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Motoko by Kinbo




xx Keeping up with the news.
September 18, 2007, 10:43:42 AM by VinnyJ
A couple of things have happened since the last site update...

MugenGuild's change in Rules and Staff...
I had a good run as admin.  Tongue
Then, eventually becoming one of Randomselect's admins.  Shocked

As for site updates:
I uploaded Kagome's workfiles near the end of August, I forgot post about it here, in the news.
Her page has been updated, which contains a link to those files.
She is now an open project.

The Inuyasha Sprite ripping Artmoney Tutorial has been updated as well.
Hopefully, it's easier to comprehend.

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xx Downtime...
August 15, 2007, 11:54:24 AM by VinnyJ
Forum and News was offline for like 4 days.
As you can see, I brought the forum back up.
I uploaded the slightly updated versions of Kagome & Inuyasha, as a small compensation for the downtime.
I have not made a page for him in the character section, use the character button.
Or you can use the link in the [WIP] Topic for him.

exclamation -=EDITED=- Lack of Updates.
July 07, 2007, 12:05:18 AM by VinnyJ
Well.. not many updates on the site.
The site has been changed around a bit.
I need to format the tutorials page, so it matches.

As for what got cut....
  • FAQs removed, it may come back as forum topic or not at all.
  • WIP page removed, lazy to update it. Roll Eyes
Progress status is better discussed in the forum.

As for character downloads, an alternate link wouldn't hurt.
Text Links will be added shortly to go along with the character buttons.

I think that covers what's going on with the site.

As for Mugen, it's summer... off and on, like usual.
I recently released an Inuyasha Beta on the forum,
the Inuyasha button leads to a forum topic discussing its progress.

The download is in the first post (click the image),
if you just want to come and go.  Tongue

A few weeks back, I secretly released Kakuge-Yaro stages,
the download page is HERE.

cheesy Kagome slightly updated.
April 05, 2007, 10:36:02 AM by VinnyJ
Updated Kagome to 1.6

More like a bug-fix update, but it's something.
Only thing note-worthy is that she has AI, not OHMYSHID-JUSDIE AI.
She should put up A fight, not throw THE fight.

1.6 Updates
Changed Volume to 0 from 255 in CNS (I don't think it makes a difference)
Raised Kagome's Max Power stock to 3000 from 1000 (Back to MUGEN's default )
Fixed Sound Trigger for DrLight palette, it kept playing multiple times overlapping itself.
Fixed Sound Trigger when partner gets KO'ed, it would also overlap itself.
Tiny .cmd fixes
Changed a few sounds (English Sounds mostly.)
Added Winane's AI activation code (XOR version)
Added a few simple AI Commands using the above method. (She should put up a better fight.)
Small Poweradd bugfix.  -Thanks RicePigeon
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lamp Yet another site update.
March 01, 2007, 12:53:47 PM by VinnyJ
The eBlah 10.2 forum wasn't durable enough.
The load was terrible for some reason, which caused a few member deletions.
Now the forum is using SMF, which should run better.
I'm sorry eBlah Devs.. it didn't quite fit my needs, thanks anyway.

I decided to move the forum to MY personal linkstation server, instead.

The [lean] meat of the site will remain on

This is also a test to see how well this holds, I doubt this forum will put a strain on the server. (I sure hope not.)
Once again, Welcome to the Lazy Dog Creations forum.