Thank you for visiting the Internet home of TerriPAC.

Thanks to you, the country is changing.

Because of Terri, millions of voters understand that some politicians do want to tell all of us how to live. The whole world watched as an overwhelming majority of Americans stood powerless as self-appointed judgers in Congress and the White House made decisions for my family.

With your help through TerriPAC, voters are beginning – in growing numbers – to see through these self-interested and self-righteous politicians. TerriPAC reminded voters that so many of these politicians care more about getting their own way than standing up for our rights.

And it worked – more than 20 members of Congress who supported “Terri’s Law” are not in Washington today. Voters stood together to take our country back and sent many of those politicians home. It was great to be a part of that revolution and it’s a trend I expect to continue in 2008.

It’s impossible to measure how big a role Terri’s case played in changing the political landscape in the context of Iraq, Katrina and scandal after scandal. Whether it was voters deciding on their own that their elected leaders no longer spoke for them or TerriPAC’s direct action in more than a dozen campaigns, it clearly had an impact.

TerriPAC was direct democratic action at its best and more pure. Our average donation was $25 and our committee gave voice to millions of Americans from Alaska to Florida. Based on the thousands of supportive emails, letters and cards we received, giving people a place to be heard was important.

I say TerriPAC “was” because I’ve decided to close TerriPAC.

It was a hard decision that I made for two reasons.

First, I want to continue to engage Americans to appreciate and protect our fundamental freedoms. And sometimes a PAC is just too political or not well suited to make those most basic points. Specifically, having a PAC limits how you can support important non-profit work that is helping people and advocating for important changes in public policy – things I care deeply about.

Second, the political process only responds to money. Even the direct democratic action provided by TerriPAC is not free. Traveling around the country, making political donations and keeping up with the required legal paperwork takes funds. And TerriPAC has been well-funded. But to keep the process moving we have to keep asking for money – your money – and that’s not the reason I entered this process.

After nearly three years, it’s clear that I can remain engaged in the political process and social debate and in fact do more – speak out more often and tackle related issues –without the legal constraints of a PAC.

My focus and desire to safeguard our rights and liberties has not changed. Only the tactics have shifted. I’m not leaving the battlefield – just changing my role on it.

Your help with TerriPAC has been terrific. And I know there’s still a great, great deal of work to do. This year I’ll be speaking with and helping more non-profit groups and helping candidates for office on my own.

In the mean time, please know that you have my sincere and long term gratitude for your encouragement and support.

With thanks and my spirit for our fights ahead,

Michael Schiavo


P.S. Please join me in sending your tax-deductible financial support – the support you may have given TerriPAC (and more) to the following outstanding organizations. TerriPAC is making a contribution from our excess funds in the name Terri Schiavo.

I hope you’ll consider doing something similar.

Eating Disorders Coalition
611 Pennsylvania Ave SE #423
Washington D.C. 20003-4303

Project Grace (end of life care decisions)
5771 Roosevelt Blvd
Building 701
Clearwater Fl 33760