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Louise Glover - British Beauty
Posted on 06/22/2007, 16:06
Andy Lesauvage
London's sexiest babe has big plans for the future.
Name: Louise Glover

Birthplace: St. Helens, UK

Now Lives: London

Birthday: February 8

Stats: 34E-24-34, brunette hair, hazel eyes. is honored to present British megamodel Louise Glover for your viewing pleasure.

If you are a reader of Playboy Special Editions, you will recognize Louise as Playboy's "Model of the Year 2006" and "London's Sexiest Babe."

Louise and her UK photographer, Andy Lesauvage, wanted to make a big splash in Savvy after seeing the ever-growing collection of beauties in our archives. She definitely belongs among any group of superlative beauties.

A model since the age of 9, she entered competitions and represented her country in the Phillipines at age 19 as Miss Great Britain at the Miss Earth finals. Louise recently won Miss Hawaiian Tropic UK 2007 and competeted in the international finals in Las Vegas in May. She now wants to become a WWE Wresling Diva and live in the states.

Louise remains a fixture of the British media and work offers flow in. She has appeared on the front covers and insides of numerous "lads' magazines" and the UK's biggest selling tabloid newspapers including FHM, Bizarre, Maxim, Loaded, News of the World, The Sun and The Daily Star. She has also appeared in several TV shows and documentaries.

For Playboy alone, Louise has appeared in special editions such as Playboy Lingerie, Vixens, Hot Shots, Sexiest 100, 50 Hottest Shots, Girlfriends, and Nudes. Her other magazine work includes FHM, Maxim, Loaded, Australian People magazine & RALF, UK Penthouse, Knock Out, Bizarre, Front, Nuts Weekly, Zoo Weekly, Redline, and many more. She has also appeared in multiple calendars.

Louise gave Savvy a few moments of her time to talk about fame, her charities and what she looks for in a man...

Savvy: How did you come to model for Playboy?

Louise: Ever since I became a model, one of my biggest dreams was to work with Playboy. When I was 21, I headed to Los Angeles and met Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion and he offered a test-shoot to become a centerfold. Playboy photographed me for the front cover of Playboy Vixens in January 2006, then I was in the "Top 100 Sexiest Playboy Models" 2006 pictorial special edition magazine.

Savvy: Then you won "Model of the Year", which is extremely competitive, I hear.

Louise: It feels like winning a trophy saying you're good at what you do.

Savvy: Was that ever in doubt? What's your next conquest?

Louise: I'm wanting to do more fitness modeling as well as glamour. That gives me the best of both worlds. My aim this year is to be a WWE Wrestling Diva. I'm in talks with them at present.

Savvy: Sounds like you have a lot more in the works than just Playboy stuff.

Louise: I've notched up several front covers, photo shoots and interviews for well-known magazines in South America, the US, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Russia, South Africa, and Australia. I've done so much work in the US, shooting in Miami, L.A., and Las Vegas in the past 3 months. Two of my best photo shoots were in Death Valley and Red Rocks. I should have been born in America.

Savvy: Well, if you need somewhere to crash...! (Laughs) I wanted to ask you whether you sacrifice things when you become that famous? Like... your privacy? The time you're able to put into relationships? Boyfriends jealous of the attention you receive? Giving up something you want because it conflicts with your professional obligations?

Louise: Yes, all of that you said. I've worked really hard and given up my whole life to basically be where I am now.

Savvy: If you were starting over, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?

Louise: Everything. (Laughs) I mean, you have to be tough to make it as a model. People will be rude and nasty to you because they are jealous. It can get you down sometimes because you don't have any real friends in the modeling world.

Savvy: You have friends here. What's been the biggest risk for you during your career?

Louise: Managing my own career by myself. I've not been able to trust any managers I've come across.

Savvy: It's well documented that the tabloids love you as a model, but do they ever target you for mean stories?

Louise: Tabloids make up everything you read in them. I think they get my name right, but that's it. No one can say they really know me by what they read about me in the tabloids.

Savvy: Let's start a rumor now that you ripped my clothes off because I was too sexy! (Pause) Yeah, you're right, no one would believe that. If you are such a target of the media, are you ever able to just go out to a store like a regular human being?

It is hard to go out and not be recognized. Sometimes I just want to be anonymous, but it comes with the job.

Savvy: So how do you avoid becoming so isolated from "real life"?

Louise: I travel to a lot to remote places where there's nobody there so I can truly switch off then go scuba diving where I'll never get found, never mind recognized by someone.

Savvy: Scuba girl, eh?

Louise: I've become really good at scuba diving. If I don't make it as a model, I'll fall back on that or take up photography.

Savvy: (Laughs) If you don't make it as a model... Please! Is there a model or personality that you look up to?

Louise: Carmen Electra.

Savvy: Why her?

Louise: Because Carmen comes to life in front of the camera. In five years, I want to be where Carmen is professionally.

Savvy: A household name.

Louise: For the future in general, I want to be traveling the world teaching scuba diving. I'm already an advanced scuba diver, so I'm half-way there. I want to scuba dive in the seven seas. That's why I've been involved with the Charity Raleigh International, as I've been able to travel and support beautiful villages all over the world.

Savvy: Yeah, you have a whole section about that on your website. Cool photos of you riding elephants, swimming with the fishes, making out with dolphins, taking hikes through the jungle... and you still look hot.

Louise: (Laughs) My two favorite places to go were in Malaysia and Belize, where I went to help build schools, trekked through the rain-forests and taught English to children and families.

Savvy: Wow, that's pretty decent of you. And I'm sure the natives appreciated you looking so hot while doing charity work for them.

These projects really opened my eyes to what life is all about.

Savvy: I know, just having fun. Everybody should do something like that to help our fellow man and we'd all be better people for it. Well, let me get a lot more superficial and ask you to describe your ideal man?

Louise: Blue eyes, short hair, cute with a bad boy edge, not too rich. I like a man with muscles.

Savvy: What's the first thing you look at on a guy?

Louise: His eyes.

Savvy: Is there anything you want to take this opportunity to promote in this article?

Louise: My website, It has exclusive nude wet and wild photos, video clips, a gallery of my girlfriends, and VIP area with pics from my personal scrapbook.

Savvy: Well, we sure appreciate you taking the time to talk to us. Hope there's lot of Louise left to look at and lust over for years to come. Much success to you!

Thanks Savvy!


On the Web: (Official Site) (Louise's charity)

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