How to Finger a Girl

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In the teen years, most guys want the details on how to finger a girl. Fingering a girl is basically doing with your fingers what you'd like to do with your penis. It's a great way to learn her favorite rhythms and sexual sweet spots. You're dealing with a very tender portion of anatomy, so start slow and gently upgrade the pressure and movement, as she gets more and more excited.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging



Step One

Start by lightly massaging her mound with your palm, encourage her to ride your knuckles for the first few moments.

Step Two

Next, touch a lubed fingertip to the outer lips of her vagina and trace around them, testing her wetness. (Adding lube will make your fingertips glide and help her ride.) Run your finger up over her ****oris, and then back down over the opening to her vagina. Gently at first, then slowly increase the pressure and movement up and down and/or side to side.

Step Three

When she's hot, wet and moaning - push one finger into her vagina SLOWLY as far as your second or third knuckle. If you know how to locate her g spot, find it and rub it with your fingertips in a steady, circular motion. Combine this with simulating intercourse by pulling your fingers in and out of her vagina. As you develop your technique over time, penetrate her with a finger or two, and massage her ****oris with the thumb of that same hand all at the same time. Make sure to keep your rhythm and coordination synchronized.

Step Four

When she starts to get off, her breathing will change and you will feel her vagina muscles pushing against your hand and thrusting in waves. A trick to building her orgasm is to push against her thrusts with your fingers and continue stimulation. Maintain a consistent rhythm and pressure, if you stop the rhythm she may lose her orgasm or it may drop off and lose sensation. Just say NO to variations when she starts to scream and groan.

Overall Tips & Warnings

  • If fingering is not productive within a reasonable number of minutes, take a break and concentrate on tonguing her nipples and breasts. Over stimulation will result in her ****oris becoming dry and/or painful for her, and no one needs a show stopper like that!
  • Make sure your hands and nails are manicured so that they won't be any injuries while you play


Member Comments

by Mistaria on 9/10/2007
No, no, NO. Step one is WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP AND HOT WATER. Scrub under your fingernails. Trim hangnails, and if you have dry, rough hands, use a moisturiser for a few days before to soften your skin. If you have open wounds (ripped cuticles, or other injuries) use a glove and some lube.
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by trina1975 on 10/1/2007
One thing they forgot to tell you. PLEASE GUYS no more than 2 fingers! Even if it will fit, it's not pleasant to jam as many as you can in there! I am speaking from personal experience.
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by Lee Jenkins on 9/10/2007
Excellent point. My focus was more on the technical aspect, and the assumption was that the hygeine aspect prior to any sexual activity has been taken care of, but thanks for reminding everyone about being clean first ;)
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