes! Even the ones I don't like. In fact sometimes I connect with them even more than the ones I do like! The characters take on a life of their own and just seem to evolve in their own way. it's hard to describe. for example Blackstar - even though he only appears in a few scenes I have a real sense of what he's up to in ShadowClan even while I'm writing about ThunderClan. So when he appears in the narrative I know exactly where he's coming from. Does that make sense?
CherithBaldry: I certainly do! Some characters are easier to identify with than others, but when I am writing I try to get inside their minds and discover what makes them tick.

Rainpaw: Is Midnight coming back?
VickyHolmes: I adore Midnight, and the voice that Cherith created for her is exquisite, so I'm sure I'll find an excuse to bring her back in future stories. By the way, does anyone else think she sounds EXACTLY like Yoda from Star Wars? ;)
Firecloud: Yes!
swiftcloud: Yes
Shadefur: yea, she does
CherithBaldry: Thank you for those kind words, Vicky!

Shadefur: My friend wants to know why you picked the name "Erin Hunter" instead of another name?
VickyHolmes: Hmmm, I might be spoiling some of the mystery here, but I'll tell you. We wanted these books to come close on the shelves to the REDWALL series by Brian Jacques, which is a similar animal fantasy series. So we needed a surname that began with H, I or K, and "Hunter" seemed really appropriate for our ferocious cats (plus it comes right at the end of the H's). For the first name, I just really liked the name Erin, and it had the right Celtic sort of ring to it that I imagined for the author's personality.
CherithBaldry: Hey, Vicky, I never knew that!

mintyfresh: Who will become the new ThunderClan deputy, or will it still remain Graystripe?
VickyHolmes: This is a huge issue for Firestar to deal with; you'll have to wait until Book One of POWER OF THREE to find out what he decides...

Blizz: Will Warriors: Secret of the Clans be longer and thicker than most of the Warrior books?
VickyHolmes: No, I don't think so, although it will have lots of lovely pictures in it! FIRESTAR'S QUEST, which Cherith is working on currently, is going to be a MONSTER! It's twice the length of regular Warriors books, and utterly brilliant from start to finish but I hope you don't all get shoulder strain carrying it around.
Redstripe: What is Firestar's quest?
CherithBaldry: Firestar's Quest is a one-off novel set between the first series and Np.

SheilaRuth: Can you tell us more about the Secrets of the Clans book?
VickyHolmes: It's going to be a kind of field guide to the entire world of the Clans, with information about all the things that have featured in the books so far, like medicinal herbs and ceremonies. But in addition it will have some pieces of history that haven't been mentioned, like how the Clans first came to be in the forest, and how StarClan feel about major events like Bluestar giving up her kits so she could be ThunderClan's deputy. I'm afraid there won't be any family trees because, er, we didn't pay enough attention to this sort of thing in the first books so we can't make sense of all the connections... :(

Blizz: Will Warriors: Secret of the Clans have pictures of the cats?
VickyHolmes: Yes, it will, based on the descriptions from the books. They'll be in black and white, I think. And it will have a couple of tremendous fold-out maps - I've been working on sketch versions all week as a guide for the illustrator and it has caused a lot of laughs among my friends because I'm hopeless at art! I drew some sheep and horses in a couple of fields and then had to label them because they both looked like lumpy dogs.
CherithBaldry: But Vicky, you draw *wonderful* sheep!
VickyHolmes: Ok, I have to come on here for a moment to answer Cherith's comment about my drawings of sheep. I have a bit of a thing about "woolly" writing, when it doesn't say anything specific but just rambles around the topic. If I think Cherith has written a line that falls into this category, instead of writing "woolly" in the margin, I draw a little grinning sheep!

Blizz: Just for the record; who are all the cats faetured on the centre of the new prophecy books?
VickyHolmes: I must confess, I don't know. I comment on the covers once they are quite a long way through the design process, so I don't get to pick which cat gets featured although it's usually one that stars in the action. I've read some of you guys speculating and you always seem to have a pretty good idea!

magicyop: was it hard to write the end of moonrise?
CherithBaldry: Yes!

graystar: If you could have 1 position in a clan kate what would it be id be
KateCary: No way. I'd be leader of course :) It's about time we had a female leader!
graystar: Kate youd be like bluestar without the crazyness
KateCary: thanks graystar :)

SG4daisy: Why does Twilight have such a different cover from the other books?
VickyHolmes: I'm not sure. I guess the artist wanted to focus on ThunderClan's hollow rather than the lake, which has featured heavily on previous covers. I must confess it's not my favourite cover. I think the lumpy orange rocks look like washed-out intestine! Ick!

mintyfresh: This is a question "Mossstorm" sent to me to ask since she couldn't be here. "It seems that Brambleclaw has fallen out with Squirrelflight. Is she just using Ashfur,and will she go back to Brambleclaw someday?"
KateCary: This is one Cherith could prbly answer better than me...
CherithBaldry: Well, I don't know how much I should say. Vicky?
VickyHolmes: I don't think Squirrelflight is just using Ashfur - she has genuine issues with Brambleclaw over his loyalty to ThunderClan (and her father Firestar, of course), and Ashfur is a kind, handsome cat who clearly thinks a lot of her. But the connection she has with Brambleclaw is very special because they went through so much together on the journey to sun-drown-place, so I don't think either of them will be able to ignore what's gone on between them in the past.
CherithBaldry: I don't think Squirrelflight would use any cat - she's too straightforward for that.

Fernose: Can you give us a hint as to whos gonna die in Twilight?
KateCary: No ;)
CherithBaldry: Definitely not!

StarClan: Who's point of view will the third series be told from?
VickyHolmes: I can't say exactly because that would be wayyyy to much of a spoiler! But it will be from the perspective of the new generation of cats, just as it changed from Firestar in Series One to Brambleclaw etc in The New Prophecy.

mintyfresh: "How are Frostfur and Speckletail doing? Are they still alive, or have they joined StarClan?" That is also from Mossstorm. =]
KateCary: I don't think they would have survived the devastation of the forest by Twolegs. They're prbly safely among the ranks of StarClan with all their old clanmates

Blizz: Do you have any insight to give into The Power of Three? Any chance of a female main-character?
KateCary: There is a female main character yes. I like her a lot already, and I hope you're going to love her too

graystar: Will you guys do a book siging at all?
VickyHolmes: Cherith did a major tour of the US last year when Midnight launched. There are no plans currently to send any of us over, sob, but I'll let Sheila Ruth know if there are!
CherithBaldry: I would love to come to the US again if the publishers invite me.
SG4daisy: If you come to the Us we all want to meet you
Mistyleaf: that would be cool Cherith
blueriver1993: yeah
CherithBaldry: We could only come where the publishers send us, but anywhere would be fine with me.

magicyop: will the tribe of running water return in later books?
VickyHolmes: Definitely! The Tribe is extremely important to me because I developed this series (TNP) after the horrors of 9/11 and I wanted to explore what happens when two different religions encounter each other. If you read the books carefully, you'll notice that we never say that the Clans are "right" in what they believe, or the Tribe of Rushing Water. Both faiths are equally valid, and both react with fear and suspicion when they meet each other because that is our natural reaction to things we don't know about. Ignorance is a very scary thing! In the end, neither Tribe cats nor Clan cats fully understood about each other's beliefs, but they were able to become friends (at least, some of them were) in spite of this. I'm going to bring them back - in fact, I'm planning that story right now! - because I don't think we've finished with the issue of different cat beliefs just yet. And there's so much dramatic potential in fear and conflict!

Saharastar: At the end of Starlight, you said "For One beloved cat, the end has come all too soon." Is the cat Tawnypelt, Birchkit, or CInderpelt?
VickyHolmes: Sorry, Saharastar, I can't possibly answer that! But I will say that even though Kate and Cherith will tell you that I kill cats far too easily (especially the young pretty ones!), I found it very hard to kill off this particular cat.

swiftcloud: Could you use my name, Swiftcloud in your books? lol
VickyHolmes: I love so many of your names! Just when I think Kate, Cherith and I couldn't possibly come up with any more, you've proved me wrong. If you really don't mind, I'd love to use several. If any of you particularly don't want me to use your name, please could you say so now?
swiftcloud: cool thanks vicky!!!!!!!!!!!
CherithBaldry: These names are great! It's amazing how many variations people come up with.
Blizz: I would never want to see Blizzardclaw in the warriors books.

