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Opera Platform introduces AJAX for mobile

Well this is pretty cool, a year and a week after I ask for a mobile version of Konfabulator, it turns out that Opera launches their new mobile AJAX Platform product, which is essentially that. Yeah! (..) The cool thing is they’ve synced their releases, so you can download their regular browser to do your widget development on your desktop (even on my Mac!). This is pretty damn neat if you ask me. I’m definitely going to mess with this thing and see what I can come up with.

- Russel Beattie, November 15, 2005

Opera Mini™

Golden Mobile Awards 2006
At the Mobile Gala 2006 in Stockholm, Opera Mini™ won the "Best program for mobile phones"

On September 1st, 2006 won Digital Lifestyle Award 2006 (Germany)

"In use, it changes the way you browse, the sign of a killer application."

Steve Litchfield, AllAboutSymbian

Golden Mobile Awards 2005
At the Mobile Gala 2005 in Stockholm, Opera Mini™ won the readers' categories "Best program for mobile phones"

The folks at Opera have delivered the latest version of their mobile browser, this one called Opera mini. The beauty of this little gem is that it's Java based so it runs on any phone with a Java client and lets you hit any HTML site. It overcomes the small screen of the cell phone using their excellent small screen rendering. I tried it on my Moto RAZR and it worked flawlessly. I was able to hit every HTML site I threw at it including heavy lifting sites like the NY Times. This is a really big breakthrough for the mobile space. If I were a handset vendor and carrier, I'd give a call to these folks ASAP and get this thing on my handsets.

- Michael Gartenberg, Jupiter Research, August 10, 2005

Opera for Mobile

"The Opera browser and Class 10 EDGE modem make for a great Web experience. We achieved throughput between 76 Kbps and 130 Kbps in our EDGE download tests, which showed us that the N90 was making the most of Cingular's network."

- Sascha Segan, PC Magazine, December 9, 2005

Opera's enormous popularity with users of our smartphones made the choice for the new P990 easy for us. With Opera we are able to offer the most advanced and user-friendly browsing technology for mobile phones.

- Elizabeth Mayrhofer, Sony Ericsson, October 11 2005

The Opera browser is fast and renders pages well on the small device.

- Michael Gartenberg, Jupiter Research, November 30, 2005

This application is undoubtedly the leader among all the browsers considering settings and capabilities (...)

- Victor Dashkevich,, August 19, 2005

The Opera-based web browser is quite remarkable. It's easily the best experience I've ever had on a Smartphone (...)"

- - review of the Nokia 9300 Communicator, August 9, 2005

Opera is the best mobile browser I have used, if you haven't tried it out already do so. It's great.

- Jon Gales, review, November 14 2005

[Opera's] software will help transform the wireless Web from a misnomer into a reality.

The Economist

Golden Mobile Awards 2004 At the Mobile Gala 2004 in Stockholm, Opera won the readers' categories "Best program for mobile phones" and "Best program for handheld computers".

Opera for Sony Ericsson P800/P910

Opera is the best in class for mobile browsers and the larger screen size on the P910 make it a pleasure to use.

- Review of SE 910, All About Symbian, October 2005

But now for the real news, and why I called [P800] 'revolutionary', you can thank Opera.

Andrew Orlowski, The Register

The Opera browser, that is not needed to be introduced to the reader, is also included into the kit. This is a de-facto standard for the mobile devices today. - Review of Sony Ericsson P910

Browsing, for me, is the killer app for this device. The P800 comes with a very nice browser, but I immediately downloaded the Opera browser from the Sony Ericsson Web site to see what all the buzz is about its vaunted "Small-Screen Rendering technology" ability. It's really, really good.

Nicholas Triano,

The Opera browser for Symbian OS v7.0 is a good buy. Even if it wasn't for free.

Opera...makes a wonderful browser for the high-end Sony-Ericsson phones.

Dan Gillmor, Mercury News Technology Columnist

AAS Mega App

I would like to point out I think this is an application that every single P800 owner should have.

Jordan Holt, All About Symbian

Opera browser works fast and is very stable, even with four windows open simultaneously! It is much more advanced than P800's default browser and provides you with REAL access to Internet resources.


Opera for Series 60

...the Web Browser in the 9500 is, in fact, still Opera. They’ve carved out a great reputation in the mobile web market, and it truly is the best fit on the 9500."

- Review of Nokia 9500 Communicator, All About Symbian, October 2005

However, the Opera web browser was included and it's not a demo. If you're a Series 60 user, Opera is a must. Just a plain great mobile browser. Especially when used with EDGE like on the 6682.

- Jon Gales, Mobile Tracker, October 6 2005

A number of Series 60 phones ship with the Opera Web Broswer (mainly the newest ones) but if you’ve not got it on your device, then you’ll want to pop along to Opera and grab one of the best mobile web browsers on the planet.

- All about Symbian, October 2005

Opera is an amazing piece of software. I think it's the application that adds more functionality to your Series 60 device than any other. [...] if I could add only one application to my phone this would be it.

AllAboutSymbian - Comprehensive Review of Opera 6.20 for S60

but le piece de resistance is the inclusion of the Opera browser for Series 60 [...]. The Opera browser is best described as being utterly brilliant.

InfoSync - Review of Nokia 7610

Opera for Nokia 6600 wins Best Software Product of the Year 2003 award from Tietokone magazine, the leading ICT professionals' magazine in Finland.

Nomination [ill.]

The Opera web browser for Series 60 smartphones was nominated in the category of "Most Innovative Application", by the Series 60 Community.

Opera for Sharp Zaurus

This is my favorite activity with my Zaurus -- the Opera Browser is breathtaking. (...) [The] Opera Browser on the Zaurus is the pinnacle of PDA.

Thomas Brady,

The Opera web browser is an excellent application which is the match of any desktop browser and has some outstanding PDA-friendly features.