CSS Eleven

In alphabetical order

CSS Eleven is an international group of visual web designers and developers who are committed to helping the W3C's CSS Working Group to better deliver the tools that are needed to design tomorrow's web.

  1. Cameron Adams Cameron Adams

    Based in Sydney Australia, Cameron Adams runs his own business and has consulted and worked for government departments, non-profit organisations, large corporations and tiny startups. As well as helping his list of clients, Cameron has taught numerous workshops around Australia and spoken at conferences worldwide. He is also the co-author of The JavaScript Anthology (SitePoint), The Art & Science of CSS (SitePoint) and Web Standards Creativity (Friends of Ed).

  2. Jina Bolton Jina Bolton

    Jina Bolton is an interactive designer and artist, working and residing in California. She co-authored The Art & Science of CSS (SitePoint) and currently works as a web interface developer at Apple. Jina holds a BFA in Computer Arts and Graphic Design from Memphis College of Art and enjoys traveling, learning Italian. She considers herself a sushi enthusiast. Her web site can be found at Sushi & Robots.

  3. Mark Boulton Mark Boulton

    Mark Boulton is a UK based graphic designer. He has worked in Sydney, London and Manchester as an Art Director for clients such as the BBC, T-Mobile and British Airways. Mark now runs his own design consultancy. A stickler for applied typographic and design theory, Mark is an active member of the International Society of Typographic Designers and co-author of Web Standards Creativity (Friends of Ed).

  4. Dan Cederholm Dan Cederholm

    A recognized expert in the field of standards-based web design, Dan Cederholm co-founded the wine community site, Cork’d and has worked with Google, Fast Company, Blogger, Odeo (amongst others). Dan is the author of two best-selling books: Bulletproof Web Design (New Riders) and Web Standards Solutions (Friends of ED). Dan also runs Simplebits, a popular blog where he writes articles and commentary on the web, technology and life.

  5. Andy Clarke Andy Clarke

    Andy Clarke is a visual web designer based in the UK and started his design consultancy Stuff and Nonsense in 1998. Andy is a member of the Web Standards Project and also an Invited Expert to the W3C’s CSS Working Group. Andy regularly speaks at workshops and conference events worldwide and is the author of Transcending CSS (New Riders) and co-author of Web Standards Creativity (Friends of Ed).

  6. Jeff Croft Jeff Croft

    Jeff Croft is a web and graphic designer focused on web standards-based development. He currently lives in Seattle and works as a designer at Blue Flavor where he handles a wide variety of web and mobile projects. Jeff is co-author of Pro CSS Techniques (Apress) and Web Standards Creativity (Friends of Ed) and blogs on his personal site at Jeff Croft.com.

  7. Aaron Gustafson Aaron Gustafson

    Aaron Gustafson is a member of The Web Standards Project, serves as Technical Editor for A List Apart, is a contributing writer for Digital Web Magazine and MSDN, and has amassed a library of writing and editing credits including AdvancED DOM Scripting (Friends of Ed) and Web Design in a Nutshell (3rd Edition, O'Reilly). He blogs at Easy Reader.net.

  8. Jon Hicks Jon Hicks

    Jon Hicks is highly regarded web and print designer based in the UK. Jon is most widely known for his personal web site where he regularly writes about web standards, CSS and browsers. As well as producing a range of successful browser resources, Jon has also produced logos for Firefox and Thunderbird.

  9. Roger Johansson Roger Johansson

    Roger Johansson currently works as a front-end web developer at NetRelations, a web consultancy in Göteborg, Sweden. He regularly publishes articles, tutorials, and comments related to web standards, accessibility, or usability on his highly regarded personal site 456 Berea Street.

  10. Richard Rutter Richard Rutter

    Richard Rutter is an expert information architect at Clearleft and also an accomplished technical editor who has contributed to numerous books including Beginning CSS Web Development (Apress). Richard is a web accessibility specialist and co-wrote Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance. He also runs an ongoing project called The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web, where he extols the virtues of good web typography. He blogs at Clagnut.com.

  11. Jonathan Snook Jonathan Snook

    Jonathan Snook is a freelance web developer living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He has been a technical architect, project manager, developer and designer on hundreds of web projects including JPG Magazine, Red Bull, the Canadian Red Cross, Apple Canada. and FedEx Canada. Jonathan is the co-author of The Art & Science of CSS (SitePoint) and writes articles focussed on web development, design and being freelance on Snook.ca.

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Photo credits: Andy Clarke, Jon Hicks, Roger Johansson photos by Patrick Lauke: Aaron Gustafson photo by Cindy Li: Jina Bolton photo by Arick Elion.