SG4daisy: Are the cats like real people you know or are they like cats you know?
KateCary: They are definitely more like people I know than cats. I'm afraid my moggies aren't quite as complicated as the Warriors cats. they just want food and a warm lap (or keyboard) to lie on and don't worry about such things as honour or lyalty or friendship.

Liontail: Are there any other authors or editors (In this case) that you looked up to or prefered over others? It'd be nice knowing who authors/editors such as yourselves idolized or liked growing up
VickyHolmes: Well, most editors stay invisible but I'm unusual (and very, very lucky) because I come up with the stories that Kate and Cherith write. Other editors work with stories that have been created entirely by the author. I wouldn't trade my job for anything! There are a number of editors working in the industry whom I admire hugely, but I'm afraid their names wouldn't be familiar to you. As for authors, I think Jacqueline Wilson is incredible in creating books about really tough subjects without making them all doom and gloom. She's brave and original, which are very good qualities in my humble opinion.
CherithBaldry: I have lots of writers that I admire. My favourites are Tolkien and Ursula le Guin.

Firecloud: Which book will be released after Sunset?
VickyHolmes: After Sunset will come Power of Three Book One: The Sight (we don't have a title for Book Two yet - someone asked this earlier). Around the same time (next year), Firestar's Quest will come out, which tells what happened between The Darkest Hour and Midnight (I tell you, Firestar was VERY busy!). And also look out for Secrets of the Clans AND the first of the manga books. Hey, we could fill a whole bookstore!
CherithBaldry: Yes, Vicky, let's do that!

Saharastar: Will BloodCLan ever come back into the picture?
VickyHolmes: I don't think so - they were finished off pretty comprehensively in The Darkest Hour!
Shadefur: Aw! I loved Bloodclan!

Shadefur: How did you come up with Graystripe's personality? He's my favorite!
KateCary: Graystripe was the friend Firepaw needed when he joined the Clan as Rusty. He sort of just developed as Firepaw needed him to, and Firespaw needed a loyal, warm-hearted friend he could always rely on
CherithBaldry: And without Greystripe we wouldn't know about how much loyalty Firestar is capable of.

StarClan: Are we allowed to use Warriors quotes and cover artwork on fan websites?
VickyHolmes: I have to say that I'm not sure but I'll check with the publisher and come back to the forum next week to let you know. I suspect you wouldn't be allowed to use direct quotes from the books because of copyright issues but the cover images are freely available on sites like Amazon, but again, wait until I get back to you before you start using them. Thanks.

"this is for all three of the of the authors, what book was your favorite to read and/or write?"
CherithBaldry: Of Kate's books, my favourite is Into the Wild, because it sets up the Warriors world so beautifully. Of my own I like Darkest Hour best, though I think when it's done Firestar's Quest will become my favourite.
KateCary: I loved reading book 5 of Tnp (I get mixed up with the titles). Cherith did a fantastic job on it. As for writing - the Sight, which I've just finished has been my favourite so far...

Saharastar: DO Leafpool and Crowfeather have kits together?
VickyHolmes: This would be way too much of a spoiler! Wait and see, Saharastar...

Blizz: In Secrets of the Clans, will there be things like the battle at Sunningrocks where Oakheart dies and Redtail is killed?
VickyHolmes: We didn't have room to list every single battle in Secrets of the Clans, unfortunately. We had to take out so much just to fit into the page length, it was quite heartbreaking! But hopefully you'll be pleased with what we managed to fit in.

Liontail: I know all authors at somepoint during their careers have to deal with 'flamers' or 'critics' . How do you guys deal with them? Especially if it interferes with your motivation to keep writing
KateCary: Critics just make me more determined to do a better job next time, to prove them wrong. I'm very stubborn!
CherithBaldry: I feel much the same as Kate. If I get a bad review it makes me more determined to do better. What really annoys me is a poorly informed review, where the critic clearly hasn't read the book.
mintyfresh: Wow, I bet that would be very frustrating to read one where it doesn't even seem like they've read the book!
CherithBaldry: It happens.
SG4daisy: It's not nice to give a review if they haven't read the books

Blizz: Will Power Of Three follow Firestar (or a different cat) only, or does it go from character to character like The New Prophecy?
VickyHolmes: We'll be focussing on young cats who are new to the Clan, as we did for TNP. It's lovely to be able to explore brand new characters, but I must confess I was sorry to say goodbye to Brambleclaw, Leafpool and Squirrelflight's perspectives. Squirrelflight was a particular favourite - she always said exactly what was on her mind!

blueriver1993: What is the animal on the cover of Twilight?\
VickyHolmes: I hoped one of you would ask this! I don't think I'm giving too much away by telling you they're meant to be badgers, but I clearly should have sent the artist some photographic references. Have any of you guys seen The Princess Bride (one of my favourite movies ever!)? There are some creatures in it called Rodents Of Unusual Size (known as "R O U S's") and the badgers on Twilight look exactly like these!
CherithBaldry: Lol, Vicky! I never thought of that!
graystar: I Own That Movie
SheilaRuth: Oh, I love The Princess Bride!
swiftcloud: yay!
blueriver1993: yay my question got answered
graystar: same here
Sunpaw: great movie :)
mintyfresh: Oh yes! I love that movie so much!
swiftcloud: me too! I love the princess bride

Moonstorm: Sheila, how long does this chat last?
SheilaRuth: I posted it for an hour, but I will stay as long as any of the authors want to stay.
Firecloud: I'll stay on untill my parents pry the computer from my cold, dead, Warriors loving fingers! (or untill everyone else is gone.)
CherithBaldry: I'll carry on until they drag me away.

magicyop: how did you choose the clan names?
VickyHolmes: You'll find this out in Secrets of the Clans!

mintyfresh: This is kinda off-topic.. but before on the New York Bestsellers didn't Warriors beat out Harry Potter before? *thought of it whenever she mentioned reviews*
CherithBaldry: Yes, at one point we were outselling J K Rowling.
Firecloud: If anyone has ever been on Sf bookcase, you'll know that warriors beat harry potter in the polls,and warriors is in the top three!

swiftcloud: How many more books do you think you will make?
KateCary: I'm happy to go on as long as you keep reading them (Vicky might not believe this, I have been known to fuss and moan A LOT when I'm struggling with rewrites:) )

Shadefur: Did Dustpelt and Sandstorm have a relationship before Firestar came along?
VickyHolmes: They were very good friends, and Dustpelt definitely thought they might be headed for something more but Sandstorm didn't feel the same way. That's one reason why Dustpelt didn't get on with Firestar back then!
mintyfresh: Awwwwww. I love Dustpelt and Sandstorm so much. As like a couple. I thought they would've been cuter. Hehe.
CherithBaldry: Dustpelt and Sandstorm could never have been a couple. They're too alike - both a bit irritable and can be sarcastic. Ferncloud is much gentler - better for Dustpelt.
mintyfresh: Aww, oh well. =3 I still thought they were cute as apprentices at least

swiftcloud: If you could be one of the cats in Warriors which would you be?
VickyHolmes: I identify most with Ravenpaw but I don't want to be stuck in that barn all the time! So it would have to be one of the feisty girls, like Squirrelflight or Leafpool. Especially now Leafpool's embarking on a very special adventure of her own...

SheilaRuth: Cherith, Are any of your characters based on people you know in real-life?
CherithBaldry: No, I don;t usually base my characters on real people. But sometimes I'll take one aspect of a person. I had one friend and I put his beard into a story - but it was attached to someone quite different!

blueriver1993: if i send my books to this adress "author Erin Hunter Harpercollins Childrens Books 1350 Avenue of the Americas New York, Ny 100194703" can i get my books signed by cherith, kate, and vicky?
VickyHolmes: I'll just pop on here and answer Blueriver 1993. I'm really sorry, but I'm afraid we can't sign books if you send them to Harpercollins because they'd have to be shipped over to the Uk and then shipped back again which would be very, very expensive. Also, Kate, Cherith and I don't live anywhere near each other so we'd have to post them all over the Uk collecting signatures!

