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yfriday - four-piece rock band

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Formed in 1994, yfriday have been writing searching lyrics and powerful melody lines for a decade and still have "plenty more where that came from"!

Known for their breathtaking live shows, their slot within the top five Christian bands in the UK is well deserved and their popularity just seems to grow and grow.

yfriday are no strangers to huge crowds and have played to tens of thousands in many countries around the world but are just as comfortable playing an acoustic set in a more intimate environment.

Their most recent album release Revolution has received some fantastic reviews including "this is simply excellent" from Cross Rhythms magazine in December 2003 (see below) and many others. Lead singer Ken Riley says, "The Revolution album was written around the passion that yfriday have to see young people get stirred up and make a difference – where they are".

"At last yfriday have delivered an album that reflects the energetic strength of their live performances.  Choosing an organic, stripped down rock sound rather than a highly polished over-production, this fits nicely into the current sound of the British mainstream rock fraternity.  There are swathes of guitars, plenty of hard riffing and excellent keyboard work adding extra textures.  Built around the group's solid rhythm section, a lot of these songs have already been road tested and explode with fresh exuberance on disc.  As usual the band's modus operandi is to pen inspiring anthems to lift their audience closer to God though this album is less worship and more performance than previous outings but lyrics are still vertical.  The band is committed to encouraging the emerging generation to get off it's collective bottom and make a difference instead of simply sinking into the perpetual bless up of fabulous worship times.  The title cut and pin you back in your seat opener, Rise, are amazing and I love the way they've added some soulful gospel vocals to Hands Up.  At the other extreme, Lift is a gorgeous, gentle worship song springing out of thankfulness.  I believe they still haven't hit their peak.  In the meantime, this is simply excellent.  10/10" - Mike Rimmer, Cross Rhythms Issue 77 Nov/Dec 2003

Multimedia clips

yfriday - Rise [MP3 sound clip]

yfriday - Revolution [MP3 sound clip]

yfriday - Lift [MP3 sound clip]


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