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"Scratch My Butt Elmo" -- funny

there is a post above about Bert and Ernie being like Oscar and Felix. Never thought about that. I do find it interesting that the names come from the cop and the cab driver in "It's a Wonderful Life"

Is there still a dog caller Dr. Bob. Is he named after the AA co-founder Dr. Bob Smith?
Yesterday afternoon, I bought the new book by Roscoe Orman (Gordon Robinson). I am "very" excited about reading it! So far, I have read the boigraphy of Jim Henson, a book called "Sesame Street Unpaved" and a book by Caroll Spinney (Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch). I have learned a "lot" of interesting things about this series, its history and the people involved in it! After I read this book, I will be sure to post more messages telling other fans whether or not I recommend it. Take care for now!
I am of the Elmo geneation and I remember him so well. I loved him. He was so cool. Lol i must have wanted to BE Elmo. Havn't seen it since... Maybe it's gone to wierd to show on big channels. Or maybe I just can't wake up at 5:00am anymore...
When they got more concerned about their storyline characters then showing animated shorts devoted to letters and numbers. The shorts was what the show was originally intended for after all. I wouldn't call what's being aired now Sesame Street.
Although this site has shown "marked" improvement since it first changed formats, there is still the occasional case in which a message that has already been posted falls off. A few days ago, I posted a message about the character of Buffy Santamariea. Does anyone out there remember her. In any event, I noticed yesterday that that message was gone and so was a message that was posted before it. The most recent message before this one is the "third" to last message posted not counting the one that you are reading!
I don't know about this show. I mean I've tried to sit back and enjoy it but...Well I guess it just seems a little childish to me!
One episode that I have "very" fond memories of came out in the mid-seventies! It even made the cover of the TV-Guide in my one of my county's local newspapers! The episode that I am referring to is one in which a witch flew over "Sesame Street" dropped her broom and David picked it up. During her stay, she threatened to turn David into a basketball and Big Bird into a feather duster! I have searched all over the Internet to find facts about this episode, but have always ended up empty-handed. I would be "very" interested in reading a post by someone who knows a site that can tell my who the actress who played the witch was and how they got the idea for the episode!
Had to be when Jim Henson died and characters such as Guy Smiley and Forgetful Jones were retired as a result. The show just wasn't the same without him.
I would like to say a few things to the thirteen people who voted for "not that there's anything wrong with that". The first thing that I would like you to know is that I am the most recent person to post on the "Odd Couple" page of this site. One age-old belief is that Bert and Earnie were modeled after Felix and Oscar. In a lot of ways, this theory makes sense. To make sure that people did not look at Felix and Oscar as a gay couple, the network was careful to work, at least one mention of at least one ex-wife into almost every episode. Furthermore, Bert, who is overly sensible and practical has a deeper voice and a tendency to yell and talk in a comanding manner. While Earnie who plays the drums and has a very happy-go-lucky outlook on life has a squeakier voice and likes to take baths. In other words, they make the Felix character more masculine and the Oscar character more feminine. The way that I look at it is that, if either couple were a gay couple, the networks reversed the roles of who would be the butch and who would be the femme.
I miss Sesame Street! Haven't watched it in such a ling time.
I loved Sesame Street in the 80's. We all did... my sisters, brother, cousins... My younger cousin Jon used to put my name (stephanie ) in the lyrics to the theme song. Yes, he loves me so much!!!
My kids watched it in the late 90's. They loved Elmo... I thought he was cute, but he was no Cookie or Oscar. Those guys were ME!! Sometimes kids are out of control like Cookie and they are also grumpy and grouchy like Oscar. I mean, really, who can be so red and happy and annoying like Elmo ALL of the time?!? has anyone looked into some little pills for this kid? It is OK to have hurt feelings and not like things!!! The old Sesame Street valued those things. This new PC street is not what I am used to. As a teacher I like the educational aspects and I applaud the producers' intoduction of HIV character in an area plagued by the disease, but why does the US show have to involved every ethnicity and situation. I am not racist or anything... I feel that after the Elmo commercial in the beginning and then all of these new characters / cultures are introduced /explained/explored, there leave little time and space for what the show was originally about. Sesame Street doesnot have to put everything in thier shows... leave something for the other shows to do. I love Miguel & Maya that introduces Latino culture, A Big,BIg World that involves the world tree and global issues. I am sure that there are more shows that embrace many facets of society, too.
Sesame Street was a simnple show about life through the eyes of a young Big Bird and his journey into learning. That is what the show should go back to.
When they created the character with AIDS.

I'm all for AIDS awareness...but honestly. Talk about trying too damn hard to be diverse.
It lost it for me when they "modernized" the opening theme and "diversity" became the most important focus of the show, rather than actual learning. Even in the 80's, when I grew up with the show, it retained most of its original "feel." Well, thank you, 90's, your worthless contributions to culture carried over even into old children's television.
I know Elmo the Monster is a popular figure on "Sesame Street" these days, but I like to remember the days pre-Elmo...before he started taking over the show.

I have warm, fuzzy, deep-rooted feelings for this classic children's program. But only the episodes that hold a special place in my heart are the '70s shows. I grew up watching Sesame Street between 1977 and 1981, and, aside from my mother's teachings, I learned so much from this show as to count, how to share and how to read.

I miss the old skits and the old cartoons. "Everybody sleeps..." and "...everybody eats". "1-2-3, 4-5, 6-7-8-9-10, 11-12." "One of these things." "C is for cookie." The banjo music and fuzzy shavings dancing around on an orange background. "The ladybugs' picnic." Tweedlebugs. The martians ("yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip, uh-huh, uh-huh...telephone"). Mr., Hooper (bless his soul).

Now, with that red nightmare (Elmo) and his accomplices (the other newer characters) in the way, the show seems to lack the same magic it once had years ago. I understand this is specifically a children's show and research is geared to reflect the lifestyles and sttitudes of today, but "Sesame Street" nowadays is merely just a shadow of its former self. Which is sad, because I feel as if today's SS viewers are missing out on the best episodes ever aired.

As the DVD owner of "Sesame Street: Old School - Volume 1", I think I'll share the classics with my future children instead.
I'm almost 40 years old and one of the "original" viewers of the show. Grew up w/ classic characters voiced/created by the masters Jim Henson and Frank Oz, among other wonderfully talented who "got it" when it came to entertaining and educating children.

Now I have children of my own and I have to say that SS is not the same product I loved. My question is , if it isn't broken, why fix it. Here are a couple of things I find wrong with the show:
1.) Baby bear who speaks like a baby? How annoying. Speak the way you're supposed to so kids "learn". Isn't that one of the intentions of the show.
2.) Rosita w/ the word of the day in Spanish. Im all for my children learning a 2nd language especially in this ever shrinking global economy. My problem w/ this character, beside the fact her voice annoys me is a.) do you think one word a day is going have my child speaking fluent Spanish at any time? and b.) I feel like this is SS management trying to be "PC" to special interest groups/lobbyists. A classic example was the character I believe they developed in Africa...was HIV positive or had AIDS? Don't recall. Here's the message to SS, leave these additional teachings to us as parents.
3.) Finally, I have to admit that Elmo has grown on me. The red character, the voice, just pulls the kids in. He's cute and very good for the SS target audience, BUT, do we need 30 minutes of the show taken up by Elmo? Talk about mega-marketing saturation.

I think SS has lost it's original focus and don't see my children getting the same experiences out of the show that I did. They certainly won't look back and remember any classic parts of the show the way their dad can- Guy Smiley, "Ten Coconut Custard Pies", Grover, Cookie, Mana,Mana, to name a few...35 years later. So sad.
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