Teamsters Boycott Yuengling

A popular upstate beer brewery is under a Teamsters boycott. Calling for the boycott is Daniel Grace, secretary-treasurer of Teamsters Local 830. Backing up the boycott is the Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters.

Grace called for the boycott following an action by D.G. Yuengling & Son last March withdrawing union recognition, declaring it would no longer negotiate with Teamsters Local 830 Management.

Yuengling made the move three weeks before its contract was to expire with Local 830.

Grace said, “That action by D.G. Yuengling & Son jeopardized the working standards, conditions and livelihoods of many hard-working Local 830 workers whose efforts and dedication have helped this local company achieve the national acclaim and success they now enjoy.”

Several attempts by Local 830 management to resume good-faith negotiations in hopes of coming to a fair and amicable agreement have been spurned by the beverage manufacturer.

Local 830 has filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board, which are pending.