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Pixes Influence
The Pixies once ruled the planet with their power and wit. A college band, who reached their peak in the early nineties, are still considered along with Nirvana and Sonic Youth as the Grandparents of "Punk/Grunge."
Monday, July, 30th, 2007
Listen to the Rosebuds, They Might Be Giants, Mogwai, OK Go on Pixies Tribute.
American Laundromat Records has updated the MySpace page for Dig For Fire - A Tribute To PIXIES with songs and clips from the forthcoming Pixies tribute, due out November 13th. Songs by Morning Theft, Knife & Fork, and Bedroom Walls are posted, along with a 'Medly' track containing clips of contributions by such bands as The Rosebuds, They Might Be Giants, Mogwai, and OK Go.
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Monday, May, 21st, 2007
Pixies Tribute limited edition pre-order
Dig For Fire: A Tribute To Pixies is now available as an exclusive pre-order, complete with extra tracks unavailable on the regular release, 3-track vinyl, buttons, and a chance to win a poster signed by the bands involved. Expect great Pixies tracks covered by Mogwai, They Might Be Giants, British Sea Power, The Rosebuds, Elk City, Joy Zipper, and others. 'Dig For Fire' is available November 13th.
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Tuesday, April, 10th, 2007
PIXIES TRIBUTE: Mogwai covers 'Gouge Away'
In the first of many announcements about the upcoming tribute, American Laundromat Records have announced today that Mogwai will be covering 'Gouge Away' for 'Dig For Fire: A Tribute To PIXIES.' 'Dig For Fire' features Pixies covers by They Might Be Giants, Joy Zipper, British Sea Power, The Rosebuds, Elk City, Eric Drew Feldman, and many others. 'Dig For Fire' will be released in November.
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Tuesday, March, 20th, 2007
Live section updated (finally)
Apologies from all the slackers here at pixiesmusic... we've finally gotten the 2007 Live section updated with all the announced Australia shows. We promise to keep in line from now on.
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