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For Immediate Release: March 1, 2007

Free Wireless Internet Access At Thruway’s 27 Travel Plazas

The New York State Thruway Authority has announced today that free Wireless Internet Service (Wi-Fi) access is now available to motorists at all 27 Thruway Travel Plazas conveniently located along the 641 mile superhighway. The Wi-Fi system provides free Internet access to customers who visit the Travel Plazas with Wi-Fi enabled devices. 

“The implementation of Wi-Fi at Thruway Travel Plazas will enhance the ability of Thruway customers, whether they are traveling professionals, truck drivers, commuters, or vacationers, to better manage their time and their business from the road,” said Thruway Authority Executive Director Michael R. Fleischer. “Wireless Internet access at Thruway Travel Plazas provides motorists a convenient means to plan travel, research road conditions, check email, and access internet applications.”

Assemblyman Sam Hoyt, who originally approached the Authority about making Wi-Fi available on the Thruway, commented, “Making Wi-Fi available to Thruway travelers is a tremendous asset for business and pleasure travelers alike, and provides an enhanced service to Thruway users.  The availability of this service will additionally facilitate increased use of the rest areas and service stations.  As a weekly traveler on the New York State Thruway, back and forth to Albany, I can attest to the value of providing this important service to enable people to remain connected while traveling.”

Wi-Fi, or “wireless fidelity,” provides the ability to utilize wireless technology to access the Internet; which is growing at a rapid rate. Motorists traveling along the Thruway with a Wi-Fi enabled device with a standard internet browser such as a laptop, cell phone, or personal digital assistant (PDA) can now connect to the Internet when inside the seating areas of the Travel Plazas.

The installation of Wi-Fi at all Thruway Travel Plazas is just one step in the ongoing effort to improve customer service along the Thruway. The Authority is committed to implementing new advances such as Wi-Fi technology to enable customers to have a more enjoyable and productive trip on the Thruway, whether for business or pleasure.

The Authority has updated its existing signage along the system and at all 27 Thruway Travel Plazas to promote the Wi-Fi availability inside the Travel Plazas. Additional details regarding Wi-Fi, including FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) and a customer service support number, will be available inside the Travel Plazas.

The Thruway’s 27 Travel Plazas are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and service over 20 million vehicles per year.  The Thruway Authority discourages drowsy driving and encourages motorists to use one of the Travel Plazas or rest areas located along the Thruway to take frequent safety breaks while traveling.

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The Authority offers a free email service called TRANSalert to its customers via email or text messaging to inform them of major unscheduled incidents that may affect their travel on the Thruway.  To sign up for the TRANSalert service, customers can visit the Authority’s website at


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