Moonstorm: Cherith, have you met Kate yet?
SG4daisy: Cherith hasn't met Kate?
CherithBaldry: No, Kate and I have never met, though we've emailed each other.
Moonstorm: Woah... I thought you might have met by now
SG4daisy: wow Cherith, I didn't know

SheilaRuth: Cherith, Firecloud wants to know "Do you (cherith and Kate) have any plans to meet in person anytime?"
CherithBaldry: I'd love to meet Kate but we have no particular plans at present.
KateCary: we shoul have a get-together, Vicky and Cherith! :)
CherithBaldry: Yes, let's go for it!
Firecloud: All three of you!
blueriver1993: i wanna be there!

Grizzlyclaw: will Storm fur come back to the books?
VickyHolmes: I hope so... But I can't say, for fear of a dreaded spoiler. It's sooo hard to avoid these because I'm so excited about all the adventures in store for our lovely cats. I know what's going to happen 18 months before you do, which doesn't seem fair at all! And in the case of Power of Three Book Six, I've already planned the final scene in great detail but you guys will have to wait THREE YEARS to find out. :(

Rainpaw: Mothwing didn't actually get accepted by StarClan, right?
KateCary: She simply doesn't believe in them. I'm sure they would accept her, if she would accept them
CherithBaldry: Starclan understand that Mothwing is a great healer and really cares for her Clan.

Moonstorm: Are there any plans for a warriors video game?
VickyHolmes: None as yet, but there's an interactive game on the official site. I must confess I'm not into video games so I'd struggle to get too excited about this, but I promise I won't block the idea if it comes up!
KateCary: video Sims with cats...
Moonstorm: yeah, the sims with cats
Shadefur: I agree , a Sims-ish Warriors game would be great!

Fernose: Will Leafpool have kit?
VickyHolmes: She's a medicine cat - it's strictly forbidden for her to have kits! Think how much trouble she'd be in with StarClan, let alone her own Clanmates.

Grizzlyclaw: do you ever have trouble thinking of names?
VickyHolmes: All the time, which is why it's so great to get inspiration from you guys!

Moonstorm: When do you expect the Power of three fo come out?
VickyHolmes: Book One comes out May 2007, I think. I'm sorry to sound vague (woolly! Quick, someone draw me a sheep!) but the publication dates for next summer have been shuffled several times to make room for Firestar's Quest, Secrets of the Clans, and the first manga novel (which is going to be called THE LOST WARRIOR), and I don't have them fully straight in my head.

swiftcloud: What kind of readers were you expecting to get for warriors? Did you expect and ton of animal obsessed girls?
KateCary: We never expected Warriors to have such a great and enthusiastic following. It's been brilliant
VickyHolmes: Good question! Yes, I guess we were, but it was clear pretty soon that boys were reading the series too which is FANTASTIC. I don't set out to create stories that appeal to one or the other because I try to deal with themes that apply to all of us, like families, dealing with loss and death, being loyal to our friends, following a code of rules, stuff like that. Quite honestly, I was expecting a few people to like these books - not MILLIONS of you! But I'm not complaining...

mckinlt: How did you have a mother cat give up her nursing kittens to be a deputy? I'm a midwife - my daughter mentioned this as soon as she read it.
VickyHolmes: Oh I know, it's so, so sad, isn't it? You'll find out StarClan's view on this in Secrets of the Clans. Bluestar struggled long and hard about this decision, but in the end her loyalty to her Clan as a whole came before her loyalty to her immediate family. The idea of giving up young children is one that is hugely significant to me on a personal level, for reasons that I won't go into here, and I never intended to suggest that Bluestar was doing the right thing. I'm fascinated by the shades of gray in personalities, and even though Bluestar is a fantastic leader by the time we meet her in INTO THE WILD, her past contains this dark and terrible secret that will never leave her alone.
CherithBaldry: What she did to her kits has shaped Bluestar's character in so many ways.

Fernose: Is Hawkfrost evil or not?
VickyHolmes: Hmmm, good question. Why do you think he *might* be evil? Because Tigerclaw is his father? But he's Brambleclaw's father, too... Because he is ambitious? But then so was Firestar, otherwise he wouldn't be leader now. A major theme in these books is nature vs. nurture - in other words, are we born the sort of person we're always going to be, or are we shaped by what happens to us as we grow up? It's my intention that none of the cats could ever be described as purely bad or purely good - Tigerclaw was a strong, loyal warrior, and even lovely Bluestar gave up her own children for the sake of her ambition.
CherithBaldry: It's more interesting to have characters who have shades of grey in their personalities rather than being black or white. That's how the real world is, after all.

Grizzlyclaw: Do You spell Graystripe, GRaystripe or Greystripe?
VickyHolmes: This depends on whether you're using British or American spelling - over here, we spell "grey" with an "e", but you guys spell it "gray", so I'm using Graystripe tonight in an attempt to be bilingual!
Goldstreak: i was wondering about that! the whole gray/grey thing

Grizzlyclaw: Totally RAndom but have you ever seen Monty Python and the Holy GRail?
KateCary: one of my favourite films althoug there are no cats in it
CherithBaldry: Yes, I love it! I love almost anything about King Arthur.
blueriver1993: good movie!
VickyHolmes: Yes and I LOVE it! Like Cherith, I love King Arthur. If you're the same, check out THE ABBEY MYSTERIES, a series by Cherith (under her own name) published by Oxford University Press. Lots of great Arthurian stuff in those books!

SG4daisy: I have a list of 200 names I've made up, can I send it to you? Where would I send it?
VickyHolmes: I'm sorry, SG4daisy, I don't think I could accept a list that must have taken you moons and moons to create! But thanks for the very kind offer.

Liontail: What would the manga books be like? Would they be like current manga right now? I'm interested in the format of it too
VickyHolmes: I'm no expert in manga but the scripts and illustrations that I've seen look like regular manga, with slighty stylised expressions and lots of high-octane action. I wrote very detailed storylines, just as I do for Kate and Cherith, which were then turned into scripts by a manga expert; the artists worked from those scripts to create the illustrations. I wish I could show you some but the technology would probably make my ancient laptop explode!

Grizzlyclaw: Will you ever write any books in the Point of View of another clan?
KateCary: I'd love to do that. Imagine seeing the wwarrior clans through the eyes of the Tribe...!
CherithBaldry: Yes, it would be great to use a Tribe viewpoint.

Mistyleaf: will you ever use the first part of a name as Sun?
VickyHolmes: You'll notice that we shy away from using Sun or Moon in any names because these objects, particularly Moon, have special significance for the Clans. You might be interested to know that in the very first drafts of the series, Bluestar was called Bluestone, but we changed it because it sounded too similar to "Moonstone".

mckinlt: how come so many cats died in the first book?
KateCary: ask vicky! she just love killing off sweet little kitties :)

Blizz: Since Secrets will have stuff like med. herbs and things, will fan-sites get in trouble if they have that information?
VickyHolmes: No not at all because we use common sources for our medicine herbs which are available for everyone. You must be careful not to quote directly from the Warriors books, though, because that would be in breach of copyright. However, and this is VERY important, please always stress that fans must never, ever attempt to treat their pets with any of the herbs mentioned in the books. A veterinarian is a much better option! (My dog is looking utterly horrified at the idea of me trying to put cobwebs on her!)

Moonstorm: In another interview, Vicky said that there was going to be another warriors series, but with no cats or horses. what does that mean?
VickyHolmes: It's not going to be a Warriors series, but an Erin Hunter series, branching away from cats. Interestingly, we thought long and hard about featuring horses because I am such an equine freak, but in the end we went for a completely different animal which also fascinates me. I had to do a LOT of research, though! I'm really sorry, but I don't think I can say any more about it at this stage, but I promise I'll come back and chat about it in detail as soon as we're a little closer to publication!

