Queen on Catte Street

By Unknown Author

Queen on Catte Street

THIS FRIDAY, Catte Street will witness the visit of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to Oxford.

It had originally been rumoured that they would attend Univ Ball. However its now seems that they will be conducting a more general tour of the University. Itineraries released this week show that they will visit a number of locations around the city and the University.

The visit is planned to start at 11.00am with senior members of the university greeting them before a service in the University Church of St Mary on High Street. As the Queen's visit has been prompted by Univ's 750th anniversary there will also be will be 200 members of their JCR in attendance. After the service there will be a walkabout by the royal party down Catte Street to the Bodleian Library where they will be escorted around an exhibition of the college history by a number of undergraduates.

Plans are for the Queen and the Prince Phillip will be entertained by the Master of Univ at a reception. The Univ JCR President will also have a chance to escort the Royal party to the JCR where the Prince will be shown around while the Queen will be met by students representing the many interests in the college.

A group representing the Learning Together group will explain their project to HRH wherein they have twinned Univ with a local school. Another group will be on behalf of sporting interests and a third will be a drama group discussing the productions they are performing this term.

A music and arts group will then present the Queen with a special 750th anniversary CD.

The royals plan to will have lunch at High Table in University College Hall with senior staff in the college and the JCR President. before going on to visit separate locations in the city. The Duke is expected to be arriving at Oxford Brookes where he is supposed to sample beers brewed by researchers who are investigating yeast performance in brewing.

The police declined to give details on the number of officers required in the security plans but a spokesman stated there would be, "sufficient police officers on duty to deal with any eventuality." Notices have been placed in college lodges informing students of the closure of a number of roads for the Royal party walkabout. They also warned candidates who have exams on Friday to make sure they leave sufficient time to reach the exam schools. However a spokeswomen for the University commented that they, "assume it shouldn't be too bad." All candidates should already be at the exam schools by the time the Royals arrive and the only possible problem would be the manic flag wavers on the pavement.