Vince Colletta

Vince Colletta was a talented penciler and one of the mainstays of the Atlas/Marvel romance titles of the 1950's.  In the 1960's he made his name all over again as an inker, principally over Jack Kirby.  For me, the Kirby/Colletta version of Thor is the definitive one.

Love Romances
# 39

May 1954
More romance by Colletta - and check out the seagull!
# 75

Feb 1956
Love at first sight, by Colletta
# 83

Feb 1957
Another classy Colletta cover
My Own Romance
# 61

Jan 1958

Love Romances
# 95

Sep 1961
Vince inks Kirby's pencils on the second DD cover
# 2

Jun 1964
Vince inks over Kirby again on this terrific DD cover
# 4

Oct 1964
Kirby had been drawing Thor for nearly 4 years by the time Vince Colletta joined him with this issue, as the title entered its best period
# 116

May 1965
Often listed as the best FF story ever - The Battle of the Baxter Building, cover by Jack and Vince
Fantastic Four
# 40

Jul 1965
The 4th of 5 Kirby/Colletta FF covers
Fantastic Four
# 43

Oct 1965
Another Kirby/Colletta masterpiece
# 124

Jan 1966
Thor's title finally becomes his own with a titanic battle against Hercules
# 126

Mar 1966
Thor vs The Destroyer
King-Size # 2

Sep 1966
I could include every Thor cover from this era, but I'll just have to limit this selection to the truly great...
# 136

Jan 1967
I think this was the only Kiby/Colletta cover in the Astonish run but it's one of the best of them all
Tales to Astonish
# 90

Apr 1967
Another Kirby/Colletta classsic
# 140

May 1967
Yet another Kirby/Colletta classic
# 144

Sep 1967
Vince lends his talents to John Buscema's pencils on a memorable Avengers cover
# 45

Oct 1967
How about that? Another Kirby/Colletta classic
# 149

Feb 1968
Vince inks over Gene Colan's pencils on this memorable cover
Captain Marvel
# 3

Jul 1968
Guess What? Another Kirby/Colletta classic
# 157

Oct 1968
Vince inks over Gene Colan's pencils again on this one
Captain Marvel
# 8

Dec 1968
Still another Kirby/Colletta classic
# 160

Jan 1969
Vince inks Barry Smith on a rare X-Men cover
# 54

Mar 1969
Frank Springer on pencils this time, but unmistakably Vince's inks
Captain Marvel
# 14

Jun 1969

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