Blizz: Do you read Warriprs Fan-fiction?
KateCary: I've not read any - where would I find some?
CherithBaldry: I've read some on
Goldstreak: Best fanfiction place ever.
VickyHolmes: When I have a chance. There's some great stuff out there - I'm particularly impressed with the way so many readers have taken on the "Erin" style, so they really sound as if they're writing a genuine Warriors book. It's very flattering, and a tribute to the fact that Kate and Cherith have created such a beautiful voice for this series.

Shadefur: Someone posted spoilers on Twilight and Sunset on some site, and said some other places in the world already had Twilight and Sunset on store shelves already. Is this true?
VickyHolmes: Totally NOT true! The books always come out first in America so don't worry, no one's further ahead than you guys. Apart from me, Kate and Cherith, of course...
SheilaRuth: Some reviewers get copies ahead of time, so the people who said they have copies may be reviewers. Although reviewers aren't supposed to say anything about the books before the publication date

graystar: Will you make the fist series on audio cd i have starlight audio cd
VickyHolmes: I must admit I was a bit surprised that the first ever audio CD was Book Five of TNP but apparently they always start when a series is at its most popular, which is right now! Yay! (And thanks to all of you lovely, lovely people for making it that way!) I'm sure they'll get around to putting the other books on audio as well, but I'm afraid I don't know when they'll be in the stores.

graystar: Can you name a cat battlestar
VickyHolmes: No because it would sound like a spaceship! Sorry!
Moonstorm: Can my name be put into a book?
VickyHolmes: I'm really sorry but no because the Moon has very special significance to the Clans. It's a beautiful name, though, well done! :)
VickyHolmes: Er no, because it's not a name that comes from the cats' world. Sorry.
SG4daisy: I like the names Crystalpool, Pearlcloud, Lacewing,
SG4daisy: I also like Riptide, Sweepinghawk,
KateCary: sweepinghawk - waht a fab name
Shadefur: I like the name "fleetfrost"
Goldstreak: Frostfire's cool
Sunpaw: forestfire is good too
Goldstreak: Leafstream, Icethroat, Dovestripe, Lightheart
mintyfresh: My friend had a cat named Blazingfire in our Rpg site. ^_^ I really liked that name.
SG4daisy: I also like Daisypetal, Nightarrow, and deepwater, frostbite, mapleleaf.
Goldstreak: And Silverwing
Redstripe: Brightfire
Goldstreak: What about my name?
VickyHolmes: I like it a lot, actually. So watch out in future books... And the focus of the manga books will be GRAYSTRIPE GRAYSTRIPE GRAYSTRIPE! Yay!
Goldstreak: Oh, thank you so much!!!
Firecloud: Graystripe! :)
Goldstreak: Yay Graystripe!
Sunpaw: graystripe!
Sunpaw: he's like my favorite one!
SG4daisy: Greystripe is so cool

SheilaRuth: Cherith, someone asked about favorite songs
CherithBaldry: I like music from the middle ages best, but I also like folk. I don't know that I've a particular favourite song.

Firecloud: Did you know there are TWO cats named Ashfur? (Shadowclan elder and Thunderclan Warrior)
VickyHolmes: Well, I bet there's more than one Vicky in the world... ;)

Firecloud: In The Darkest hour, what did bluestar mean when she said 'blood will rule the forest?'
VickyHolmes: She meant that the forest would be overwhelmed by a terrible battle, and everything would be settled by claws and bloodshed, just for a time.

VickyHolmes: Believe me, I'd love to! I love hot weather (and cold). We had some great weather through July when I was working on Kate's Power of Three Book One script, and I spent nearly every day in the garden getting tanned! My dog wasn't so keen to join me - she hates the heat even though her coat is so short that it's practically painted on. She hid under the jasmine bush, panting.
CherithBaldry: I was writing Firestar's Quest in the hot weather, sitting in my study with the fan going.

Liontail: I don't know if you would be able to answer this or not but usually a new book is released in hardcover first. How long does it take before the softcover version is released?
VickyHolmes: Softcover versions come out one year after hardcover. Not all books come out in hardcover, though all the Warriors titles do, which is a huge honour!

swiftcloud: Could you possibly make warrior plushies or posters or something that fans of the warriors series can buy? (besdes the books)
VickyHolmes: I don't think I could make plushies - I'm dreadful at sewing! And my art sucks too, so that's posters out. :(
CherithBaldry: Poster sized versions of the covers would be great.

graystar: IS TIGERSTAR IN a cat hell
KateCary: If you wait, you'll find out exactly where he is...
VickyHolmes: Excellent question. Keep reading the books - you could be about to find out...
Goldstreak: Ooh. A hint...

Grizzlyclaw: I am writing a book, and am hoping to finish it completely. When i do finish it could i send it to you Vicki?
VickyHolmes: I wish I could say yes, Grizzlyclaw, but unfortunately my schedule doesn't give me time to read unsolicited manuscripts. Believe it or not, I have Warriors titles planned until November 2010!
Shadefur: Wow, 2010?
swiftcloud: woah
blueriver1993: Whoa 2010?
Firecloud: Yes! More books! Tt___tt
blueriver1993: yay!
SG4daisy: 2010wow that's awesome
blueriver1993: moreee books
swiftcloud: I don't know If I'll still be reading warriors when I'm 18!
graystar: Lol
Shadefur: :)
mintyfresh: That's very exciting! ^_^ I know I won't get bored until after 2010 then if you guys stop. xp
swiftcloud: i mean 17
Goldstreak: wow, i will have graduated by then!
Goldstreak: wow....
blueriver1993: wow
Moonstorm: wow
mintyfresh: I'll be graduating high school that year. xd
Shadefur: ill still be reading Warriors by then

swiftcloud: I'm not really following you guys on the manga thing.. Is it going to be like a comic strip? I'm very confused..please help me!
VickyHolmes: Sorry, Swiftcloud, I didn't mean to confuse you! The manga books are going to be like short novels, except that the story will be told in a series of small pictures, like a comic strip but extending over many pages. It was very interesting to write storylines for these because I'm used to letting my cats think about stuff at great length, which can't be done in comic strip format! I had to focus on short, punchy action-packed scenes to move the story forward, with brief dialogue and hardly any thinking at all.
swiftcloud: ooh thanks vicky I understand now!

SheilaRuth: The questions seem to be tapering off, so I think we will probably end soon. Remember that for Kate, Cherith, and Vicky, it's now 1:37 AM!
KateCary: wow - that passed reaaly quickly!

Shadefur: yea, it did
Firecloud: Sorry to get you guys up at this hour... *ears back*
mintyfresh: =] I'm so glad that you guys are still up at this hour! I really appreciate it!

Goldstreak: What about a viewpoint of Firestar's mother? That'd be really neat.
VickyHolmes: Firestar's mother probably doesn't know where he's ended up. As far as she knows, he went to live with a kind family of housefolk (which is what kittypets called Twolegs). I don't think her viewpoint would be particularly illuminating, I'm afraid. And if she knew what he was really up to, I think she'd faint in shock!

Goldstreak: Have any of you ever been to Ireland?!
CherithBaldry: No, I have never been there but I would very much like to go.
VickyHolmes: Yes! I love Ireland, and set one of my own books, The Horse From the Sea, there. I am one quarter Irish and my best friend Joe is entirely Irish so we've spent a lot of time, particularly in Galway and Connemara where my book is set.

We thought the chat was ending, so everyone said their goodbyes...

Redstripe: Thankyou for being on with us!
Moonstorm: thank you so much for answering my questions, I love your books. They have been such an insperation to me!
Goldstreak: Yes, thank you So much! You guys are great!!
SG4daisy: Thank you Cherith, Kate, and Vicky. I love your books... thank you for writing them. Thank you for talking to us!!!
CherithBaldry: We're all so pleased that you enjoy the books.
Goldstreak: You guys rock!!
Moonstorm: I loved this chat! It was So fun
Shadefur: Me too!
SG4daisy: Thank you for answering my questions... I love you all
SheilaRuth: Cherith, Shadefur said "thanx for coming, guys! I loved chatting with you, and I learned so much tonight!"
KateCary: I've enjoyed this heaps - much more than I thought - I was a bit nervous to be honest, but you've all been very kind and patient
blueriver1993: thank you for writing the books!
Firecloud: To all three of you, thank you for writing these great books! Tt___tt
Sunpaw: thank you sooooo sooo much for staying up till 1 to talk to us
KateCary: sorry if you didn't get all your questions answered...
SheilaRuth: Liontail said, "thanks for taking the time and anwering our questions. We appreciate it :)"

But with great fortitude, the authors kept going!

mckinlt: I loved Lionheart - why did you have to kill him in the first book?
VickyHolmes: I loved Lionheart too, but I set out to show in these stories that, sadly, the good guys don't always win. Thank goodness for StarClan, so we can keep an eye on our faves even after they've left the earthly Clans!

