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Fares and Transfers
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Fares Effective September 26, 2004
MetroAccess Fares Effective July 1, 2006

Use exact fare when boarding the bus as drivers do not carry cash or make change.

Fairfax Connector Bus Fares
Cash Fares Cost
  All Local Routes (except express routes below) $1.00
  Express Routes 380, 595, & 597 $3.00
Cash Fares With Rail-to-Bus Transfer  
  All Local Routes (except express routes below) $0.35
  Express Routes 380, 595 & 597 $2.10
Senior-Disabled Cash Fares
  All Local Routes (except express routes below) $0.50
  Express Routes 380, 595 & 597 $1.00
  With Rail-to-Bus Transfer on All Routes FREE
MetroAccess Customer Fares  
  All Routes for MetroAccess ID Card
   Holders and 1 Companion
Children's Fares
  Up to 2 Children 4 Years of Age and Under
   With Each Adult Paying Full Fare
  Children Age 5 and Over Adult Fare

Cash, valid transfers, tokens, bus passes of regional bus systems, and VRE and Translink passes are accepted as fare media for riding Fairfax Connector buses. Exact amount is required when paying by cash. Drivers do not carry money or make change. An additional fare using cash or tokens may have to be paid when using transfers. Up to two children, four years of age or younger, may ride free with a paying customer.

Fare media may be purchased at Connector Store locations.

Fares with Metrorail-To-Bus Transfer

Full fares are discounted (see fare table above) when a valid Metrorail-To-Bus transfer is used. To be valid, this transfer must be obtained prior to exiting the Metrorail station where entry into the Metrorail system is made.

Senior-Disabled Fares

Full fares are discounted (see fare table above) for customers 65 years of age and older and persons with disabilities with a Metro ID or Medicare card. A photo ID may be requested by the driver. Senior citizens can obtain an ID card application at all Fairfax County libraries. Persons with disabilities can arrange to obtain an ID card at WMATA headquarters, 600 Fifth Street NW, Washington, D.C., by calling (202)-962-1245, TTY (202) 628-8973.

Bus-To-Bus Transfers

Transfers are issued FREE to customers paying fares with cash or tokens. Transfers are valid for two additional hours from time of boarding for an unlimited number of rides. A transfer cannot be redeemed for another transfer. VRE, Translink and bus passes serve as transfers.

Regional One Day Bus Pass: $3.00

Purchased on the bus, the pass is valid for an unlimited number of rides on local routes of participating regional bus systems on the day purchased. It has a value of $1.25 per trip when used on express routes. An additional cash fare of $1.75 required for express routes when using one day pass. It expires at midnight, Sunday-Thursday and at 2 a.m., Friday and Saturday.

Transfers for VRE

Transfers to and from VRE are free with a valid VRE ticket.


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