Welcome to the new home of my dolls and bases, I'm Duckie, former webmaster of If you've been directed here and are confused, don't worry. :D You're probably in the right place.

Navigation links are along the top and the bottom of the page, and the labels should be obvious. You can click on the orange in the logo to return here.


June 1, 2006 The dolls link finally works. There's only a few there at the moment, as I'm a complete spaz and have no idea where I've saved everything. Still looking, will update once I find more stuff.

I also added links to my sibling sites, which can be found below. ^.^

May 31, 2006 New domain! has finally moved to it's new home on the web, which is here. Obviously. I have one new base uploaded, Space. I also uploaded the male version of my Gabi base. You can find both under the bases section.


Coming soon! I just need to install it, being that I'm too cheap to pay for a hosted one. *cough*

Sibling Sites

My first sibling site, Magic Lessons    My sibling, Kristy Bob    .