Moonstorm: I have to ask this one thing for my friend: do you like cheeseburgers, Cherith?
CherithBaldry: I don't like cheeseburgers all that much, as I try to watch my weight.

Sunpaw: Will you guys write anymore books together?
VickyHolmes: Well, there's all the POWER OF THREE books to get through, and at least one more "Super Special" like Firestar's Quest, so it's safe to say we'll be working together for a few more years yet. Which is great, because Kate and Cherith are talented, fabulous and utterly lovely - we laugh a lot over each script, usually at the clunking mistakes I've made in the storylines - and I often have to pinch myself to remind myself that I'm not just dreaming that I have the best job in the world!
CherithBaldry: I shall feel totally bereft when Warriors finally finishes. It's a world you can be really immersed in.

Goldstreak: The Leafpool/Crowfeather thing won't turn out like Graystripe and Silverstream, will it? Or any other tragic relationship. I want it to be fresh-kill when I read it. Ha.
VickyHolmes: I'm afraid you can never trust me not to kill off your favourite cats. And it would be very boring if I made Kate and Cherith write about happy relationships! It's way more fun when everything is DOOMED!
CherithBaldry: If everything always turned out well you wouldn't enjoy the books because they would be bland and boring.
KateCary: Vicky, you're a Monster ;)
KateCary: I must admit, writing the sad bits is a lot of fun
CherithBaldry: Yes, I agree with Kate.
Mistyleaf: really kate, sometimes it makes me want to cry
KateCary: well, not fun, as in ha-ha
KateCary: but I like to see how sad I can make it, if I go all misty-eyed, i know I'm doing a good job

mintyfresh: In "Into the Wild" they was something about Goldenflower's kittens - who were these kittens?
VickyHolmes: Eek! You promised not to ask difficult questions! The awful truth is, I DON'T KNOW. I'm afraid there are quite a few kits in the very first books who appear and disappear a bit randomly. Don't worry, they didn't die hideously, they just sort of got forgotten about. How sad! (My dog is looking very crossly at me - I think she's worried I might forget about her!)

Blizz: Where can I find the warriors books from around the world?
VickyHolmes: Try looking on the different Amazon sites for each country, eg. for Germany.

Blizz: Where did Bloodclan come from to begin with? Why weren't they mentioned before?
VickyHolmes: They have always lived in the Twolegplace. They weren't mentioned before because they didn't impact on the lives of any cat in ThunderClan. Firestar only found out about them when Tigerstar dragged them into the forest.

Goldstreak: Where can we email you guys? I have some fanart I'd LOVE to send you.
VickyHolmes: I'm sorry, Goldstreak, but I can't give out my personal e-mail address, and nor can Kate or Cherith. But if you post it on one of the fan sites, we might well get to admire it! We're often lurking about on them...

Blizz: Will the warriors site be updated with the new map?
VickyHolmes: Oh, I hope so. I'll get in touch with the publishers next week to check this will be done. They do an amazing job of keeping the site current and exciting, so I'm sure they'll post the new maps.

Blizz: How deep si the river in RiverClan?
VickyHolmes: It varies depending on the weather - sometimes it's so deep that the Stepping Stones get covered up and young RiverClan cats have to be careful not to get washed away, but other times cats could wade across just getting their bellyfur wet.

Firecloud: What was the hardest part to write/edit in these books?
KateCary: I find it really hard when the cats are travelling - trying to describe a whole gang of cats moving about is tricky!
CherithBaldry: I find large groups of cats, like Gatherings or Clan meetings to be hardest. Keeping track of all those cats!
KateCary: I agree, cherith! I try to focus on a fw cats in particular and then Vicky scribbles in the margin something like "what's dustpelt doing?" or "where's leafpaw?"
VickyHolmes: Happy endings! And I must say I find all the different cats very, very confusing. Kate and Cherith are brilliant at saying to me, Er, that cat died two books ago so you can't have him in this scene! As Kate and Cherith said, busy group scenes are always difficult because it's easy to let some cats become "invisible", even though they should be at the centre of the action.

Goldstreak: Did you guys just sleep during the day today?
VickyHolmes: Good question! I went into town to do some shopping, came home and ate a giant bowl of pea soup (yum!), then sorted out some technical problems for my housemate and best friend Joe who is away at the moment. Then I made myself lie on the sofa for an hour with a book, but I was too excited about tonight to sleep so I kept popping upstairs to check out the site!
CherithBaldry: I did have a short nap about 10.00 pm our time.

Rainpaw: Will Hawkfrost fall in love?
VickyHolmes: Maybe or maybe not... Please don't ask me for spoilers because I hate not being able to tell you EVERYTHING!

KateCary: I think all my answers from now on will be too sleep-befuddled to make much sense
KateCary: so I'm going to call it a day
magicyop: ok see you kate
mintyfresh: awwwww
Sunpaw: bai bai!!
Goldstreak: Good night!
magicyop: hope you enjoyed the chat
KateCary: it's been really great chatting to you all
Shadefur: Goodnight, Kate
CherithBaldry: I'm still functioning on adrenalin.
Liontail: thanks for participating
Firecloud: Bye Kate!
magicyop: bye!
SG4daisy: Thank you very very very much Kate
Moonstorm: Bye kate!
swiftcloud: bye kate!
magicyop: sleep well
Goldstreak: Thanks So much for taking the time to be here!
Blizz: Awww! Bye Kate! And thank you so much for signing Ww's Guestbook.
Sunpaw: night! sleep well~
StarClan: Goodbye Kate!
Goldstreak: You Rock!
mintyfresh: Good night Kate! Happy dreaming! ^^
magicyop: thanks for staying so late
Rainpaw: Night, Kate
Shadefur: Bye, and thnx!
Liontail: bye Kate
swiftcloud: thanks for being here
Sunpaw: thank you soooooo much
Mistyleaf: By
magicyop: bye!
blueriver1993: bye kate
Moonstorm: I loved into the wild!
swiftcloud: it was fun@
swiftcloud: !
Firecloud: Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!
KateCary: thanks Sheilaruth, you've been a lovely host
CherithBaldry: Goodbye Kate. We'll have to think about that get-together.
KateCary: bye cherith - we really must meet up some time

SheilaRuth: Ok, Kate, thank you so much for being here! Vicky, do you have any last questions you want to answer?
VickyHolmes: Hey, I can keep going for a while yet. I don't seem able to type fast enough to keep up! I'm so, so sorry if I missed any questions that people really wanted to have answered. Good night Kate, lovely girl. :)
CherithBaldry: I can carry on too, if anyone has more questions.
SheilaRuth: Ok, Vicky and Cherith said they can stay a while. So we're still going like the Energizer bunny

Goldstreak: What was the most fun part to write?
VickyHolmes: Tigerstar's death, no question. We needed him to lose nine lives in one go, so I knew it had to be pretty gory. I thought Scourge was FABULOUS in that scene! I also love the Spottedleaf scenes - see, I'm not totally cruel and heartless (whatever Kate tells you!).
CherithBaldry: Yes, I liked writing the hideous end of Tigerstar!

Mistyleaf: what do you like most about warriors
VickyHolmes: I love that I can explore themes that matter to me on a very personal level, like death and spirituality and family and relationships. These cats are so real to me, and I am truly blessed that Kate and Cherith feel the same way about them, and can bring them to life exacty as I imagine them to be when I write the storylines. Oh and I love killing the pretty cats, of course!

