This whole series of Daimos was given to me by an anonymous donor. I was informed by this donor that he/she was able to acquire this 4-set DVD of Daimos from an ebay seller named warchimedes. So please, if you ever come across warchimedes on ebay, please thank him for providing the DVDs. THANK YOU WARCHIMEDES!!!

You can also watch the whole series of Diamos from this page. This is done so that non-IE browsers will be able to watch the series as well.

Dailup format will soon follow.

Episode titles:

01. Victory Will Be Ours Forever

02. The Mysterious Girl Erika

03. Memory Of The White Wing

04. My Brother - Earth's Enemy

05. The Terrible Sin

06. Wipe Away Your Tears And Rise

07. Joanna The Sentimental Warrior

08. True Feelings Exposed

09. The Martyr Warrior

10. The Righteous Rebellion

11. The Ballad of Love and Betrayal

12. The Archangel of Death

13. Erika's Hazardous Flight

14. Erika Fights Richard

15. Is Princess Erika A Murderer?

16. Treachery On Devil's Island

17. Erika's Escape From Brahm

18. Erika A Prisoner

19. The Messenger From Brahm

20. The Battle For Peace

21. The Wait For Peace

22. A Visit From The Past

23. A Wedding For Bertha

24. Joanna's Secret Weapon

25. A Battle To The Death

26. The Imminent Defeat Of Daimos

27. Daimos' New Weapons

28. A Warrior's Death

29. A Sense Of Duty

30. The Race Against Time

31. Paradox Last Call For Peace

32. The Exodus Into The Southern Regions

33. The Arrival Of Bertha's Nephew, Darwin

34. Ulrich's Downfall

35. The Conversion of Zender

36. Richard's Mission Of Peace

37. The Sacrificial Bride

38. Daimos Or Death

39. Richard, The Traitor

40. Space Dynamo

41. Richard's Love, Betrayed

42. To Vanquish A Tyrant

43. Prelude To The Battle

44. Ulrich's Absolution

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