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wisdom of the "week" (27 June 2004)
If you're working hard, then you're working too hard.
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"Gambling Website makes a fool of itself" (29 June 2004)
This morning, the front page of "Sports 911" looked like this.
At about 7:50pm it looked like this.
By 10:45pm it looked like this.

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  *celebrity bloopers (27 March 2004)

What's wrong with this picture of Jeremy Beadle?

Jeremy Beadle
a) His hair could do with a comb,
b) Oh, I don't like his suit,
c) Watch out, Beadle's a Trout, or,
d) There's nothing wrong with it.

Image: Dr Tricky

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Featured Link of the Week:
Wimbledon 1998 Hoax (27 June 2004)
It was faked!!!

Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down (27 March 2004)
Biscuits RULE

Pimp Daddy (20 December 2003)
Yo momma so fat, etc..

Mr T vs Everything (8 November 2003)
Yo crazy fool. (18 October 2003)
We all know you shouldn't mock the afflicted, but that doesn't stop them from being funny.

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(6 November 2003)

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