Fernose: How did Hawkfrost become deputy he never had an apprentice?
CherithBaldry: We don't hear about Hawkfrost's apprentice, but that doesn;t mean he never had one.

Fernose: Dose Hawkfrost belive in Starclan?
CherithBaldry: Yes, Hawkfrost does believe in Starclan.
VickyHolmes: Do you know, I'm not entirely sure! Look for clues in the final books of TNP, because you can probably tell as well as I can.
CherithBaldry: I think he does, Vicky. He's very keen on the warrior code, maybe because his mother was a rogue and he knows some cats look sideways at him. 'more royalist than the king', you know.

SheilaRuth: Cherith, someone asked "what do you think of a Warriors fan convention?"
CherithBaldry: I think it would be a brilliant idea, and I would move mountains to attend.

StarClan: Is it just me, or are the clan territories in the new series... distinctly diffrent sizes and containing widley varying degress of hazards. Also, it seems as though there are LOTS of Twoleg structures in the new territory.
VickyHolmes: The new Clan territories are more or less the same size, although WindClan will always cover more territory partly because they don't live in a prey-rich environment and partly because their little legs can cover more distance than the other Clans! And actually, I've been a bit worried that there aren't enough Twoleg structures in the new territory! There's no Twolegplace like in the forest, which was always a good source of stories.

Goldstreak: How many cups of coffe have you guys had? Or any other caffeine-filled product.
CherithBaldry: Two cups of decaf.
VickyHolmes: None, just some sips of water. I had planned a whole range of drinks and snacks to keep me going but I've just been typing solidly for two hours, and I still feel like I haven't answered enough questions! And actually, I don't drink tea or coffee. I never liked the taste. :(
CherithBaldry: No, I've given it up.

Goldstreak: Is it Leafpool on the cover of Starlight?
VickyHolmes: Yes, I think so.

Liontail: What was it like when you were writing the parts where Firestar visits Starclan in his visit to the Moonstone? Did you have trouble choosing the cats to represent different traits
CherithBaldry: No, Vicky and I chose the cats together. Actually, this is one of my favourite scenes.
VickyHolmes: This is a great question. I loved creating those scenes, and Cherith and Kate did a truly awesome job of making them real and spiritual and moving. Initially I panicked at the thought of having to come up with NINE dead cats each representing a different quality for Firestar's leadership, but in the end it was quite easy. My favourite is the trait of of maternal feeling - Firestar expects it to be warm and gentle but in fact it's like a thousand fighting tigers because that's how moms feel if anything threatens their children.

Blizz: Is Graystripe a solid gray witha bad name? Or a gray striped tabby?
VickyHolmes: Hey, don't diss our names! He actually has a stripe of darker fur along his spine - this will be much clearer in the manga books.
mintyfresh: =3 Yay! Now I know exactly what he looks like! ^^

mintyfresh: Do either Vicky or Cherith have their own websites like how Kate Cary has The Guttersnipe?
VickyHolmes: No, I don't have my own site, though I plan to develop one soon.
CherithBaldry: I don't have my own website though I'm hoping that my son will make me one. If he does, I'll send Sheila the Url.
mintyfresh: That sounds great Vicky! =] It would be awesome if both of you got websites! I'd totally visit them a lot!

SG4daisy: do you think up the books and write the books on the computer or on paper?
VickyHolmes: I plan the storylines on various bits of scrap paper, then type my notes into one, vaguely coherent synopsis which has to be approved by the publisher before I send it off to Kate or Cherith.
CherithBaldry: Vicky sends me the storyline and then I write directly onto the computer.

Firecloud: Will you be on this site doing chats again?
VickyHolmes: I'd love to, if I'm invited!
CherithBaldry: If I'm invited I will certainly come.
Firecloud: Sheila- Invite them again!!!
SheilaRuth: I will certainly invite them again, but I think it will work better if we wait a while, so that there is new stuff to talk about

Goldstreak: Why did Tawnypelt suddenly change fur color in the NP series? She used to look like Goldenflower, right?
VickyHolmes: Gosh, I hope she didn't really change colour! I'll have to go and check...
CherithBaldry: No, I think Tawnypelt was always tortoiseshell. I hope she was!

mckinlt: since you write warriors as cats, can you make a dog warriors?
VickyHolmes: Another great question, and one that I've discussed at length with the publishers. It seemed like the obvious way forward for Erin, but when I thought about it properly, I realized that it would be too similar to Warriors to be able to come up with brand new storylines; both cats and dogs live in close-knit "packs", hunt for food, hide from Twolegs, suffer from environmental issues... So we've gone for a completely different animal for the new Erin project. I just hope it works...

SheilaRuth: Cherith, swiftcloud wants to know "what book are you currently working on?"
CherithBaldry: At present I'm revising Firestar's Quest.

StarClan: Will any of the Warriors books ever make it into ebook form?
VickyHolmes: I'm not sure. That's up to the publishers, HarperCollins Inc. At the moment, the books are all selling well in "real" format, including the very first books, so I think it could be a while before e-format is considered.

SheilaRuth: Cherith, "have you watched any fan movies?"
CherithBaldry: Fan movies?
CherithBaldry: No, I didn;t know about these. Where will I find them?
Firecloud: on Blizz's site
Blizz: Try Ww, (sorry for the self-rpomotion) it has a list of them all.

SG4daisy: how do you keep track of all the cats? Do you write it down on paper?
VickyHolmes: I have very detailed Cast Lists for each book, with extra information that doesn't make it into the front of the books like kits and who is who's mother/father. I always begin planning a new storyline by looking at the Cast List from the book before and deciding who should die... *cackle*
Goldstreak: You sound awesome, Ms. Holmes. *cackles with you*

SheilaRuth: Cherith, "what was the easiest death scene to write?" (sunpaw)
CherithBaldry: Tigerstar's, without question. And the hardest was in Np - I'm not sure if I should say. People who have read Np up to now will know.

StarClan: How is StarClan "organized"? Are there kits, warriors, elders, leaders, ect. and seprate sub-clans? How do they decide things? Do they have a specific leader?
VickyHolmes: StarClan doesn't have a hierarchy like the other Clans. For a start, it would be a bit tricky with so many leaders knocking around! You'll notice that Bluestar appears to be their spokes-cat when Firestar dreams of StarClan, because she was his most recent Clan leader, but that doesn't mean she's leader of the whole of StarClan. But StarClan does have kits and elders because if the cats stay as they were in the forest (so Bluestar's dead kit has stayed as a dead kit, which seems very cute indeed). They decide things by discussing them - but you'll also notice that they don't actually make any decisions about the fate of a Clan or a cat. StarClan can't change the future, they just get glimpses of it which they sometimes pass on to the cats below.

Blizz: Why did the new prophecy have no Tawnypelt point of view, but two brambles?
VickyHolmes: Because the action was focussed on ThunderClan, so although Tawnypelt is still an important character, the story doesn't revolve around her.

Firecloud: Have you ever cried while writing.editing a sad scene?
VickyHolmes: Nope, but that's because I'm a cruel and hard-hearted person! (only kidding - I hope) I got very, very sad when I was planning the Prologue for Book Five: Twilight, though, the most emotional I've ever been when thinking about Warriors.
CherithBaldry: Yes, I often cry, or feel tearful. If my emotions weren't engaged I don't think the scene would turn out well.
Goldstreak: I think the appeal of writing tragic scenes is the depth of emotion you can bring out from the character.

StarClan: Tigerstar's death kind of confused me. Why can't StarClan heal ANYTHING despite the type of injury?
VickyHolmes: Because StarClan doesn't have that kind of power. They can't change the cats' lives, they can just glimpse into the future. Also, because they can see everything that happens in the forest, and because they are no longer divided into separate rival Clans, they often have a more detached, sensible point of view of a situation so they are great at offering advice. But you'll find out in Firestar's Quest that they don't always get things right...

swiftcloud: There has been lots of confusion about who is on the moonrise cover. Is it Stormfur or Feathertail?
VickyHolmes: Unfortunately I don't have the cover in front of me so I can't say for sure, but I think it's Feathertail.

