25.10.2006 - Ballance released in the USA and Japan!
Over two years after the first release - Ballance is still going strong!
The huge success of the downloadable version of Ballance kept this game alive. ATARI did the only logical thing and finally released Ballance in the USA and Japan.
Our faithful fans in the States don't have to write desperate e-mails any more but can now simply pay a visit.

Also: check out more fan videos at !
   30.10.2004 - Ballance Heroes
A new section of the webpage goes online. Instead of the - not very reliable - online highscore we build the "Ballance Heroes" section. Here you can download videos from top players showing their tricks.
   11.10.2004 - Fahran shortcuts level 11.
Fahran - a master in the noble sport of Extreme Shortcutting - shows his skills in level 11. You may download his training video from the download section.
   24.9.2004 - Isaberry does magic in level 13 !
It is only ten days now since the speed level is online and we already have a video. And what a video this is. The artist formerly known as Terry - a player who lives high up in the top 10 highscore region of all levels - literally flys through the game. You have to see this folks! Also because everybody gets to see the secret point extra...
   14.9.2004 - Level 13 released

SuDu Desperately wanted - no - demanded by many Ballance fans, we finally managed to finish an additional level available for free in our download section. We proudly present (drum drum) a level with a chinese name (drum drum):
速度 (SuDu) the speed level.

Although the level looks rather normal (no visual improvements - sorry) you will find out that this level is not only one of our hardest so far, but also quite different to play. With this bonus level we were able to realize all those dirty little ideas that were so far strictly forbidden - for one simple reason: They all are likley to confront the player (at the first approach) with the experience of failure...
Welcome to the Twilight Zone!

   26.7.2004 - Wonderboy shows his skills!
You don´t believe in wonders? Then go to the download section and see what Wonderboy did in Level 12. He shows impressively how to cross the 9000 points mark in the last level!
   23.7.2004 - Ballance wins "GBase award"
gbase award Ballance gets a 77% rating by the Swiss games portal GBase and wins the Gbase award for its excellent gameplay!

Read the complete (German) review at GBase
   2.7.2004 - Ballance wins "Seal of Excellence"
seal of excellence The Adrenaline Vault awards Ballance with the "Seal of Excellence"!
"Ballance has taken an old concept and transformed it with such clever innovations that it feels like a totally new play experience."
Read Bob Mandel´s glowing review at The Adrenaline Vault

Also: Ballance gets a 74% rating from the German game magazine "PC Action" (7/2004).
   22.6.2004 - Best of the Best - New Download

In the download section we offer movies made by top rank players. These movies were made with realtime video capture software and show you how it is possible to get through the levels really fast !!!

   19.6.2004 - Online Highscore Upgrade

As requested by many players in the forum, we extended the online highscore to a TOP 30 score. Also - every name will only appear once now in the score.

   20.5.2004 - Online Highscore

Our webpage has a new section: The Ballance online highscore! You may now compete with other players and upload your personal highscores to this webpage. The online highscore lists the top 10 players of every level.

   30.4.2004 - Ballance demo online

The Ballance demo is finally online. Look in our download section.

   24.4.2004 - Ballance out in stores

Ballance is available in Great Britain since April 2nd and can be ordered online at Amazon (UK) and other stores for 10 �. In the rest of Europe the price will be 15,- €.
The German release will be in a couple of days at April 29th. You may already place an order at

According to Paul - Ballance is out in Ireland too :)
What about the sunny south? Italia, Espa�a, etc.
Please drop us a note...
And what about the sunny north? Danmark, Sverige...

   8.3.2004 - Forum online and some bad news also ...

Good news, bad news.
Our forum is finally online! You are invited to ask questions like: "When will I be able to buy the game?" Which brings me to the second point: the bad news. Atari has just announced to postpone the release for one month - for "marketing reasons". Well and marketing is
When logic and proportion
Have fallen softly dead,
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
Remember what the dormouse said: "Feed your head. Feed your head. Feed your head"

Ask Alice, I think she´ll know...

   27.2.2004 - Ballance goes gold!!!
The release candidate of Ballance has finally passed the ATARI test labs and will go directly to the CD manufacturer. Yeah!
Thanks to Carine Mawart and Diane Delaye!
Thanks to all testers - especially to Prashanth!
AND listen to what the testers have to say about Ballance: "[...] could you tell the developers that this game is a beauty :. Everyone here enjoys playing it."
   25.2.2004 - Ballance at the German Virtools Comunity Meeting
If you can�t wait to play Ballance you have to come to the first German Virtools Comunity Meeting in Fellbach (near Stuttgart) on the 4th of March. You will not only be able to play the game but also talk to the developers - well at least to one of the developers ...
If you are interested to participate just contact
   18.2.2004 - Sound designer of Ballance wins the "Golden Baer"
Well at least sort of ... Three pieces of music from Fatih Akin's "Gegen die Wand"- winner of the Golden Baer of the 54. Berlinale - were composed by Mona Mur - the very same Mona who made all the sounds and music for Ballance. Congratulations Mona !!! - keep the fire burning!
If you would also like to win a Golden Baer (or anything at all)- you better contact Mona first!
   15.2.2004 - Ballance Homepage Online
Welcome to the Ballance homepage! We finally managed to go online but we haven�t finished the page yet. During the next weeks all sections will be filled with content.
Our precious game is still in the ATARI test labs, but everything is running very smoothly. We are very confident that we will be able to meet the release date in mid-March.
The Ballance 1-level demo will be available for download soon!
Umh .. and yes .. we decided to keep the page in english only. It�s just too much work to make all updates in two languages ... or more :)