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Funnyman Cleese rubbishes NZ city

By staff writers | May 21, 2007

A NEW Zealand city rubbished by British comedian John Cleese has rubbished him back by naming a council tip after him, local media reported.

Palmerston North, dubbed the "suicide capital of New Zealand" and one of the world's most boring cities by Cleese in 2005, created Mt Cleese rubbish tip in his honour.

A sign which reads "Mt Cleese, Alt.45.2m a.s.l."(above sea level)  notes that it was named by Palmerston North-born comic John Clarke.

After Cleese made his comments about the North Island town, Clarke suggested the local dump be renamed the "John Cleese Memorial Tip - All manner of crap happily recycled".

Contractor Roy Harding, who erected the sign, told the city's Evening Standard newspaper: "It's just to get back at him. Most people seem to be quite happy about it".

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