SheilaRuth: Cherith, "Are Hawkfrost and Mothwing close?" (from Rainpaw)
CherithBaldry: They began by being very close, but as Np continues they become less so. You'll have to read the books to find out why.

Mistyleaf: Cherith do you have any cats?
CherithBaldry: Yes, I have two cats, Brambleclaw and Sorreltail. You know what they look like if you have read the books!

Firecloud: *pets cats thru computer*
Mistyleaf: ok thanks!

Fernose: Howcome Hawkfrost became deputy he was barely a warrior?
VickyHolmes: We don't know for sure because we weren't in RiverClan at the time, but I can imagine he made sure he was always in the right place at the right time when it came to catching Leopardstar's attention! Also, she had a lot of respect for Tigerstar so she'd be biased towards his son. Hawkfrost is a good warrior in the same way that Tigerstar was - brave, loyal and outspoken, which are all sound qualities for a deputy.

Firecloud: Can cats in Starclan be reborn if they want?
VickyHolmes: No, their power is limited to visiting cats in their dreams.

Firecloud: If you could choose one cat to either bring back to life or save from being killed, who would it be?
CherithBaldry: Answering that would be a spoiler - but look at my answer above when I said which death scene was hardest to write.
VickyHolmes: Surely you don't expect me to say that I'd want to save ANY cats?!
CherithBaldry: Actually, that question about which cat I'd bring back - maybe it would be Whitestorm after all. Or Yellowfang,.

Sunpaw: Does Cloudtail still not believe in Starclan?
VickyHolmes: No, he doesn't. He totally respects that the other cats have a strong sense of belief, but he doesn't feel the same way. He still follows the warrior code, and would die for his Clanmates, which is very important to me because I want to explore all different attitudes toward faith, including having none at all.
CherithBaldry: It's good to show that a cat's loyalty to the Clan doesn;t have to depend on faith in Starclan.

Mistyleaf: Will cloudtail ever believe in starclan?
CherithBaldry: I don't think he will ever believe, but who knows? Well, maybe Vicky does.

Shadefur: Why did you decide to focus it always on ThunderClan?
VickyHolmes: We considered switching to a different Clan for The New Prophecy but decided to stick with ThunderClan because we felt that readers would have established strong connections with these characters, and wouldn't want to abandon Firestar when he'd only just become Clan leader! But we did get to know cats from other Clans much, much better in TNP, which was one of the reasons I chose to bring cats from all four Clans on the quest to find Midnight. I really enjoyed exploring the other Clans in more detail - after all, not every cat in ShadowClan could be totally evil!

Firecloud: How many lives does Firestar have left?
VickyHolmes: Ack, I keep losing count! Cherith will know for sure - I'd be lost without her for things like this.
CherithBaldry: At present I think it's 6.

SG4daisy: did he lose one in between the darkest hour and midnight cherith?
CherithBaldry: That would be telling!

mintyfresh Will Ravenpaw ever return to the Clans?
VickyHolmes Ravenpaw is a fabulous character and will always pop up in stories if at all possible, but he'll never come back to live in ThunderClan. He thought about it in Darkest Hour but realized he is genuinely happier living with just Barley for company. I don't blame him - Clan life must get very hectic!

Goldstreak: How does Brightheart feel about Cloudtail's lack of belief?
VickyHolmes: Interesting question. I guess she loves him for who he is, and respects his lack of faith as much as he respects the fact that she *does* believe. In case you haven't noticed, I'm fascinated by different faiths - and people who don't have any faith at all. If you get around to reading these books more than once, perhaps you could focus on that theme to see how it affects each cat!

SheilaRuth: Sorry, Blizz, what does this mean: "what are your favorite shippings?"
mintyfresh: Shippings is short for relationshipings. Like. What are their favorite couples from the book
Blizz: What are your favorite shippings?
CherithBaldry: Hmmm... Cloudtail and Brightheart, because of how he is faithful to her after she is injured. Dustpelt and Ferncloud, because I like Dustpelt and it's good to see him happy.
VickyHolmes: Well, if I *have* to appreciate some happy romances, then Cloudtail and Brightheart have a pretty cool relationship. He was AWESOME after she was attacked by the dogs.

Firecloud: If, by some weird twist of fate, Cloudtail was made deputy, then leader, would he get his nine lives?
VickyHolmes: Gosh, I've never thought about that! Hmmmm. Okay, I'm not going to say a definite yes or no, but read Twilight and Sunset carefully for some clues about how StarClan might feel about his lack of faith...

Sunpaw: Whatever happend to Darkstripe???
VickyHolmes: He was killed in the battle with BloodClan. Cherith, can you remember who finished him off?
CherithBaldry: Greystripe killed Darkstripe.

Firecloud: How much time passed between The Darkest Hour and Midnight?
VickyHolmes: Approximately twelve months.

SG4daisy: Vicky who is writing each of the Power of Three books?
VickyHolmes: We haven't figured that out yet, but it won't be anyone other than Kate and Cherith, of course!

swiftcloud: Was Mudclaw lieing when he said he had promised Hawkfrost deputy position in WindClan and to help him take over RiverClan?
VickyHolmes: No, I don't think so, because he'd know that Hawkfrost would be FURIOUS if he didn't get some sort of reward for helping him - and would you want to get on the wrong side of a cat like Hawkfrost? But Hawkfrost would certainly have imagined having a LOT of control over the Clans, whereas Mudclaw was just focused on becoming leader of WindClan and probably didn't give a whole lot of thought to what his deputy would do.

SheilaRuth: Cherith, :"Do you think Shrewpaw and Squirrelflight would have made a cute couple?"
CherithBaldry: No, I don;t think Shrewpaw had nearly enough clout to cope with a cat like Squirrelflight.

SG4daisy: Will any dogs ever be friends of the cats?
VickyHolmes: Good question, and something definitely worth considering for future storylines. There would be a big language barrier, of course - you'll notice that our cats don't speak dog or fox or rat or badger. I can't imagine they'll ever learn to speak dog, or that a dog would ever learn to speak cat!
CherithBaldry: Vicky, do you think a dog that lived with Twolegs in the same house as a kittypet would learn to speak cat? Or vice cersa?
VickyHolmes: Oh, good point, Cherith! And definitely one to consider for future books.

Goldstreak: Will we see more of Longtail?
VickyHolmes: I love that you're such a big fan of Longtail! And I guess it won't hurt to tell you that he plays quite a significant role in Power of Three Book One. Kate has done an incredible job with his scenes. :)

Goldstreak: Will there be any Siamese kittypets?
VickyHolmes: Yes! You'll have to wait until Firestar's Quest to meet them but brace yourself - Cherith has made them the finest cameo characters EVER!
CherithBaldry: Oh, thanks, Vicky. I did enjoy writing them!

Goldstreak: What fansites are you generally on the most?
VickyHolmes: I think is amazing - well done, Blizz, and thank you! I haven't found a bad one yet, actually. You're all so good at this kind of stuff, while it's a miracle I've made it here today without falling off the screen!
CherithBaldry: I agree with what Vicky just said. These sites rock!

swiftcloud: Does Mistyfoot EVER become leader of RiverClan?
VickyHolmes: Well, she'd have to live long enough first... Oh I am so eeevvviiiiilllll!
CherithBaldry: I have to say that I'm going to get *very* cross with Vicky if Mistyfoot doesn't become leader!

Goldstreak: Will we see Princess again? Including FS and SotC.
VickyHolmes: She might be kind of far away, if you know what I mean. ;)

Firecloud: Why are all female cats called Queens in the first books?
VickyHolmes: Technically, all she-cats should be known as "queens", but we decided to refine the term a little so that it just referred to cats nursing or expecting kits. Otherwise they're known as "she-cats".

Sunpaw: What happend to Barly? I was just wondering
VickyHolmes: He's still around! He and Ravenpaw live very happily in the barn, getting plump on rats and helping any passing Clan cats.

mintyfresh: Will we ever encounter Stormfur again? Also, will his name be changed now that he'd in the tribe?
VickyHolmes: You'll definitely see the Tribe of Rushing Water again in Power of Three, so it's safe to say that Stormfur will make another appearance.

