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Peardrax, the people's preferred drink

IF you could bottle nostalgia as a drink, for Trinidadians and Tobagonians it definitely would be Peardrax.

Almost 20 years after the fizzy, slightly fermented pear drink was taken off supermarket shelves in England, the drink's country of origin, Peardrax is still brewed here by Pepsicola Trinidad Bottling Company Limited under license.

Trinidad is in fact, now the only country in the world that brews the unique pear drink along with Cydrax, its apple-based version.

It was taken off the shelves in England because of falling sales in 1988, the people who brewed it first having lost their taste for the drink.

"It is a heritage brand," Pepsicola's marketing coordinator Anjennie Ramjattan told the Business Express.

"It is a taste that all of us grew up on, especially at Christmas time."

Peardrax was first brewed by West Country cider firm Whiteway's in the 1960s and began as a sideline drink for the now defunct company.

The company was first started in the East Devon village of Whimple in the 19 century.

It is now brewed here with concentrate imported from England.

"If you don't have Peardrax for the entire year you must have it for Christmas," Ramjattan said.

"It is a special occasion drink, weddings, Eid, Divali. It is a drink that people look forward to."

The drink, Ramjattan still has an international appeal being sold in the United States, England and now South Africa.

Peardrax is also available on internet shopping stores, like Amazon.

Ramjattan says the drink is one of Pepsicola's biggest sellers, here, regionally and internationally.

"I don't know anyone who does not like Peardrax."

The drink is marketed as a "premium sparkling pear drink."

Peardrax is a "high quality product. Its a unique product."

Ramjattan says because of the uniqueness of the drink it is hard to define a market.

Based on sales figures in Trinidad and Tobago and elsewhere, Ramjattan says the drink is "definitely loved by young and old".

A recent feature article published by the BBC said that Peardrax was now a "defining part of the culture of their twin-island republic."

The article quoted US-based Trinidadian Randall Romero who runs Trinifood.com as "I would say the Peardrax sells more than doubles - I sell about 100 cases at that time."

Ramjattan says Pepsicola has no plans of shelving the drink as long as "our taste for Peardrax remains."

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