StarClan: One last question: hat happens if cats refuse to obey their leader? What if most of the clan refuses? Can a leader be forcefully removed? What would Starclan think of this?
CherithBaldry: You've seen a little bit about a cat refusing to obey in Book 5 when Firestar doesn't want to obey Bluestar's order to attack Windclan. Also Shadowclan got rid of Brokentail, so you can work out what happened afterwards.

VickyHolmes: I've had a great time tonight, thank you so much for coming, all of you. But the questions left now have been mostly answered already earlier in the transcript, so this seems like a good time for me to bid farewell. My little dog (who is called Missy, by the way) is getting very puzzled that we're up so late!
CherithBaldry: Yes, I think this is a good time for me to go too. Thank you all for coming. I've had a great time.
Mistyleaf: bye vicky
Shadefur: Bye Vicky! Thanx for coming!
SG4daisy: Thank you very very very much Vicky
swiftcloud: bye vicky
Mistyleaf: this was soo much fun
mintyfresh: awwwww. Byebye Vicky! Thank you so much for answering our questions! ^_^
SG4daisy: I hope you all will come again
Rainpaw: Awww... bye Vicky
StarClan: Bye Vickie! Thanks for chatting!
swiftcloud: thank you So Much for coming!
SheilaRuth: Vicky and Cherith, thank you So much for coming!
Mistyleaf: thankyou for answering our questions\
Fernose: Bye
Moonstorm: Bye, and thanx so much!!
Shadefur: Bye Cherith! Thnx so much guys!
VickyHolmes: Bye, everyone! Sorry if I didn't get to answer your question. I tried to type as fast as I could! I'll come back again, I promise, as soon as I'm invited. Take care, and have fun with Twilight when it comes out on Tuesday. Come on guys, we Have to beat Harry Potter again! Vicky xxx
swiftcloud: bye!
Mistyleaf: bye
Rainpaw: This was so cool! See ya!
Mistyleaf: luv ya
Shadefur: Bye!
Firecloud: bye!

Firecloud | 2006-08-21 12:49 |  Yay! Now I can see all the

Yay! Now I can see all the questions I missed! :)


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Lostpaw the Mus... | 2006-08-21 12:56 |  :)

Cool! Thanx Sheila!


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Mistyleaf | 2006-08-21 16:17 |  Cool!

yay! now i can review it amd stuff!

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swiftcloud | 2006-08-21 16:38 |  wow

I forgot how many questions we were able to get in! That was so much fun thanks for making the transcript Sheila!

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Sock Monkey | 2006-08-21 16:59 |  Thank-you

Thank-you so much! Now I can put the link on my site and read all of the questions.


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Goldstreak | 2006-08-21 18:36 |  LONGTAIL!!!!

LONGTAAAILLL!!!!! *cries with happiness* I love Longtail. Erm, just in case you couldn't tell... And Vicky said she LIKES MY NAME!!!!! *faints* If my name's ever used, I'll run up to whoever I see in the bookstore and be like, This is my name!! And I'll get very weird looks indeed.... mrow.
Goldie the Definitely-Not-Goldfish

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Anonymous | 2006-08-21 18:49 |  Po3

I wonder what Longtail's role will be in Power of Three...? It'll have something to do with his heightened senses now that he's blind, I think...

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SheilaRuth | 2006-08-21 21:49 |  Goldstreak

Hi Goldstreak, I'm glad you got to see the transcript. It seemed like they started answering your questions after you left! I hope they do use your name!

Sheila Ruth
Wands and Worlds "Mom"

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SheilaRuth | 2006-08-21 21:52 |  Questions

At the end of the chat, there had been 373 questions submitted. Some of those were duplicates or submitted by mistake, but it's still a lot of questions!

Sheila Ruth
Wands and Worlds "Mom"

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swiftcloud | 2006-08-22 14:02 |  Wow

Wow thats a lot of questions! Me too Goldstreak I would go up to some random person on the street and say, "My name is used in the warriors books!" Then I would run off and start screaming those same words lol. Yeah I have been wondering what his role will be, well now because he is blind....


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Sock Monkey | 2006-08-22 23:01 |  *sniff*

*Sniff* My my name can't be used in the books...

Moonstorm (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah)

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SheilaRuth | 2006-08-23 09:08 |  Yes but...

That's true, Moonstorm, but Vicky did say that it's a beautiful name.

Sheila Ruth
Wands and Worlds "Mom"

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Sock Monkey | 2006-08-23 13:32 |  true

...That's true.


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spottedstar | 2006-08-23 16:01 |  SpottedSTAR probly couldnt

SpottedSTAR probly couldnt be used in the books, but maybe spottedWING could be(i love that name),but i would have 2 ask them at the next chat, and that probly is moons and moons away....

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Lostpaw the Mus... | 2006-08-24 14:19 |  They probobly won't use

They probobly won't use Shadefur, because it's too close to Shadepelt, which was alreday in the books. I hope they use Shadefir though. That's a little different. :)


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swiftcloud | 2006-08-24 20:28 |  Yah moons...

Yes the next chat is probably be many moons away.........


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Sock Monkey | 2006-08-25 22:59 |  :-(



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spottedstar | 2006-08-29 17:19 |  well, that is if there is a

well, that is if there is a next chat, i hope so!!!

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SheilaRuth | 2006-08-29 21:33 |  Hopefully

They said that they would be glad to come back and do it again, so I hope that we will be able to have another one. But swiftcloud is right, it will probably be many moons. It would be better to wait until there's new stuff to talk about.

Besides, I don't want to take up too much of their time and keep them from writing the books!

Sheila Ruth
Wands and Worlds "Mom"

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spottedstar | 2006-09-05 18:13 |  ur right, sheila.

ur right, sheila.

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Runningflame | 2007-01-19 20:01 |  Chat? Chat?

There have been rumors floating around that a new chat is in the works. So Sheila, could you confirm or deny this? Or is that a spoiler? :^D


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Brightpool | 2007-01-19 20:54 |  Sheila has told me she will

Sheila has told me she will anounce if and when the chat will be when things are positive.


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Dancingleaf | 2007-01-20 02:18 |  I wish I could've been at

I wish I could've been at that chat. :( It sounded like a lot of fun!

-Dancingleaf, the swift blue eyed she cat with a shiny golden brown coat.

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spottedstar | 2007-01-20 09:50 |  same here! i was in a play

same here! i was in a play during the chat


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Scarletfire | 2007-01-24 22:49 |  I MISSED IT!!!! luv,


luv, Scarletpaw: a dainty, clever and hyper scarlet colored she-cat with blue eyes.

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Lostpaw the Mus... | 2007-03-06 16:48 |  I remember when my name was

I remember when my name was Shadefur. :) I like Lostkit a lot better :)

Lostkit- A white she-cat with black paws and a brown tail.

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Squirrelflame | 2007-04-05 20:43 |  wow

You guys! I'm coming to the next Chat on may 12 at 7 pm! I'll see ya there!

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Rosepetal | 2007-05-08 12:34 |  where was it? I dont know

where was it? I dont know where....and I wanna be in the room....:(:(:(

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Scarletfire | 2007-05-08 22:05 |  i dont even want to know how

i dont even want to know how many ppls are going to be at this next chat... :)

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Runningflame | 2007-05-08 22:07 |  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


Sorry, that was my cat... [sheepish grin]

Um... oh yeah... Scarletfire, probably too many. ;^P

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Scarletfire | 2007-05-08 23:05 |  o geez. lol my cat does that

o geez. lol my cat does that too! hahaha.

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Sock Monkey | 2007-05-09 01:18 |  LOL!! ROTFL!!! Your cat did

LOL!! ROTFL!!! Your cat did that!? That made me squeak-laugh! In case you're wondering what that is, it sounds kind of like a choking seagul...0_0

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Runningflame | 2007-05-09 09:12 |  Yeah, first she decided to

Yeah, first she decided to walk in front of the keyboard while I was typing, which didn't really bother me too much, so I kept typing. Then she sat down right next to the right side of the keyboard, so that the base of her tail was resting on the numpad + key. :^D It took me a while to figure out where those things were all coming from!

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